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Dylan sheet music site boycotts Israeli web users
Niv Lillian
Published: 12.06.10, 12:28
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1. Dylan would not approve
Proud Secular Jew   (06.12.10)
Bob Dylan should speak out about this "Neighborhood Bully" attitude and urge fans to boycott the website.
2. The guy hates Jews. Period.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.12.10)
There are 40 countries in the world with atrocious human rights records that are thousands of times worse than Israel's, but this tool singles out Israel. No matter what the holier-than-thou jerk says, he hates Jews. Someone should hack his pathetic site.
3. Another Useful Idiot
mongo ,   paris   (06.12.10)
From the Loony Left Camp
4. I bet Robert ZIMMERMAN, A.K.A Bob Dylan wouldn't approve
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.12.10)
5. If I Were a Hacker...
NotDylanFan ,   Ramle, Israel   (06.12.10)
...I would hack this douche down as payback. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the bits, The answer is blowing in the bits.
6. hey fool
natan ,   us   (06.12.10)
Who would you have Israelis vote for? Kadima? They IMPOSED the blockade. Labor? They sat in both the Kadima run coalition and the sit in the current Likud coalition. Israel Beiteinu? Same deal. There is no significant party in Israel that has not supported and contributed to the blockade. Israelis can't vote their way out of your boycott, because your boycott is against Israelis, not their parties. Beside, what musician can't learn Dylan by ear? He is not difficult.
7. Hey, Israel, stop reacting to the enemies, Jewish or not
Frank ,   USA   (06.12.10)
8. Not worth looking at this site...
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.12.10)
Let it go and I am going to tell you why: The operator this website is located in Denmark and we all know what's happening in Denmark and all of Europe (Eurobia) for that matter. The continent is slowly but surely taken over by Arabs who have that nasty habit to breed like rabbits. Therefore, it's only "normal" for the owner of that website to ban Jews because he can't stand us to start with. Who care about the music? Hating us is more important for him. Therefore I advise all my Israeli brothers TO BOYCOTT that site!
9. i think Dylan at the Kotel
Barney ,   USA   (06.12.10)
with tefillin and tallis would not approve of this schmuck. If i had to guess i would bet that even though Dylan is very private that much of his financial success finds its way to Israel.
10. time for israeli hackers to take this beast down where ever
ralph   (06.12.10)
it hides.
11. He should boycott everything Israeli
Begood ,   TA   (06.12.10)
Oh wait...if he did he would not even be able to run a web site...or use his computer...I guess it is the principle that matters...Oh he boycotting Iranian citizens? Sudan? CHINA? No? So it is not really about boycotting everything Israeli...and it is not really about principle...It must just make this dude feel good about himself...who cares why, huh?
12. Sounds like an "illegal" blockade
David   (06.12.10)
Maybe someone outside of Israel should download and post on another site. Blockade running is the latest thing.
13. Dylan sheet music boycott...
Abie Dee ,   NYC   (06.12.10)
Funny...when Israel does the same thing to the Palestinians, so called "collective punishment" with the goal of "vote differently in the next election", Europeans experience conniption fits... that makes you all a bunch of hypocrites motivated by hatred alone.
14. The website is working in Israel
Dovid ,   Modiin   (06.12.10)
15. Use Proxies
Steve from Raleigh   (06.12.10)
Google Proxies and find any number of proxy sites that allow you to access just about any IP or URL filter in both directions.
16. I heard one can use annonimized websites to beat this
leo ,   usa   (06.12.10)
kind of restriction. If anyone really really wants to get through there is no way of stopping it. The only question is do you really want to?
17. another antisemite from europe
shila ,   israel   (06.12.10)
18. 'smooth operator
tiki ,   belgium   (06.12.10)
And now this invisible operator feels 'soooooo important and 'sooooo powerfull. 'He's going to show who's the boss and 'he's going to change the 'plight of the poor Pals. Another IDIOT identified.
