Report: Iran smuggling weapons via Dubai
Published: 06.06.10, 13:22
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1. Good job. This reminds me of SarahB claiming that no goods
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.06.10)
Get into iran at all. One by one,her lies are being shown off. And the better news is that they were German hi-tech. Wonderful.
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, israel   (06.06.10)
And where is England and Australia and Ireland and New Zealands condemnation of Dubai??? And more... if they are helping Iran and terrorists in this matter, maybe they were helping Iran and terrorists by complicitly pointing the finger of murder at Israel covering-up the real truth???
3. Lies, and BS
Resistor   (06.06.10)
That describes Sarah B, Peter. She is getting more desperate.
4. No suprise Here !
psalm83 ,   selah   (06.06.10)
Irans time is coming.... Psalms 83
5. Iran importing through Dubai
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (06.06.10)
Maybe they are using fake passports.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.06.10)
But well-placed business entities in Europe look forward to receiving Iranian requirements and ship them willingly without having to dump things in Dubai.I have,time and again,pointed out that when it comes to business,no one wants to know where the equipments are heading for.
7. Turkey may help as better intermediary for Iranian purchases
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.06.10)
Why not through Turkey but Dubai Turkey must help Iran to purchace technology whatever needed
8. #1 I also remember SarahB saying its impossible for iran
Mark ,   Netherlands   (06.06.10)
To import nuke related equipment. Such as titanium. At least this article proves that they have been and are active in this field. So much for Sara's knowledge.
9. Success follows success.
Archangel ,   Roma   (06.06.10)
Then comes sudden destruction like a bat/demon out of Hell.
10. The world is too coward and Greedy to stand in front of Iran
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.07.10)
If Iran assures Russia,Europe and some or All Arab countries that they won't use the atomic bomb against them and all they want to do is pushing Israel back to from occupied Arab lands, or something like that why should world cares if Iran become nuclear. These sanctions are too thin to do that much. Even the sanctions which are passed by US house and congress which can be meaningful are not signed by President Obama yet and finally they will be too late to have that much effect and use. That's why we are facing very delicate era that needs all the concentration and braveness of Israel to react and do what is need to be done when time arrives. Does Israel have any other CHOICE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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