Pro-Israel Right gains power in Holland
Published: 10.06.10, 18:37
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1. Job Cohen
G.S. ,   USA   (06.10.10)
"Labor, on the other hand, is regarded as having a declared anti-Israeli platform". The leader of the Labor Party is Job Cohen, a secular leftist Jew. Of course a secular left-wing Jew being the leader of an anti-Israel Party is not in the least surprising. It happens in Israel all the time. Congratulations Geert!
2. shame
Line Singer ,   Århus, Denmark   (06.10.10)
It's such a shame that it's seen as a good thing that any racist party gains power. We have a similar party in Denmark and they support Israel too, just like the Dutch Freedom Party. I'd never dream of voting for such a bunch of racists though. My husband is Israeli and I obviously support Israel - but not like this!
3. it is very good news
Muslim ,   the world   (06.10.10)
Racist Goverments usually create a lot of isolation for them . putting Islam as a topic to discover and read about will have a lot of europians convert at a faster rate .
4. it is just a matter of time
Barney ,   USA   (06.10.10)
before all countries have a backlash against radical islam unless the moderate muslims take control. they should be free to practice their religion as all people should but not impose their values on others and resort to violence over any perceived criticism. the world will not be conquered by islam.
5. Fear –the Enemies from within!
Secular Beast   (06.10.10)
Courage is NOT the absence of Fear. It’s the proper response to FEAR’!
6. To#2 Line Singer
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (06.10.10)
The issue here isn't just Israel, the real issue is the islamic immigration, that must be stopped ! Muslims in southern Sweden, Englad,France and Holland are making their own ghettos proclaiming it as their area and non muslims can't enter their places. Police is afraid to go in these places...what do expect from the europeans to say ? For me Geert wilders isn't an Islamophobe, he studied the Quraan and knows the truth that finally the Europeans are starting to see clearly. Phobia means an irratianal fear, the phobia of islam isn't irrational but real and concrete. I hope that one day you would understand the danger of Europe islamization and see the trutth too! By the way don't rely only on your TV, because they are the biggest liars in the world financed with muslims money!
7. Good for Holland & Israel
MOI ,   ICI   (06.10.10)
Good for Wilders, finally someone that is NOT afraid to stand up to this weak "purple" government we had, to adress the Moslim problem, they don't intergrate, they are intimidating and harrassing the Dutch people, most are extremist, their women have nothing to say,they walk with veils, burqa's, if you can not accept the Dutch liberal, tollerance, every person has the same rights, women/men, children, homosexuals, freedom of speach etc....if you don't agree, please return to your country....GO WILDERS, GO!!! WAKE UP OTHER EUROPEANS SMELL THE COFFEE, NO MORE MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS IN EUROPE!!!!!
8. Same mistake in the whole EU!
Fabian ,   Franco-allemand   (06.10.10)
"Most of the public in Holland thinks that letting Muslim immigrants settle in their country is the biggest mistake in the history of the state." "Funny" we think absolutely the same here in France & Germany..
9. Congrats to Geert! This is also a reaction to Turkey trot
Alan ,   SA   (06.10.10)
10. Why the label ''radical right'' ???
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.10.10)
What exactly defines Wilders as ''radical'' anything? Because he doesn't subscribe to the politically correct multi-culturalist clap-trap so current among Europe's political elite? That doesn't make him radical, it makes him sane. Maybe there's still some hope for Europe although people with Wilder's courage, clear thinking, & objective analysis are indeed rare. If you want to use the label radical, maybe you should use it for the delusional multiculturalists, don't you think sinking Europe is pretty radical?
11. Nothing racist about Wilders
Naor ,   USA   (06.10.10)
There is nothing racist about wanting stricter immigration policies. There is nothing racist about trying to stop Islamification of your country. There has to be a line, either assimilate into the European culture, or don't go! This continued belief that every culture is equal and beautiful is nonsense, and will lead the rest of European states to be dominated by Muslims. How will you feel than Mrs. Line Singer?
12. Great news
JO ,   Europe   (06.10.10)
this is one of the biggest breakthrough for Islam in europe so far . Islam is an ideology that win every single debate and that what this Racist just did . tputting Islam at the Burner ,will prompt people to read the Holy Quran and convert in masses . just like what is Happening in the US ..Canada .. the Gentelman is on trial as we he may be leading his party from prison( 2 years if convicted ) . this victory is the worst thing that ever happen to Israel ..your crimes,and piracies use to take the second or the 3d page in any Dutch newspaper with the boss as your friend will take the headline ..more anti semitism in europe . celebrating a racist person vitory is very stupid for the people who are victims of it in some ways . would you celebrate a victory for MR Lepin in France ??
13. "Everyone knows he [Wilders] holds radical views..."
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.10.10)
"Everyone knows he holds radical views that do not sound good in public or to the foreign ear." Exactly what's radical about defending the values, liberties and culture of one's country? And all that talk about him being a "racist" is just rubbish. Exactly what "race" are Muslims? The fact is that the West in recent decades has been engaged in a grand experiment which has broadly failed. Even mainstream observers (cf. Caldwell's "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe") are starting to see what others (Phillips, Steyn, Fallaci) saw many years earlier. The Euro-Med project has pushed its agenda since the 1973 war, and we're today seeing its bitter fruit. When the mainstream sees Wilders as a "radical", it shows how out of step they are with their countryman's legitimate concerns.