19. jew haters
maco ,   orlando/usa   (06.12.10)
The whole world is jalous of Israel's achievements in only 62 years, well get used to it because it's only the start of the greatest state in the world.
20. Let this Anti-Semite know what you think
Gershon ,   Toronto   (06.13.10)
His e-mail is eyolf, put "Dylan" in the subject line to avoid his spam.
21. Why do fools still shock me???
Amy ,   Queens, NY   (06.13.10)
You are definitely not worth my time, and obviously too stupid to understand this response, however I just want you to know, you and people like you make me sick and ruin humanity. Thankfully there is such a thing as karma...
22. Affecting EVERYONE with an ISraeli Address
David Shaffer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.13.10)
This is the text of the email I sent him: "By cutting off your service from everyone with an Israeli address, you are doing what people accuse Israel of doing when it, for instance, puts a blockade on Gaza: you are indiscriminately punishing everyone in order to affect a minority of people with whom you have a problem. "While you are thinking of a reasonable answer to my protest, perhaps you should listen to 'Neighborhood Bully' and see if you can grasp its TIMELESS message. "Thank you for the good work you have done until now."
23. Ask me and I will give you the chords
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.13.10)
Here is Blowing in the Wind for starters: (C)How many (F) roads must a (C) man walk up (Am) (C) Before you (F) call him a (C) man (G7) Yes'n (C)How many seas (F) must a (C) whiye dove (Am) sail (C) Before she (F) sleeps in the (G) sand Yes'n (C) How many (F) times must the (C) cannon balls (Am) fly (C) Before they'r (F) forever banned (G) (F) The answer my (G) friend is (C) blowing in the (Am) wind (F) the answer is (G7) blowing in th e(C) wind. And ou can play lay Lady lay as A C#m G Bm and then E F#m A the ending A C#m G Bm A Bm C#m D A Enjoy
24. you people not awar of the fact he was
ghostq   (06.13.10)
protestors in the 60's against the USA and Israeli gov, I guess once a folk song protest writer always a folk song protest writer, he protested against the 6 days war in Israel, this isn't new behavior, but than again he also wrote a song praising drug dealling, so I won't be too much consern about him.
25. #24, please read carefully
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland, Aotearoa   (06.13.10)
Hi ghostiq, I like reading your posts, but this time you are off the deep end. The operator of the anti-Semitic blog (and a Bob Dylan fan site, talk about internal conflicts) is a naive scandinavian dude in no way associated with Mr. Dylan (who actually forced shutting down an american mirror of the website, although not for ideological reasons). Bob was alright, and is still alright. Some of his fans are less so.
26. Dylanchords
Fred ,   Toronto, ON   (06.13.10)
If you want to know this guy's mindset, read the total paranoia he experienced after being accidentally seated in the first class section of airplane. Oi vey, they're trying to seduce me into being bourgeois. Also, when you find something more legitimate to do than rip off Bob Dylan by claiming you are only interpreting his songs maybe you'll have some legitimacy. Until then, please try to get a grip on reality.
27. Dylanchords Israeli boycott
Fielding Mellish ,   New York, US   (06.13.10)
QUite right. Israel needs to know how the rest of the world views its inhumanity in the way it treats Palestine (and anybody else who dares defend Palestine). Hating the actions of teh current Israeli state does *not* make you an anti-semite.
28. Love Dylan the Most!
#1 Dylan fan ever ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.13.10)
to Bob Dylan the greatest of the greatest, This boycott is not your fault. But how about coming to Israel for a concert to make up for our mental anguish?
29. No. 13 Abie Dee
NYC Girl   (06.13.10)
I love the way hypocrites like you accuse Israel of "collective punishment" yet have you ever condemned groups like Hamas for inflicting collective punishment on the entire population of Israel with their terror attacks?
30. Neighborhood Bully
Rake ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.13.10)
those who are boycotting the israelis from dylans material ought to listen to carefully read the lyrics to one of his songs: Neighborhood Bully.
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