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Pixies call off Israel gig over Navy raid
Ayelet Yagil
Published: 06.06.10, 10:46
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1. Spineless Pixies
Tamara   (06.06.10)
How does it feel to join the wild Islamofascist mob and kick our tiny besieged country in the gut when it's down? To spit in the face of thousands of your fans who were avidly awaiting the show? What a bunch of cowards....
2. Your apologies are not accepted
farfurfan ,   farfurstan   (06.06.10)
Dear Black Francis & Co. I have been a Pixies fan since 1987 and this cancellation of Israeli tour just made me lose all respect for you. Yes, it is easier, safer and more lucrative to jump on the Israel-bashing bandwagon. It is much more difficult to maintain integrity and balance, especially in the face of an angry mob enraged by propaganda and disinformation. Unfortunately, you are now part of that angry mob. I enjoyed and respected your music for being truly independent. Being a part of an angry mob discredits any claim of independence. I know this does not mean much to you, but I am trashing all of my CD's, even my original Surfer Rosa vinyl. Don't think it is only Israelis who are disappointed in you. Perhaps your new, politically expedient fellow travelers will appreciate you as much as your die hard fans used to, but it will for your political conformity, not for your music.
3. who need them
4. The blame on Barack ,he prefers classical music :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.06.10)
5. did they continu to make music after the 90's
ghostq   (06.06.10)
cause I don't think they ever did.
6. To the Jews of Israel: Be a proud people and nation
Al   (06.06.10)
You dont need goyim to come and entertain you. You have your own music makers and actors and showman. You dont need crass, drunk, drug addicted tinif to cross an ocean bringing their garbage to your shores. Be proud be strong be a nation and to hell with the anti-semites of the world.
8. If Jews control show business, then maybe
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.06.10)
the prixies will be history.
9. Pixies
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.06.10)
I hate CHICKENSHITS !!! Instead of canceling their one concert using dishonest BS excuses, they should have added a free performance for IDF soldiers and veterans. This is a personal note to someone in Israel, very near and dear to me, who had been so looking forward to this concert : Sweetie, I'm real sorry you don't get to see them and I regret even more that they've turned out to be such cowards.
j ,   lynn us   (06.06.10)
11. If anyone is throwing away their Pixies records...
yoni191   (06.06.10)
I'll take 'em! that band is great. And they stand by their politics. I can respect that. Listen to the Pixies and Free Palestine!
12. BDS Movement Growing One Voice At A Time
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.06.10)
Kudos to the Pixies. Fair minded Israelis (and there are many) will understand this move. One nation, secular with liberty and justice for all citizens no matter what the race color, tribe, creed, religion or lack of, national origin, or sexual orientation.
13. Oh No!!! Who are they? Never EVER heard of them
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
Whoever they are, I'm happy they aren't coming. They have pixie sized minds - Morons.
14. Artists who get involved with politics = losers
15. Pixies who??
Solomon ,   Rishpon   (06.06.10)
never heard of these guys..
16. Sue Them
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.06.10)
Pixies and other entertainers and groups should have a economic Price for boycotting Israel Israel Sue Them. There are many attorneys who would even volunteer their services. Report them also to the United States Anti Boycott office.
17. Well done, Pixies
JPhilly ,   Philadelphia, PA   (06.06.10)
Artists should not be traveling to places that restrict rights of citizens and of people under their Occupation. Perhaps Israelis who don't understand this move should ask how they can change for the better, instead of blaming the artists who are free to make their own choices. I'm going out to buy some Pixies LPs now.
18. "Well cone Pixies"?! Yeah, right!
Alex ,   Houston, USA   (06.06.10)
To JPhilly, I don't know what have driven you to your remark: misinformation or just pure hatred. While you are entitled to your opinion in the press of democratic country, like Israel (I doubt you would be able to write a dissenting opinion in the publication run by Hamas, which you're seemly support). However, if you really want to understand what really happened I would recommend you to read this excellent article:
19. They should rename the band to Pussies
Arthur ,   Sydney, Australia   (06.07.10)
20. Good job, God bless you
popeye ,   usa   (06.07.10)
Good job, God bless you
21. To JPhilly
Daniel ,   Israel   (06.07.10)
Go live in some Arab country and see how long you'll last criticizing the government. They'll either hang you in public or have a firing squad finish you off. Israel is a democracy, no Arab country is.
22. Go Pixies!
Nada   (06.07.10)
our tiny besieged country?! oh no you made me sob! For the international world, you are the only occupying country in the 21st century.. stealing others land and natural resources. Tiny besieged country!!
23. **WHO**?
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.07.10)
I do NOT mean "The Who", neither the rapidly aging and boring rock group, by that name; nor the World Health Organization,which is annoying as well. Pixies? Like really short people? Or like Disney cartoons? They play music, I am guessing. Or what is snortingly called music. The odd thing is that I am very far from being expert, but if I cannot whistle or hum it, ain't music, no matter how loud or overheated the bass is. And grabbing one's crotch and using every possible combination of cuss words ain't gonna maker it music. Pixies? Go figure. Maybe they will play Achmed's areaa in Qum instead?
24. Guilt. OY! Guilt.
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.07.10)
After submitting a minor tantrum about the "Pixies" (Pixies? A man earns a living; feeds a family being a Pixie?) and making comments about there "music" I began to suffer injustice offered guilt") I admit I never heard , nor heard of them. And I am a collector of post bop jazz, and have several hundred CD's of all, or almost every jazz great. So I was unjust and hyper critical, without having given them a chance. I dialed by a music source and gave a listen. They STINK! That's not music. That is a collection of small children banging on furniture. Man. Was my forst post ever on lazer guided, GPS enhanced target. Whew! What a smell. Impacted musical feces for the unwary. Be glad they cancelled.
25. Thank you someone who know what's goin on
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