Jewish flotilla to break Gaza siege
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 06.06.10, 20:33
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61. #40 Chiver Ragal is my favorite too.
sami ,   Lebanon   (06.06.10)
What about celebrating peace at Gaza port.
62. #57 "Go back to Aushwitz" was fabricated by IDF , get your
sami ,   Lebanon   (06.06.10)
info straightened up and believe it.
63. Just What We Need Right Now
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.06.10)
A bunch of Moonbat Jewish activists, as misguided as possible. Yeah, the Jews are treated just peachy in Gaza, and so are those that are in range of Hamas rockets. This Edith Lutz is CRAZY. Hamas has "nothing against Jews or Israel; it's just part of their mission to kill every Jewish man, woman and child. Lutz is a "useful idiot".
64. Yeah, Hamas is mother Theresa...
Menachem ,   Israel   (06.06.10)
that's why they scream Ibach al yehud (slaugher the Jews) all the time. I am not a Rabbi but in my eyes, these evil "activist" people are no more "Jewish" than Dhingis Khan or Ahmadinejad.
65. Reply to Mary #39
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.06.10)
The Israelis see the Palestinians as human. Families used to visit back and forth across the border before the Palestinians started suicide bombings. Read the history, please. You have only a confused notion of the issues. Do yourself a favor and RESEARCH the conflict from the start to the present.
66. reply to Steve Benassi
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.06.10)
To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book. But I assure you that Atticus Finch would never apply that quote to these morons. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the crisis there is Hamas an organization which kills its own people, tried to kill Abbas, and which hates Christians and Jews.... A terrorist organization.
67. Question to Elizabethlynne
John ,   Ireland   (06.07.10)
Why can Israelis and even Jews born outside Israel move to Palestinian land and build settlements if Palestinians can't move to Israel?
68. This is good news
Jakob ,   si   (06.07.10)
It'll improve the image that Jews have in the world and make them more human, as it shall clearly shows that idiotism is not limited and can seriously affect Jews as well. It was different, however, with the passengers from Turkish ship.
69. Peace
Aerial Sharon ,   Israel   (06.07.10)
Very good idea,.
70. Excellent News Well Done!
Steve ,   Dublin, Ireland   (06.07.10)
I think it must be also time to call off the IDF bloggers, they are doing more harm then good.
71. Come on Goebbels, take your pill....
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Germany   (06.07.10)
72. Israel acted criminally ???
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.07.10)
Those "activists" are the enemies of Israel...
USEFUL IDIOTS   (06.07.10)
74. Right-wing Jews Here so Disappointed
Adam ,   Canada   (06.07.10)
The right-wing Jewish talkbackers here are so disappointed to hear that Jews are able to visit Gaza and are not killed on sight like they are indoctrinated to believe. This is a war over land and occupation, not religion! Unfortunately, too many Jews have a crazy psychosis that makes them delusional into believing everyone is their enemy and they are but innocent victims.
75. #67 Because the Arabs forfeited....
andy ,   orlando   (06.07.10)
their right to statehood due to their rejection of the UN assembly 1947 resolution for partition. The Arabs did not want a state between 1948-67 when Eygypt and Jordan occupied Gaza and the West Bank respectively! The Arabs started the1967 war and LOST! They are the vanquished.
76. @Sidney
KJ ,   UK   (06.07.10)
You had me at "The blockade is a humane.." I mean by all regards, Amnesty International were joking when they said the blockade was a crime on humanity. So was the Goldstone report for that matter! Israel has to A) Stop the blockade. Gaza elected Hamas and have every right to elect whoever they please. Hamas have every right to defend itself against the blockade (Even though Israel itself was first to break the ceasefire). B) Regardless of what happens, Israel needs to go back to the '67 borders. These illegal settlements are a clear breach on international laws.
77. Adam the dupe from the great white north
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.07.10)
Read this: Pregnant mother, four young daughters. Unarmed. Driving in their car. Palestinian "heroes" shot and killed them at point blank range. This is how Gazans treat Jews. We're not a naive bunch of armchair experts sitting half way around the world in a country that successfully occupied and subdued its natives - like you in Canada. We're willing to split the land with them. They aren't interested. You obviously haven't noticed. Although tank you for reminding us that settlement and occupation does indeed work - just like in Canada.
78. You are completely right, the Muslim Terrorism is the proble
Ariel   (06.07.10)
79. John, Israel is in War with these fellows,...
Ariel   (06.07.10)
Didn't you hear about it? Read some history and then ask intelligent questions.
80. Steve, The pope is calling you to keep your christian...
Ariel   (06.07.10)
brothers that are under a constant and cruel persecution in the Middle East and you waste you energy in your antisemitic pasions? Who is persecuting who because of their cultural differences and religious beliefs? Christians enjoy freedom of cult in Israel while they are killed and displaced by hundreds of thousands in Muslim countries and you are silent. Please hear to your church and don't blame the jews for your problems. The middle ages are gone.
81. #75 - you didn't answer the question...
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (06.07.10)
"Why can Israelis and even Jews born outside Israel move to Palestinian land and build settlements if Palestinians can't move to Israel? "
82. turn the transplanted traitor jews from germany back
they aren't german jews, they are secular russian or american transplants. Unfortunately all the german jews were killed and the germans felt guilty and let other jews in recently. These jews are seculars without morality or a soul. They cannot distinguish between right and wrong. Board their boats, deport them and declare them personas non grata even under the law of return.
83. german Jews
jb   (06.07.10)
After all these really aren't the descendent's of the German Jews that were in Germany pre-1939. These can't be! I seriously believe that these must be lefty Israelis that left or Russians Jews. The fact is that not many Jews stayed in Germany after the war!
84. 74 adam
abraham ,   toronto   (06.07.10)
sorry dude...its not about occupation or land its about destruction of the state oif israel and thats why they refused partitrion in 1947 and once again in 2000 thats also why they will never recognize israel as a jewish nation. You ae very naive
85. Why?
iggy ,   NY USA   (06.07.10)
Why are some jews so darned self-hating? Are they raised that way?
86. Reply to John
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.07.10)
Hi, John from Ireland (beautiful place by the way and I have several relatives from there). I ask that you read the history of the establishment of Israel. There was not "Palestinian land"---or should I say, that the Brits who had control of it, partitioned it so that part of the land would be the Jewish state and the other part, Arab (which is now Jordan). As you may know, those borders changed as a result of Israel being attacked by neighbors. I think that the best that we can do as foreigners (my daughter does live in Israel) is to encourage each side to stop hostilities and to work for peace. Hamas is a terrorist organization though, with extremist views not held by most Palestinians. I doubt that it is possible to reason with them, when they want only to kill all Jews (Christians, too btw). With respect, Eliza
87. Trade all these morons for Shalit!
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (06.07.10)
What a shame, how stupid can they be?
88. John from Ireland #59 and poet Richard
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.07.10)
Tillinghast: And nothing concerning the 9,500 rockets and mortars launched by Hamas 2000-2008 and the thirty-seven lives lost, the innumerable maimings, fear and post-traumatic stress-disorder, espcially in the children of Sderot? I guess your favourite poet is a romantic and so are you, John, because Jewish lives, injuries and suffering meant nothing to your poet friend nor to you. I'd suggest you stick to your great Irish poets and storytellers in the future, John. what do you think?
89. Likewise, for me, this whole thing is hard
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.07.10)
to take, very painful. I guess Jews just want to be accepted so badly that they'll betray their own kind with all kinds of rationalizations so that they can feel good about themselves. What's missing, however, is a soul.
90. Neture Karta of the left
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (06.07.10)
Will they pay a visit to Gilad Shalit ?.
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