From friend to foe
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.06.10, 18:01
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1. Turkey-Israel
edy burak ,   miami , US   (06.06.10)
im not optimistic Turkey is like Iran right now , 100% islamic orientation im very concerned about Turkish jews 100000 jews in the past , now no more than 20000.
2. Erdogan made a strategic decision that
Turkey should become an ISLAMIC CORE STATE long time ago. Israel will have to recognise that fact, inspite that many financial interests are involved.
3. Unless there is a military takeover in
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.06.10)
Turkey, as there has been in the past, I think we know exactly where Turkey is going and we need not shed tears, wring hands nor deny the obvious.
4. edy
Solomon ,   Rishpon   (06.06.10)
You should check out the website of the Turkish Chief Rabbi. Yesterday they sent condolences to those who were killed on the Marmara and condemmed the Israelis for their actions. Its too late for the Turkish Jews.. They have become Dhimmnis.
5. to Nr. 1
Roico ,   Vienna - Austria   (06.06.10)
Mr burak, let me remind you of some historical facts: 1. Everytime the jews in Europe were persecuted, they found refuge in muslim countries (Turkey, North Africa, Bosnia). 2. People behind the helocaust were not muslims. 3. The big direct loser of the holocaust were the Palestinians. What you are suggesting is the same fear-mongering policy of Israel concerning the jews living in Iran under the Islamic Republic. Have you heard of any persecutions there? So don't worry about your fellow jews living in Turkey. They know waht they are doing. They are well integrated in the turkish economy. Stop your stupid spin.
6. #5, not using the Oxford English Dictionary def of fact
Danny   (06.06.10)
Which Islamic country took in Jews in WW2? Actually the Palestinians ensured no Jews could legally make it to the mandate. Bosnian muslims fought on the side of the Nazis and Vichy France in North Africa happily shipped off their Jews. Not to mention pro-Nazis uprisings in Iran and Iraq. Muslims were involved, in particular the two main Palestinian leaders the Mufti and Qwaqji. Don't remember 95% of Palestinians being killed in the Holocaust, you sure you don't mean Polish Jews?
7. Always friend you make them a foe
Mark Turkish -jew ,   usa   (06.06.10)
All due respect, Israel is not west and does not act like it, and Turkey is talking to everyone doesn't mjean they are turning from western ideas, Israel your sipin no longer is effective, no one even watching the Main streem media you mustred up to take control all these years, it is time for Israel to shake hands and if you support the other side you are not doing Israel a favor, and Turks are not enemy of the Jews unless you want them to be, maybe so keep it up with your lies like this article and spin it up, shame on you, 500 years Yurks did nothing but help Jews I am the livign proof Lears
8. #5 - speaking of spin - Bosnia didn't help Jews
William ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
Infact, one of the most brutal SS squads were Bosnian, created by Al-Husseini who wanted to help Hitler exact his Final Solution...in Europe and the Middle East. Though Muslims didn't systematically slaughter Jews the way the Nazis did, they certainly didn't treat them well. They were subjected to harsh laws, dhimmi taxes, and racist policies...but no large scale death. The only Muslim nation which did protect Jews was Morocco and that country is a majority of Berbers. Israel wasn't created because of the Holocaust nor was Zionism. And "Palestinians" were not a loser due to the Holocaust but because of their own leaders' racist policies seeking to launch a genocidal war on Jews just 3 years after the Holocaust. Had Arabs accepted Israel's call to join together to build a State, the way today's Israeli Arabs did, there wouldn't have been a problem. "Palestinians" are the losers of the larger racist policies of Arabs and their willingness to be fodder for the senseless wars. BTW - in a 1930s census of Arabs in Palestine, 20 different languages were spoken by the populace, one of them being Bosnian. Pretty good for a group who claims to be "indigenous".
9. Turkey says Israel to lose a friend
William ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
Turkey is the type of "friend" who says he'll be your friend if you give him your lunch money and let him beat you up periodically. Maybe some self-conscious Leftists like Beilin and Peres need these type of friends, but Israel as a whole does not.
