US backs international role in flotilla probe
Roni Sofer and agencies
Published: 08.06.10, 22:47
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1. Is that how it works?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.08.10)
Okay. I demand that an international panel be immediately convened to investigate the event that resulted in the deaths of 46 South Korean sailors aboard a South Korean naval vessel that was torpedoed by the North Koreans. Unless, of course -- as many claim -- the death toll is due to the fact that the vessel hit a United States-laid mine. In that case, I demand that an international panel be immediately convened to explore U.S. mining practices off the coast of Korea. 46 dead South Korean naval personnel. Killed either by a wanton North Korean attack or by a poorly-laid United States mine, and resulting in more than five times the number of dead Turkish (and other Islamofascist) terrorists aboard the MARMARA. Please tell me again why anyone would take the United Nations (especially the current Secretary General), the Federal Republic of Germany or Italy seriously. May as well ask me to take Turkey seriously!
2. bebe asks, bebe answers
3. #1 So basically your argument is....
Dr. Honey ,   Gaza   (06.08.10)
Why can't Israel get away with this crime just like North Korea ? Very reasonable argument.
Yosh ,   Abuja   (06.08.10)
Sarah B., please permit me to quote some of your talk-backs as rebuttals to wanton anti-Israel material I counter personally and over the internet. Godspeeds!
5. What absolute nerve!
The 11th Man ,   London.   (06.08.10)
Israel has proved time and again that it takes more care in military operations than any other country BAR NONE. Her own investigations into the conduct of her troops is more searching than that of any other authority. How dare these sanctimonious politicians presume to stand in judgment over the Frontline soldiery of the civilized West. What Israel does she is doing for the rest of us comfortable people. Long live Israel!
6. transparent and neutral investigation
Eddie ,   london UK   (06.08.10)
If the goldstone report is anything to go by, then Israel should not cooperate with the UN. It is not neutral. The only countries which can claim to be neutral are those who did not automatically condemn either side of this , ie Israel or the turks/ flotilla prejudicially. So far, that rules out the UN, the UK and most of the EU, as well as Russia. Also, to allow this to again ignore the plight of Shalit, would be to surrender to the enemy.
7. #5 Cool down man.. they meant no harm
Dr. Honey ,   Gaza   (06.08.10)
8. #6 wow!!1 How Profound and insightful !
Dr. Honey ,   Gaza   (06.08.10)
U need to go out more maaan or find a girlfriend or anything else beside watching stupid tv . wanker..
9. Just Say No
AlexG ,   USA   (06.08.10)
It makes no difference who conducts an investigation. As anyone with a scrap of honesty knows, the result is foreordained. Any investigation that blames Israel will be deemed credible. Any investigation that does not blame Israel will be deemed not credible.
10. Obama Selling Out Israel: it never ends
izzie irgun ,   zion   (06.08.10)
another day another opportunity for obama to sell out israel. i get that but what surpirses me is that Hillary has become such scum. and her daughter is marring a nice jewish boy from an othrodox family, guess what he must think of his machatunim. anyway, Obama is just a hard core socialist and hillary is the worst form of syncaphant .. she enables obama which is worse. Now about all those speechs she gave supporting israel when whe ran for the senate --- all lies
11. How can you tell when Bibi is lying?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.08.10)
His lips move.
12. I am with you Sarah.....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.08.10)
what about an international investigation about the death of more then 30 Afghan civilians last month, killed by the US army? I think it is essential element to clarify this massacre.....
13. Who the hell they think we are? Pupils
Vardina   (06.08.10)
in their elementary school who have to obey their instructions? We are a sovereign country acting to defend ourself and will not let them undermine our security or delegitimetize our sovereignty. WW2is over and we are determined to keep our state forever with or without their support.
14. Goldstone says hello.
I would not want it. ,   Ger   (06.08.10)
15. A Jew Amongst Nations
Mitch S. ,   USA   (06.08.10)
Once again Israel is held to a standard that no other nation in the world is held to.
16. Sarah
hakim ,   PALESTINE   (06.08.10)
Give it up! It is over... PALESTINE will soon Very soon be free...
17. I demand an international inquiry for the oil spill
ilan ,   New York   (06.08.10)
Obama is doing everything in the wrong way.
18. NO International Inquiry
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.08.10)
Any external board of inquiry would be a kangaroo court. Israel made one mistake that no country should make. Israel has to stop apologizing for every action, and she has got to stop making concessions and getting nothing in return. The building freeze was probably the greatest mistake that Bibi has made during his tenure. Israel has become the laughingstock of the world because Israel would not stand up and defend herself. People like Peres Olmert Livni and Ehud Barak has done more to damage Israel's deterrence factor than any other leaders in the history of Israel. Israel should immediately get back to deterrence factor and respect for other nations by doing the following. Refuse to go back to the peace talks. Israel should also attempt to replace the government of Jordan and make it into a Palestinian state since 80% of the population is Palestinian anyway. Israel should also create a public policy of mutual assured destruction designed to protect Israel and the Jewish people from destruction and threat. That policy would be design against any country that threatens to destroy Israel either militarily, economically, or physically. The same policy would be used to protect the Jewish population in any country of the world so that there is never any possibility of another holocaust. Again I stress that Israel must not succumb to pressures of the outside world for a international inquiry. No other country the world is being held in the highest standard. It would only invite more pressure on Israel, invite another war, and would only be a kangaroo court.
