Egyptian lawmaker slammed for speaking of beaten troops
Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.06.10, 00:39
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1. Thanks Beltagy and Kamal
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.09.10)
2. thanks God they are as stupid as they are hatefull
stephane ,   israel   (06.09.10)
3. what is not surprising
Arie ,   BaSolan   (06.09.10)
is that haaretz would never print this article because it totally goes against everything haaretz wants the world to think. We can however expect Helen Thomas to write an editorial for haaretz spinning the whole issue
4. Voilence Would've Been Shooting Them With Their Own Weapons
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.09.10)
But that didn't happen. They were disarmed and made to sit on the deck. No one shot them in the head four times. You may think your PR spin is effective but I tell you it is not. The truth is coming out. Your government, the one led by Netanyahu, is an evil thing. Your nation has become as a leper in the time of the prophets under this man. He is the Middle Eastern equivalent of George Bush.
5. Israel PR sucks
david cohen ,   china   (06.09.10)
a news like this should be running on all stations. the government spoksman should make sure that CNN, BBC, AL ARABIA, AL JAZIRA publish this interview. It should convene the UN to have it aired there!
6. Thats ok it is in arabic...
Danny   (06.09.10)
7. Gee, it almost seems like Arabs planned to withhold evidence
William ,   Israel   (06.09.10)
My my - could it be that the Arabs are involved in a conspiracy to make Israel look bad and be judged harshly by world opinion, by withholding evidence from the world? tsk tsk - what is this world coming to? (end sarcasm)
8. Show full Photo
Doug ,   Milwaukee   (06.09.10)
The photo is misleading. The soldier was stabbed, not only beaten. If you look at the unedited Reuters photo there is a knife and a pool of blood in the picture. Someone at Reuters took so as not to offend the backstabing peacniks. Look at Charles Johnson's website or the retraction on the Reuters website.
9. Truth is Truth
Dallas ,   C   (06.09.10)
Beltagy and Kamal spoke about facts, which don't change depending on which country you are from. These two men have done much to dispel the propaganda which has been flung fast and thick. Too bad their Mafia-style systems will turn around and probably bite them.
10. Obama is watching to kill anyone who speaks truth
Miron ,   USA   (06.09.10)
his minions will kill anyone who speaks the truth about the Hamas suicide squad that provoked deadly confrontation on board of MV Maramar. Save your lives, friend or foe. Israel is a diamond. Thou came to kill will die from own weapon.
11. The Arabs have employed deception for years
darren ,   USA   (06.09.10)
which they sell the anti-Semitic world.
12. The attack on the ship proved the time for the IDF to attack
Persian CAT   (06.09.10)
Iran has arrived. If a bunch of unarmed civilians can overwhelm Israeli Navy "seals" with no difficulty, what can the armed Iranians do?! Not much, they will fold like paper tigers.
13. In the Arab World there is no place for the true narrative
Alan ,   SA   (06.09.10)
Only BS is permitted for dissemination.
14. the truth seems to help israel alot these days
but the complaints simply show the mentality of the arabs. don't show the truth, just show what's good for your interests or show nothing at all.
15. better headline: truth telling upset opportunists MB members
16. What about the TRUTH?
Annette ,   USA   (06.09.10)
All the Arabs seem to care about is how things will "appear" and managing the media. What about just speaking the truth? They're so willing and easy to forsake the truth in order to make Israel look bad? Oh, i'm sorry - the truth will prevail whether it's from your own witnesses mouths or from the actual videos.
17. Truth is what will cause the defeat of Islam's war against
Israel! Arabs... ,   watch out for light!   (06.09.10)
18. Egyptian MP on "freedom flotilla" is
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.09.10)
chastized because he tells the truth and, as a result, assists Israel. What is wrong with him?
19. As Always, To The Arabs..
RickD ,   USA   (06.09.10)
Truth is what they say it is. The Egyptians would rather that Israel is pronounced guilty regardless of the facts.
20. kind tell what kind atitude the egyptian press ....
Galut ,   Selah   (06.09.10)
..... has toward the truth one of thier own confirms what israeli videos show .... they value only truth that fits thier concept of what happen ... but when it fits the other side they raise a stink...
21. # 5 Absolutely agree with you
Lioness ,   Israel   (06.09.10)
We should be showing this to the world the CNN, Sky News, BBC everyone!
22. #4..and the swing of clubs weren't....
Galut ,   Selah   (06.09.10)
the video all pictures is worth a thousand words.... clubs can be a deadly as bullets..., spin as you think you must ,,,but the video speaks louder
23. Finally, the TRUTH
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.09.10)
The article stated that this "has evoked a media storm among Egyptian columnists, who claim this was a "public relations gift to Israel." What a bunch of losers! The truth be dammed. They cannot win wars against the IDF so they invent stories
24. to #4 sitting is very good, considering
ghostq   (06.09.10)
standing is count for abuse, unless you have found more confortable postion that a man can be in like meditation. Time of the Prophets? I think you should seperate religion and state, that way politicians can't abuse the religion or do stuff in the name of religion.
25. Egypt doesn't understand what's in its own best interest
Pariah   (06.09.10)
Look how upset the Egyptians are that a few public remarks might "serve Israel." Heaven forbid! Peace treaty or not, the Egyptians will never stop thinking of Israel as the enemy. Don't these fools understand that Iran threatens them far more? Do they want Israel weakened and an Iranian base established in Gaza? Do they want a better-armed Hamas right on their doorstep? A stronger Israel and a neutered Iran would "serve Egypt", but these fools are too blinded by hatred and resentment to see that. They'd rather shoot themselves in the foot than do anything that "serves Israel".
26. Among all Egyptian Muslim there is only
Vardina   (06.09.10)
one who tell the truth and the rest are prepared to stone him for that. What a respecful nation....
27. #2 get real
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.09.10)
You don't get it. Everyone knows that there is nothing lacking in Gaza except for good-quality whiskey. Everyone knows the Marmara was filled with professional terrorists who attacked the soldiers. Everyone knows that Israel was legally entitled to board the ship. The truth does not matter and what Beltagy says does not matter. All these people want to do is kill you like they did your grandparents in Warsaw, Baghdad, Berlin or Tripoli.
28. No comments
from Nour & Salma
29. #19 RickD
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.09.10)
Hey, I know a RickD of San Francisco formerly from Harrisburg. Is that you???
30. To my fellow # 2
Alexis Sitton ,   San Juan PR   (06.09.10)
Excellent point. Next defense witness, you Honor.
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