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Producer: Israel subject to cultural terror
Or Barnea
Published: 07.06.10, 14:41
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1. Weak minded people.
Peter ,   Uk   (06.07.10)
Who needs cowards to perform.
2. Always blame the arabs
deedzzz ,   germany   (06.07.10)
Why do you blame the arabs? Why isn't simply that the band itself refuses to play in israel because of its own believes? Why do u automatically assume they were threatened? Assume the blame for once.
3. Do they even know the location and history of Gaza?
Jonny ,   SA   (06.07.10)
4. How stupid is this - let them cancel
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.10)
The important thing is to get major international Jewish artists to come here. Where is Neil Diamond, Streisand and their many mates? Stop crawling after what are in most cases third rate irrelavencies. And do never invite them again.
5. Who CARES!!! I still never heard of them!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.07.10)
I swear I haven't! Besides, I'm not sure commercial sanctions are an issue - especially when half the world downloads songs illegally - preventing these greedy bands from collecting money from royalties and sales. Let them go to hell. The PROPER artists have performed here and will continue to perform here - they are TRUE artists who don't try to be a jack of all trades by sticking their dirty little fingers into the political pie while belting out a badly written and boring song.
6. to #2 Did you read the article?
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.07.10)
Maybe because their Promoter has the evidences to prove his accusations?
7. Breaking cultural blockade
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.07.10)
Bring the old good Classical music to Israel. Arabs don't know much about it anyway. They won't bully the best classical musicians simply because these people are not familiar to them.
8. arabs r not tolerant. if they r managing
ghostq   (06.07.10)
to control cultural events soon it won't be just for jewish targets like Israel soon arabs will do that for people who don't like them. probably leaders and others public personas, oh when the immigrants goes wild. just send them to were they came from hint it's not anywere arounf europe.
9. Figures
Furious ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (06.07.10)
you should talk. 'assuming the blame' alright. go back to your neo-nazi meeting. and bring a history book with you.
10. Clueless
Etch ,   Canada   (06.07.10)
You know what, you can spin it anyway you want... But in the end you are inviting artists to hold concerts and celebrations while its neighbours are being attacked & opressed & starved. They are not cowards, for many people they are heroes. For many artists, doing so while a full scale war is happening next door is disgraceful and no cause for celebration! What shocks me is that there are artists that are willing to appear at all! And just to highlight the naivete of the writer of this article and the complete mis-understanding of the power of art to change the world, let me highlight one portion: "the cynical and ugly use of art as a weapon" That part made me laugh. If you don't understand that most artists use their art to highlight their beliefs and support for peaceful co-existance and helping your fellow man (Woodstock, Live Aid, are the biggest examples of that) then you truly are clueless and shouldn't be writing or giving statements to anyone, let alone for a major news organization. Art is a form expression, and these artists are expressing themselves by showing their disdain for Israel's behavior. End of story.
11. Maybe they were threatened
Van Gogh   (06.07.10)
Enough famous people have been threatened and even murdered over 'dissing Islam'... cartoonists, politicians, and now musicians
12. Commercial sanctions?
Dave ,   CA   (06.07.10)
You're kidding me. What commercial sanctions are you talking about? When was the last time any International band or artist were booked by the Palestinian promoter? Refresh my memory please, when was the last time any artist received any royalty payments from the Palestinian composers' society? How many visitors to your website you (artists) have from Israel vs. so called Palestinian Authority or any other Arab country for that matter? Having answered that, tell me what commercial sanctions are you afraid of??
13. "I Ain't Gonna Play Sun City"
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (06.07.10)
14. you got it backwards
Rest of Humanity ,   USA   (06.07.10)
what you should be asking is who wants to perform for a bunch of moral cowards....
15. PIXIES loved u for 20 years, love u more now
clear ,   Uk   (06.07.10)
16. funny
david ,   UK   (06.07.10)
weiss is a comedian and well as concert manager! the arabs are all at it! LOL! sure, pixes fan base is made up of arabs. Get real man, this is the world telling Israel you can't go on in this deluded state thinking everything is OK, until you sort out your problems like grown ups. That means talking not throwing a tantrum whenever you don't get your way As for terror - where's the terror, no one is threatening the Pixies with violence, which is more than can be said for the Israeli govt
17. Get your facts straight
Tony ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.10)
You can them first British, then American. That kind of mistake really makes you wonder if the rest of your article is serious journalism or bullshit.
18. Why should they perforrn in Israel?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.07.10)
Should they have performed in South Africa before the fall of the apartheid regime? Or is it merely because your pocketbook is becoming lighter that you must blame the artists? I don't know how many of the artists wish to endorse the racism and anti-democratic activities endemic in present day Israel. If they don't wish to endorse Israel, all I can say is 'BRAVO'.
19. to no. 2
sad but true   (06.07.10)
becuase it's a fact.they said it no one is assuming anything
20. Well, at least "cultural terror" doesn't kill, does it...???
Swiss-Dino ,   Switzerland   (06.07.10)
The logic of the pro-Palestinian activists seems to be pretty clear: If the children in Gaza won't get any chocolate, the Israeli citizens don't deserve any music..... Tit for tat, so to speak....:)
21. give me a break #10
DUchess   (06.07.10)
you are clueless and ignorant at best
22. Please use the correct terminology
Israeli   (06.07.10)
Calling a boycott "terror" or "supporting terror" dilutes the meaning of a terror attack.
23. The Pixies are American
from Boston.
24. good for them
talktopower ,   boston, ma U.S.A.   (06.07.10)
The Pixies are heros!
25. Sigh...
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.07.10)
The level of hypocrisy and ignorance among the talkbackers supporting what the Pixies did is incredible. I'm getting tired of the same crap day in, day out. There's nothing more to say. Israel is justified, you are wrong, and you are idiots. You are enemies of Israel and as an Israeli I wish bad upon you, as you do to me. The end.
26. Pixies
hehu   (06.08.10)
Pixies are one of the most influential alternative rock bands of the last 30 years. Bands that have cited them as major inspirations include Nirvana, U2, Radiohead, David Bowie, Weezer, and Blur. If you've never heard of them, it's good they're not wasting their time on you.
27. What about lies?
jack ,   jer is   (06.08.10)
that such a one sided ridiculous article is standard fare here shows the state of Israeli press coverage-propaganda for mass consumption .Go ahead reject this comment just proves my point.It's you I wrote for anyways-still haven't a clue - the article doesn't seriously consider the opinion of the artists who cancelled - the subject at hand-nor the thought of half the world in it's blatant twisting of the facts to achieve what was already taken for granted at the beginning.That there can be nothing achieved by the boycott - an assumption undermined by the sheer weight of what was not said by the author.Why not assume some responsibility for our actions for once instead of it always being the other guys delusions at fault ?Then at least there would be something to talk about?
28. #26 Spineless Musicians
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.08.10)
Too bad what we now know about them is they cave under Arab influence and disappoint fans.
29. your terminology is retarded
bob ,   dunedin- new zealand   (06.08.10)
using the term ''terrorism'' in this context is pathetic. You are being subjected to a cultural ''blockade''. BIG DEAL. Stop crying
30. to #29 spong brain bob
if you want to know your country help to creat gaza don't blame Israel for what hell hole you left behind, the ANzak monument still stand, if you realy want to know one side of the fence is gaza the other is Israel Israel isn't inside gaza and she closed the border to her teretories cause the last time it was open(3 years ago in 2007) 2 Israeli civilian were murdered by hamas who tried to explode the gaz station that Israel build, the gaz station provided gaza with gazolin. those r facts.
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