MK Michaeli: I didn't touch Zoabi
Ilana Curiel
Published: 10.06.10, 15:56
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1. Viva the Russian Jews!
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.10.10)
2. Nice!
Ray ,   Germany   (06.10.10)
MK Michaeli is the best :))) a true patriot and Israeli...a great example!
3. A native Palestinian Woman vs. A Russian Immigrant Woman
Noah ,   USA   (06.10.10)
It's unfair to see a native Palestinian woman, who was born and raised and her homeland, being attacked by a member of a Russian immigrant party. Life is F---ing unfair, isn't it? Thanks Zoabi for your courage!
4. double standard
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (06.10.10)
Quote: "...I acted out of a conviction that we will not allow anyone to harm Israel's sovereignty. I, as a representative of the State of Israel, thought that woman had no right to stand on a stage with the flag of Israel behind her..." Mrs Zoabi didn't 'harm Israeli sovereignty' by being on that boat that was taken over in international waters with direction Gaza. She has every right to stand where she wants in the Knesset, she's an elected Member. Mrs Michaeli isn't only a hothead but also somewhat hypocritical by attending "'Communication, violence, and public panic' in Eilat.
5. michaeli
harry weiss ,   staten island ny 10   (06.10.10)
we are so proud of you here in new york . we follow you and hope you run for prime minister soon . come to ny and you will see how much support you have . god bless yoy and your graet family
6. Anastassia Michaeli Rocks!!
lea   (06.10.10)
she is the best.!!!
7. Let her move to Dubai. Russian madames are popular there
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.10.10)
She has no business in the land of Palestine.
8. Why then you went to her
Palestinian   (06.10.10)
To check if she's really Zoabi, or to frighten her? she couldn't attack her because other prevented her to do so. If Michaeli wanted just to respond verbally, she could make her point while seating in her chair. It's like catching the criminal before committing a crime.... I feel sorry for her 8 children...
9. democratia
gilbert ,   Paris   (06.10.10)
have you ever seen a jewish in an arab country parliament?
10. Great Woman Michaeli
Esteban ,   Argentian   (06.10.10)
God bless her and Israel too!
11. MK Michaeli
Larry ,   kibbutz nir oz   (06.10.10)
I Think she hada normal reaction, and the press blows all these things out of proportion.... we all just need to calm down , maybe learn to count to ten next time, but no one was hurt ""
12. Anastassia Michaeli will be PRIME MINISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
she has my vote   (06.10.10)
13. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.10.10)
As an elected member of Israel's Government, Anastassia Michaeli has every right to be in ISRAEL. There is no country called Palestine.
14. When is 'grabbing' not 'touching'????
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.10.10)
When an Israeli right-winger says it isn't. Don't ever believe your lying eyes, believe what I tell you. And the Israeli Jews follow like the sheep theu=y are.....
15. Anastassia Michaeli is my HERO !
Avi ,   USA   (06.10.10)
Anastassia Micheli is my HERO . Zoabi is a traitor .
16. Anastasia Michaeli Is A Great Woman!
Mikael Duvduvani ,   Yokneam, Israel   (06.10.10)
Love you Anastasia. I don't advocate violence but I personally I would love to be in a boxing ring with Zoabi!
17. To #3-Zoabi twisted hypocrasy
Andi ,   Isarel   (06.10.10)
She was raised as an Israeli citizen with Israeli rights, and she is exploiting them in order to damage her country. That's the problem. Lucky she wasn't born in Gaza under Hamas, as a woman, but disgracefully she prefers to be an apologist for Hamas. Actually doing anything for her own Israeli Arab constituents of course is out of the question, which is why hardly any voted for her. As for implying that a Russian immigrant woman is less worthy than a locally born woman, I assume you'll say the same about Palestinians born abroad also, compared to locally born Jews.
18. like; shoot to kill is not touch
observer   (06.10.10)
19. Michaeli for Prime Minister
Mo ,   Israel   (06.10.10)
20. #7, She is not a member of a 4-wife harem like you are
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.11.10)
Anastassia Michaeli has 8 children with one husband. Arabs always deride the most moral and gentile human beings and neglect looking in the mirror. Like Brofet like loyal brainwashed followers.
21. #18 you have been a vegetable for a long time
better observer   (06.11.10)
mindlessly parroting anything Al Takkyia directs you to
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