10. #2 - Turkey military very against Islamic leanings
William ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
The Turkish military and a majority of Turks are fully supporting a secular Turkey the way Ataturk had outlined. They are very much against Erdogan's move towards Islamists and stated they did not want to sever any ties with Israel. My guess is - if Erdogan continues, we might see a military coup in the country. Israel needs to keep their military close and expose the Islamists in Turkey for who they are.
11. #5 - Roico
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (06.06.10)
Mr. Roico, let me remind you of some historical facts: 1. The Jews in Muslim countries faced conditions that were only slightly less oppressive than the conditions they faced in Europe. Then, as now, forced conversions, expulsions, pogroms and second-class citizenship were the norm. 2. Muslims partnered with Hitler to exterminate Jews during the Holocaust. Google Hajj Amin al-Husseini. 3. Zionism was in full swing 30 years before WWII broke out. Most Palestinians immigrated to the British Mandate from Syria and Egypt because of job opportunities created by the Jews. The British did everything they could to curb Jewish immigration into the country they were legally obligated to return to the Jews while doing nothing to stop massive Arab immigration. On top of that, we Jews accepted partition in 1948 while the Arabs declared war. Then, as now, Arab misery is a direct consequence of Arab intransigence. Also consider the fact that 70% of the Jews living here in Israel were forced to come here from Muslim countries like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Yemen. My parents, for example, were forced to leave Aleppo with nothing but the shirts on their backs after Arab rioters destroyed their home, their business and their synagogue. Stop your stupid spin- after all, wasn't half your former empire formerly ruled by the Turks? Ask the Greeks, the Hungarians and the Serbs what life was like under "enlightened" Ottoman rule. Better yet, ask the Armenians, the Assyrians and the Kurds...
12. Roico stop telling lies
to nr 5   (06.06.10)
Lies on all points 1.Jews were heavily prosecuted in Muslim countries. 2.Palestinian Mufti met with Hitler and their coordinated the plan to destroy Jews. 3.No there were the winner hadn't the Holocaust much more Jews would come to Israel.
13. Fits Perfectly With Bible Prophecy . . .
Craig Crawford ,   Laguna Niguel USA   (06.06.10)
Turkey (a NATO-member and former Israel ally) has been a strategic political-military coup for Russia. As Russia has now successfully done in many nations, Russian intelligence identified a political party (the AKP "Justice and Development" Party) and a political candidate (Recep Erdogan) to put the full force of their powerful political warfare machine behind in order to "legally" wrest power and control from the pro-West moderate and secular parties that have led Turkey for many years. Russia is now the "whisper in the ear" and the dark seductive force that now guides and directs Turkey's policies, including the purging of moderate pro-West officers from the military and intelligence ranks. NATO should take a close, hard look at the situation to determine how much of a threat it now is to western security to maintain Turkey's unhindered access to NATO's military and intelligence assets and secrets. Unfortunately, however, it appears Russian intelligence agencies and forces have also been successful in penetrating the US ... having identified a political party (the "Democrat" Party) and a political candidate (Barack Hussein Obama) to put the full force of their powerful political warfare machine behind in order to "legally" wrest power from those political forces in the US who would hinder their long-term objectives of weakening, crippling, and destroying the United States of America. Yet, this all fits PERFECTLY with the Bible Prophecies the Bible warns we would see fulfilled soon AFTER Israel would once again become a nation (in 1948). Grace and Shalom, www.alphanewsdaily.com www.theprophecies.com
14. Palestine was lost when Turkey was weak, Time's Up Israel
Yaser   (06.06.10)
15.  A little knowledge of Turkey helps
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (06.06.10)
Those who praise the Turkish military should stop doing so. It was the military which enforced the Islamization of Turkey after the 1980 military coup. They did so to weaken the Turkish left. A thesis called `turkish islam synthesis` was brought up and taught. People like Gül and Davutoglu were the students who learned this thesis and later adopted it. You can see this `Neo-Ottoman` policy in nowadays Turkish-Israeli ties. I am worried where Turkey will go. I would not call it Iran (yet). But I feel ashamed that Turkey is mentioned with Iran and Hamas at the same time.