14. job cohen
guest ,   the netherlands   (06.10.10)
The leader of the Labor Party is not anti-israel. No party in the Dutch government is against Israel, they are just agains the occupation (since 1967, not 1948). They support a two-state solution like most Israelis by the way. But still, maybe Wilders will be a 'fresh wind'?
15. #1 Why I won't vote Dem, even for Jews
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (06.10.10)
Since there are few Republican Jews running for elected office, I prefer to vote for pro-Israel Christians. Jewish Democrats supported (and continue to support) the anti-Israel Obama and his socialist takeover of America. We see what this has led to: the "crisis" over Jerusalem apartments, the Turk flotilla, anti-Israel moves in the UN, calls for Israel to weaken its national security and increased anti-Semitism worldwide. The news in Holland is encouraging. Now, if only if the pro-Israel Republicans could win back Congress in November...
16. Who is the racist here..?
David ,   Amsterdam, NL   (06.10.10)
The usual blind hypocrisy. It's not Wilders who is a racist; it's the Islam he rightly CRITISIZES (he is not setting up concentration camps or anything even remote) as the origin of almost all the terrorist atrocities today, together with the abuse of women, gays being beaten on the streets of Amsterdam by islamic homophobes on an almost daily base, and the hardcore antisemitic vile that can be read on almost every page of the "holy" koran and in the wider muslim world, and the "sensitivity" when it comes to criticizing this, via cartoons or otherwise. Expose the lies and blind hatred coming from the islamic world towards Israel, in particular when it comes to antisemitism that is NOT REPORTED IN THE MSM AT ALL, is becoming more URGENT than anything else. A Dane should better; we are in it together.
17. Wilders
Pro Wilders ,   EU   (06.10.10)
will save Holland from Islam
18. Nederlanders are Great!! GEERT is Smart.!
Israeli 2   (06.10.10)
19. #2: You are abig BOO BOO!
Israeli 2   (06.10.10)
"My husband is Israeli and I obviously support Israel - but not like this." So how do you support Israel? You also support the Turks and their peace loving Flotilla? I know you are not honest.
20. kol HaKavod to Wilders
Dan ,   Rimonim, Israel   (06.10.10)
Kol Hakavod to Wilders and his Freedom Party. May the rest of the EU follow in their footsteps!
21. Good 4 Israel; bad 4 humanity... Muslims new Jews of Europe
Dan ,   USA   (06.10.10)
22. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.10.10)
Would you care to tell us how you do support Israel??
23. Islam in Europe
British citizen ,   UK   (06.10.10)
Islam is growing fast.In 25/35 years Europe will have problems with Islam like Israel.We Christian European must control Islam before they take over. WAKE UP EUROPE BEFORE TOO LATE
24. its a reat day for the dutch
gays4israel   (06.10.10)
and for israel great to see most of Eurabia moving to the right !
25. Insanity Is:
Christy ,   Boston, US   (06.10.10)
Standing by, doing nothing, while the culture in your own country is being destroyed. Citizens who want their country to retain its centuries-old culture and values don't seem radical at all, to me. I would NOT expect a centuries-old Muslim Country to change its values and culture for Christians, Jews, or Secularists. Why must the non-Muslim Countries be expected to change for the Muslims? Toleration for ALL. Keep whatever religion, values, culture you want at home. Don't expect the country you live in now to adopt your culture, values or religion. As long as everyone is free to practice whatever, with no state interference - this is enough.
26. #6, 19, 22 Relax already
Line Singer ,   Århus, Denmark   (06.10.10)
The fact that I'm married to an Israeli should be proof enough that I support the state of Israel. Why would voting for racists prove any support for Israel? What can I do to support Israel living in Denmark? I buy Israeli products, I blog, I go to Israel at least once a year. Your stupid comments do NOT benefit Israel in anyway. You're just alienating people who actually DO support and love Israel by calling them names and doubting their support. And NO - I did not support the "peace and aid" flotilla.
27. #16
Line Singer ,   Århus, Denmark   (06.10.10)
That Wilders' Freedom Party are a bunch of racists does not automatically rule out that some muslims are also racists. Obviously they are, it's clear when we see them screaming on TV - but they don't represent all muslims.
28. GO GERT GO !!!! :-)
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (06.10.10)
I love gert wilders - when I hear him speak - he's the only one who makes sense just last night - 100 somalis rioted and burned down their school in Sweden the socialists are done ..thank god!!
29. Israeli Jews rejoicing in the gains of racists.
Marcos ,   Massachusetts, USA   (06.10.10)
We Jews were victims of other people’s racism for centuries. Have Israeli Jews fallen so low now as to rejoice in the gains of the spiritual heirs of our past oppressors?
30. Wilders = populist
Jens ,   Germany   (06.10.10)
The Netherlands have got a problem with its Muslim population. Okay, I agree. But can anybody tell me how Mr. Wilders wants to solve the problem? By banning head veils??? Does anybody seriously believe that these complex social problems can be solved by changing the headgear of a few women? Ridiculous! Or by banning the construction of new mosques? Why should this improve the situation only a tiny little bit? Why? Or does he want to throw them all out of the country? Well then, bye-bye democracy. Wilders is just a populist who wants to get votes. He has no political masterplan and will only worsen the situation by spilling oil into the fire. That's for sure. The only thing he can do is to restrict immigration. And btw, the fact that too many Muslims live in the NL is not the fault of the immigrants, but of the dutch authorities who let them all in and failed to integrate them.
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