Leftist Tali Fahima converts to Islam
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 08.06.10, 16:13
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1. Silly twit will probably become a shahid.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.08.10)
2. kol ha kavod. now you are chattel
rachel ,   chutz4now, home soon   (06.08.10)
and a suicide bomber making factory. at least go to a nice muslim country ok would hate to have you conflicted in a democracy with equal rights and values.
3. The Cream of the Crop
Jonathan   (06.08.10)
We need much better background checks in the future :-)
4. does she need bus fare and moving company?
svietka   (06.08.10)
im more then willing to donate to have this garbage removed from Isr and promptly relocated to Um'lFahem or gaza or sh'hem... anywhere she wants to go-as long as its away from isr!
GAYS4ISRAEL ,   TORNTO   (06.08.10)
6. clear example of true colors of the off centre to extreme le
ralph   (06.08.10)
left. she is not the only one like her. this is where the left takes you. way off the center and over the cliff.
7. at least she is honest about it
Eddie ,   london UK   (06.08.10)
the other lefties who write for haaretz etc are the same, except they dont wish to take up their new religion publicly.
8. this world is going to hell.
9. Suits her better then phony liberalism
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.10)
I knew she was a reactionary, clero fascist from the start. Now she has shown her true face, she was sent by world Muslim conspiracy to compromise the progressive movement in Israel... Gulag is too good for such enemies of the people! :-p
10. Great
Au ,   Jeruslaem   (06.08.10)
I'm sure her future muslim husband would apreciate any criticism coming from her mouth LOL
11. Hope
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.08.10)
I hope she will enjoy it for a long, long time..
12. Poor, lost soul
Yossi ,   Canada   (06.08.10)
No one in Israel will ever look at this gruesome witch, so she turns to the muslims to see if she can pull some peen...poor lost soul....someone please pay attention to her.!!!
13. Exemplary citizen, she should be honored
Wael ,   Palestine   (06.08.10)
14. Good luck Fats, you're gonna need it!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.08.10)
Still, I wish her the best of luck in her new life. She must be so excited to share any future husband with 20 other women, while not being allowed the freedom she was born with, not being able to mix with men, look at men and, well, being subservient to just about everyone around her, plus a host of other life enhancing qualities. I expect her to come groveling back in a year. No wonder she's changed teams, Arab men aren't fussy over there. Strip her of her citizenship TODAY! I don't have a problem with people converting to Islam... for the right reasons. The wrong reasons are because you hate for your native country, as she clearly does. What a proud day for her family.
15. ALL LEFTISTS !!! Convert!!!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (06.08.10)
16. Good. That's what ALL Jewish anti-semites should do !!
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (06.08.10)
Goldstone should be the next one to convert to Islam.
17. take her ugly face off
Aviva Ram   (06.08.10)
and show us own kids all around the country having "koolanu shayetet 13' gatherings, plus the super one in L.A. But this ugly specimen is more ynets taste, we all know that. is she a friend of blaukam?
18. --------THE LEFT IS THE ENEMY--------
eradicate the left   (06.08.10)
19. normally we don't want Jews to convert, but
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.08.10)
in this case, I think we got rid of a stinking rat...
20. Not a leftist, she's a traitor
Tony   (06.08.10)
21. Is her mother still proud of her?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (06.08.10)
The Israeli intelligence needs to keep a close watch on her.
22. to #13 honored? for what we all know
ghostq   (06.08.10)
that many of the koran stories r jewish plegiatism, and not accurate, you copied the wrong things. oh well nut job you wanted nut job you got, hint she got troubled past from home. and she keep put her mother in misery, doesn't sound like honor to me.
23. In her case.....
kristian ,   paris france   (06.08.10)
I recommend the full veil, even the burka. There is something positive about the burka ,it hides ugliness.
24. Talula! What are you weiting for?
Ron ,   Tel Aviv   (06.08.10)
25. An idiot makes an idiotic decision.... Why is this news?
Jake ,   USA   (06.08.10)
26. A Jewish Muslim? she is still Jewish by race,not by religion
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.08.10)
If an Arab converts to Judaism are they welcome to come to Israel and become a citizen? Is the state of Israel for the Jewish people or for these in the Jewish religion? I think the answer maybe different depending on who you ask.
27. She Shows All the Signs of Poor Mental Health
Nic ,   uk   (06.08.10)
Why are those who are deemed at risk of self harm and suicide put under psychiatric observation while those who desire to do the same by becoming "martyrs" lauded by the leftist media? Why are those who gain pleasure from torturing & killing innocent animals and people classified as psychpoaths while the extremists who take pleasure in harming and killing innocent Jews, Christians and moderate to secular Muslims defended by many "liberal" westerners? This woman displays all the signs of being a sociopath.
28. Fahima equal to Behima
JUDAH THE LION   (06.08.10)
deport her to Gaza and let her stay there and whenever she get fed up from her muslim lovers or husband she will beg Israel to help her to return to Israel.
29. Why is her face uncovered? Get down woman!
Scott   (06.08.10)
30. Finally some good news - trash to the trash can
Tommy Fiddles ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.08.10)
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