Spanish pride parade doesn't want Israelis
Yoav Zitun
Published: 08.06.10, 00:44
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1. now YOU know how it feels
ed   (06.08.10)
2. So why aren't they yelling against the pro palis?
bmos ,   chashmonaim, Israel   (06.08.10)
This is too funny. Hareidim ask that the march in Israel be cancelled for some like reasons and they yell "freedom! democracy! their rights!" here come the pro palis and they are quit not a peep. They are told to stay home because --- say it all together-- THEY ARE JEWS!!! It must be a shocking lesson
3. Hold the Parade In Gaza
TSB ,   Clifton, NJ USA   (06.08.10)
See how far you get.
4. this is a joke, right?
david ,   new york   (06.08.10)
maybe the israeli gays could show up in burkas?
5. Through the Looking glass
Proud Heterosexual   (06.08.10)
The world has gone absolutely crazy. Why don't these "Proud" folks plan a march in Gaza to support their gay arab brothers, and see what happens.
6. Saudi arabia delegation could...
Salomon Mizrahi ,   Sao Paulo/Brazil   (06.08.10)
Substitute the Israeli one... Don't forget to Invite a delegation from Iran... Drag Queen Ahmadinejuju...
7. Great!
Mongo ,   Paris   (06.08.10)
I´m happy to see the Spanish and Palestinian macho men finally comeing out their shells to display their true, honest vocation... lookin´ good baby!
8. says a lot doesn't it?
rachel ,   chutz4now, home soon   (06.08.10)
every other place KILLS their gay people. i wonder if they even stopped to think on this? too busy lynching and bashing to see reality.
9. Palestinians do not recognize gays!!!
Yardena   (06.08.10)
wow they did Israel a favor by looking at the monstrocity pics Im glad Israel is out of this disgusting fiasco by the way Ahmajad (iran) stated at the UN Iran doesnt have Gays its a Western invention!! so go ahead cave in to Muslims who scorn your very existence,,
10. oh this is great, someone finally show
ghostq   (06.08.10)
the gay community in Israel who happened to be pro pali what their so call supporters r doing :) finally, wake up call, for what the others being saying all along.
11. ah the irony...
Danny   (06.08.10)
ah parade about tolerating people excludes the only place in the Middle East that tolerates gays. I wonder if they will have any Palestinians on the march instead? Maybe some Hamas people?
12. Well at least we know there also will
Samir ,   Nablus   (06.08.10)
not be a Palestinian gay delegation, because Fatah and Hamas either killed them all or caused them to flee.
13. very nice! Now only Moslems will go to gay parade!
14. Reminds me of the Nuremberg laws
Jake ,   USA   (06.08.10)
Our enemies forcing us to keep the Torah.
15. Israel is an Island in an homophobic sea!
Ariel   (06.08.10)
Muslims hate anyone different and in their countries they outlawed homosexuality with heavy punishments. Iran:death for men/100lashes lesb Lebanon:one year in prison Iraq:extrajudicial executions South Africa: beating,rape,murder Morocco:3 years in prison source:Intl Lesbian,Gay, bisexual..Asoc/published The Economist May 29th 2010, page 63
16. Who cares
Frank ,   Canada   (06.08.10)
They must invite Arab gays.
17. LOL, But they cannot parade in Ramallah or Gaza
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.08.10)
The LGBT individuals can never come out of the closet in those place or any other Arab or Muslim country. The ones from Ramallah and Gaza find refuge in open society Israel they now boycott? Real LOL!
18. Gay Pride - Madrid
Stan ,   Sydney Australia   (06.08.10)
hope they allowed all the gays from arab countries to participate BEFORE they cut off various parts of their anatomies
19. Do They Know Who Their Friends Are?
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, US   (06.08.10)
In Muslim countries homosexuality is considered a crime. The Koran condemns gays. There are no gay pride parades in Muslim countries. Muslim immigrants in Europe would like to see homosexuality criminliazed again. Also keep in mind that Hamas has set the re-reconquest of Spain as its next goal.
20. good news
david   (06.08.10)
cool, lets raid some more ships..thats the best news so far...jews should not go to these parade....
21. MY O' MY!! They look soooooooooooo
Israeli 2   (06.08.10)
SCARY. Any comments from Avi?
22. Please remind them gays are killed in Gaza
Dan ,   San Francisco, USA   (06.08.10)
Such hypocrisy. Do not agree to Madrid. Do not fall victim to the pro-Palestinian request. You must go, in the name of the worldwide LGBT community.
23. Go wave your rainbow flags. . .
Ruth ,   Los Angeles CA   (06.08.10)
. . .in ANY Arab or Muslim country. And let me know how that works out for you. If you survive to talk about it, that is.
24. F Spain!
Dbo ,   Gaywadistan   (06.08.10)
Could they be less relevant in the world today? Spain, the only country where even the gays are filled with hate & prejudice. Ha!
25. Rich, Indeed!
bear ,   chicago, usa   (06.08.10)
So let me get this straight (pun intended), the organizers of the gay pride Parade in Madrid are worried about offending Muslims & pro pali's?? Isn't that they're raison d'etre?? What a world.
26. Ironic
Benjamin ,   USA   (06.08.10)
Ironic that the European gay community blocks the participation of Israel due to fears of pro-Palestinian supporters, when the LGBT community in the arab world is targeted for outright violence. Welcome to Europe :) Continue acquiescing to these islamofascists. Pretty soon you won;t be able to hold your pride parades in Eurabia.
27. sorry but............
rabbi ,   spain   (06.08.10)
people are here like Jews people but not this Government ..... Peace right now..................
28. To the Goyim we are all the same...
David ,   Norway   (06.08.10)
Just as in Auschwitz, the atheist communist gay Jew was gassed with a charedi "primitive" Jew...Now they put super liberal gay-right Jews in the same bag as settlers etc...Nothing has changed, we're all in it together!
29. weird
jem ,   t.a IS   (06.08.10)
what zionist and jew i am! not so sure about the blatent display of homosexuality so i as a hetro dont go around flaunting it, unless of course im at a club or a bar. That said when Israel is boycotted IM ANGRY!!!! As the past had told us when there is a finiancial problem like in Spain we cope a hidding!!
30. Gay parade in Gaza!
Aurelija ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.10)
They should make gay parade in Gaza - out of solidarity with progressive Hamas regime! Im sure they would welome them with open arms!
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