Finland: Thousands hold pro-Israel rally
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 11.06.10, 00:45
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1. Thank you from Israel
We love you   (06.11.10)
2. Thank you from NZ, your struggle is our struggle!
New Zealand   (06.11.10)
Most of the people arround the world saw how the REUTER agency cut pieces of evidence (knives and metal barrs) from the photographs and films sent for publishing. A sense that information is mischively manipulated by the German Agency has appalled all of us. It appears that history repeats itself. This time through character murder not physical murder/
3. Kiitos, Suomi!
dean ,   los angeles   (06.11.10)
This is an large and heartwarming turn-out in support of Israel. Thank you Finland!
4. Wow
EZ   (06.11.10)
To the Finns who went to the rally: Thank you.
Moshe ,   USA   (06.11.10)
6. Thank you Finland
jerry diamond ,   Toronto Canada   (06.11.10)
Every jewish person should make it a point to visit Finland and support Finland the way they support Israel. One of the few countries that is not afraid and not intimidated by Arabs
7. Smart people bless Israel - fools curse it !
Jaacov Baumann   (06.11.10)
'' He who curses Israel will be cursed ! '' This says the one and only God.....
ABRAHAMben JACOB ,   CANADA   (06.11.10)
9. Too wake up in the morning and read
Eric.... ,   Israel....   (06.11.10)
the news,That there is one country in the world,that supports Israel,makes my day much brighter.Too all the Finnish people thank you.Dont let your beautiful country become like England , France,Spain,or even Holland.The Muslims live in these countries and show no respect ,for the culture and religion of these countries.It becomes a problem.
10. Finland: A country that knows what it means to fight alone
The Dude   (06.11.10)
Against overwhelming odds, to be left for dead, and then to overcome it all. We salute the winter warriors of Finland! Thank you for the support!
11. Just love it
Barham ,   Sweden   (06.11.10)
From now on i love finland!
12. Big deal,who takes the finns serious anyway??
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.11.10)
Apart from Nokia,what do they really have to offer?? LOL. Of all the nations,here comes Finland.LOL
13. Thank you!!
Nir ,   Jerusalem   (06.11.10)
Thank you for showing the truth!!
14. Wonderful! Finland supports Israel, Human Rights for Jews
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.11.10)
and Western civilization. Every attack on Israel is an attack on the Free World. Israel like many other countries is the victim of global jihad. On the front lines of global jihad, brave IDF heroes fight for Israel and the entire Free World.
15. Kiitos Finland!
Solomon ,   Miami Beach USA   (06.11.10)
Kiitos, Toda Raba, Thank You!!!!
16. Looks Like 200 People Tops .... Maybe!
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.11.10)
There are probably that many Israelis there as tourists and on business. If they panned the camera there were probably twice as many people at the Israeli embassy wanting to storm the gates.
17. The truth weaves in mysterious ways.
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.11.10)
18. Common sense also breaks out
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.11.10)
sometimes two to three generations after the facts.
19. Pro Israel Rally
Carmen ,   usa   (06.11.10)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It's heart warming to see that there are people that see the truth. God will reward you as surley as he is punishing countries like Great Britain and Spain. I am ashamed of our president and his treatment of Isreal. For sure we are paying for that.
20. Thank you Finns!
Dwolf ,   Los Gatos USA   (06.11.10)
I worked with Finns. They definitely walk their talk! Thank you for standing by IL
21. Thank you from USA
DOV ,   USA   (06.11.10)
22. Finland
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (06.11.10)
23. at last some sanity
Yehoshua ,   usa   (06.11.10)
24. thanks rom the bottom of our hearts
love from all israelis
25. GOOD!
Israeli 2   (06.11.10)
Holland, Finland are waking up!! They are standing up from an ungoing nightmare that happens to be SO real! MAY THE OTHER EUROPEANS FOLLOW SUIT.
26. G-d Bless Each of You! (End)
Ron ,   Jamestown, USA   (06.11.10)
27. Thank you, Finns!
Avraham   (06.11.10)
28. the real world
Jrodstein ,   Basalt, Colorado   (06.11.10)
at least these people in Finland are educated and informed, unlike most of the rest of the world.
29. Finland
Rick S. ,   USA   (06.11.10)
Thank God that there is a Scandinavian country whose people believe in real fairness. As for Sweden & Norway, when will sharia law become the law of the land?
30. Finns, thank you for the breath of fresh air.
leo ,   usa   (06.11.10)
You are the mensh(es).
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