19. @ #1 South Korean investigation
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (06.08.10)
Sarah B. There was an international investigation into the Cheonan incident. It consisted of experts from the US, South Korea, Sweden, Australia and the UK. Russia was allowed to conduct its own investigation. They have all concluded that a North Korean torpedo sank the Cheonan, most likely launched from a North Korean submarine. So your demand was actually met.... two weeks ago I can't believe you missed this. It was all over the news. Sunk by a US mine? Are you reading North Korean news or radical conspiracy theory stuff? It's wanton ignorance and you made yourself look rather foolish. And to answer your final question Israel should take the Federal Republic of Germany seriously because it is Israel's biggest arms supplier after the USA and its bigest trading partner in the EU. It's the power that shields it from the invective of other members like Sweden and Ireland. Italy is also a friend of Israel and is an especially strong friend under Berlusconi (the Prime Minister of Italy) The Secretary-General of the UN is a respected diplomat and although most of the time everyone ignores him his words usually have moral force in international relations. You don't have to take Turkey seriously. They're being ridiculous. But seriously, check your facts before you go mouthing off.
20. Israel should choose peace
Fatih ,   Istanbul   (06.08.10)
Israel should accept international investigation about attacking to floatia and killing innocent people. Soldiers shoot 4 bullets to head of an injured 19 years old boy named Furkan. This is not an innocent raid... Israel should remember that rest of their citizens are also human... 30 bullets killed 9 people, 3,33 average... just think about it...
21. Justice
Keith   (06.08.10)
When even your closest allies are demanding an international investigation you must realize that Israel has gone another step too far..Israel is in real trouble this time.To massacre 9 innocent people and then try to say they are terrorists is lower than low even for Israel.
Jake ,   USA   (06.08.10)
US troops have killed so many civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq that it's high time there was an international probe of US actions.
23. After an int'l investigation of US drone killing civilians
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (06.08.10)
Tell Obama and his "coalition" that Israel will agree to this international review AFTER he agrees to have an international committee review the grossly excessive killing of civilians in Afgan and Pak by US drone missiles, which appear to be used indiscriminately and without any effort to insure that these precision weapons are only used to his sites with no civilians. And then we need an international investigation of Abu Gareib and of Guantanamo and waterboarding. Tell Obama to go take a flying leap. He has no idea how to be the leader of the free world, and wants to dismantle the US as a superpower.NOt what US voters want, and we're doing everything we can to slam the democrats out of office for electing him - so this putz's next 2 years will be as impotent and harmless as possible, assuming we can't find a way to impeach and remove him first. Never in the last 100 years has a US president been so despised for his reckless incompetence, even worse than Carter and Hoover.
24. Stupid American Jews:obama hussein stole your MONEY & VOTES!
American Jews= ,   IDIOTS   (06.08.10)
26. Outcome?!
Arrow   (06.08.10)
Who has authority to judge Israel on this matter?! Brave 'martyrs' who bring little kids with them to take bullets.
Martin ,   Jhb SA   (06.08.10)
HOW CONVENIENT OBAMA'S HANDS ARE TIED Obama wants to be seen to be impartial. American voters have made it clear to him to be nice to us. So he has conveniently let others deal with this hot potatoeBy so doing he is off the hook. How convenient the two little lambs Obama and Hilary C are off the hook. The voter cant fault them. This is a contrived incident. The shooting started 40 minutes after the men were dropped. Unless people died ie Turks or muslims then the whole things was a failure. So in desperation after having beaten our men up good and solid they start shooting and threatening our lives. We respond to protect life. Now they walk away and demand this as a legitimate case. Bibi government and the people of Israel your stand is correct NO INTERNTIONAL Commission. This is a setup and if nobody can see it, see it now. Iran wants free access to Gaza period. Iran does not care about the general population of Gaza. We cant afford to fall for this PLOTTTTT. To do so is to hand over to the world find away for iran to dictate to us. Turkey had no business getting involved. They did so in a very nasty way. Many of the Turkish people arec astounded what have become part of. This move is a contradiction to their history. Erdogan will soon see he is not wanted after he has done some of iran’s dirty work. They moved into the Iranian camp and can soon be dominated by their friendssss. Obama is compromised and is happy for anyone else to dig a pit for us. This is OUR big TESTTTTT. We cant afford to fail this one we must fend off all the pressurrrre. Even if Europe dont see it, we must and stand firmmmm.
28. #20
Dov ,   USA   (06.08.10)
How many bullets were used to exterminate Arminians and how many bullets are used to kill Kurds today you hypocrite. IDF was and is on the defense.
29. ***Sarah*** very well said...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.08.10)
But as we all know, absolutely nobody in the world community cares when North Korea commits an act of state terror. Germany, Italy and the U.N. ignore ALL criminal acts done by criminal regimes worldwide. By the way, has anybody really considered Germany a friend of Israel ? --- I CAN ONLY LAUGH-- The world community consists of hypocrites and Antisemites and with the help of Hussein Obama tries to put Israel in a squeeze. We once again live in a polarized world...the world a few years after the end of the cold war, is split between the enemies and the friends of Israel...
30. Presumption
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (06.08.10)
One can only presume tha the BHO crowd will agree to an investigation of all the civilian deaths caused by the CIA drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan
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