16. Turkey will participate in the next war, be ready
Abe ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.06.10)
They may even initiate a war in the near future because they think they are strong and we behave like we are weak
can ,   TURKEY   (06.06.10)
turks and jews are friend since 1400's they lived and live together friendly and ı hope this friendship will be maintained and these problems will be solved
18. Turkey's regime underwent a religious & opportunistic change
Joe ,   Canada   (06.06.10)
The evident shift from secular to clerical & from west to East is a great deal the indirect result of the weakened economic & political status of the USA & the effectiveness of the extremists among the Moslems in widening the chasm with the west through violent means, expecting retaliation & chaos will increase their ranks. Turkey sees the rising power of Iran & China, the persistance of the fighting Moslem ultras as an opportunity to increase its weight which is being denied in its failed bid for EU membership. Religion & demagogy are used to enhance the political plans of Turkey's leadership both internally & externally.
19. # 17
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.07.10)
So would you like to suggest that Erdogan is not a Turk?
20. #10
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (06.07.10)
I advise you to read Samual Hantington. 15 years ago he predicted this scenario. As far as Turkish military and most of the Turkish population you are right, for the time being.
21. coup
illiterate philosoph ,   USA   (06.07.10)
you keep dreaming on dude
22. Turks are losers
Frank ,   Canada   (06.07.10)
During the Cold War Turks were permitted to have an agressive policy toward their neighbors just because they were a shield against a Russian invasion. The Cold War is over and they are not needed anymore. Moreover, Turks are intrepreting the Israeli will to have good relationships with them as weakness because they believe that Israelis are afraid of them. Bibi must retaliate against the Turks to make them understand their mistake.
23. Israel, Turkey, the Kurds
alex ,   north-west, UK   (06.07.10)
what I dont understand, looking at the situation from afar, is why the Israeli nation, army and defence industry back Turkey to the hilt, exporting weapons to Turkey so that the Tuerkish army can kill Kurds. Hav ethe Kurds been an enemy of the Jews? if so provide some examples, surely the Kurds are one of the few peoples of the Middle East that have virtually never had any issues with the Jews after all there Kurds of many religions including Judaism, so why does your country back the Turkish military? According to wikipedia (I dont know if its true, thats why I wrote 'according to ...') Turkey uses Hezbollah to kill PKK activists in Lebanon, but still Israel exports weapons to the Turkish army
24. Turkey - Israel
TANZER ,   MONTREAL' CANADA   (06.08.10)
I am 100% againts Erdogan goverment and its policies in Turkey. But i do not think that israels action is right one at the international waters . This action does not help no one in fact makes Mr erdogan look like a hero . I am Turkish and i am proud of being turkish, But i will be always on the side of rights .. in this case israel is on the wrong side . Their action help idiots like mr Erdogan to act like a hero .
25. The STRUMA
At LAST   (06.08.10)
26. Sorry but i don't see any analysis here
Timur ,   Israel   (06.08.10)
Sorry to say that but I don't see any kind of analysis in this article. Shouldn't Roee Nachmias think of and discuss what Israeli side made wrong. Erdogan pushes Turkey's way to the stance of joining link between the East and West. As ugly and hypocritical his steps are, he promotes, or believes he promotes, his country’s interests. But what did we do in order to deny him from his accusations on us? Nothing. On the contrary, we provide him and ilk with more and more compromising material. But this is the less important question. I’m sure he would find reasons to accuse us of something in any case. Much more important question is wasn’t the “peace flotilla” perfect opportunity for Israel to proclaim to the whole world that we are not interested in taking legal and humanitarian responsibility for Gaza residents anymore? Why do we need this siege? Who gains from it? Won’t Hamas smuggle enough weapon for the next war nevertheless this siege? The answer is that it will. Why not bringing their military eager to minimum by considering them ENEMY and acting accordingly? Why do we need to feed and water our enemy thus further propelling their fighting capabilities? We speak about the charity organizations providing money to Hamas. Aren’t we the biggest charity organization doing so? When are we going to have national borders which will be protected by our hands and teeth? I don’t care no one will accept them at the beginning. If we insist and believe in righteousness of our way they eventually will be recognized. When are we going to fight, and I mean fight – not play around, when necessary against our enemy? When are we going to have leaders capable of insisting first of all on OUR interests instead of acting in favor of others? All those and many more questions must be answered in order to understand how friends became foes.
27. Turkey-Israel
edy burak ,   miami , US   (06.08.10)
Mr Roico turkish jews are well integrated only to make money , like in Argentina
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