Bloodied walls, slingshots seen in new footage of Marmara
Published: 11.06.10, 11:10
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1. Oh my God! These terrorists.
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (06.11.10)
Slingshots and broken bottles against helicopters and armed soldiers!
2. no way!
Sukara ,   Turkey   (06.11.10)
these are not terrorists. your rubbish propaganda will not work this time. get out of your small world.
3. Lara Lee : We con the world
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.11.10)
If anyone has any doubt as to the video production: Let's splice us a bluff, Lara.
4. Blood before the soldiers boarded the ship? IDTS!
what did this video reveal? Are you saying that there were dead people on the ship before the soldiers boarded it?? If this is what you mean that is a PATHETIC claim!!! and all according to an unknow stain in an edited video. IF PEOPLE GOT HIT FROM GUN FIRE BEFORE THE SOLDIERS GOT ON BOARD THAT WOULD BE SAID A MILLION TIMES BEFORE THIS VIDEO, BY ANY SPOKESMAN FOR THE "PEACE ACTIVISTS"!!! And why´╗┐ film a "blood stain", if you have a man injured on the ship and no soldiers????
5. #1 & #2
Ram ,   London   (06.11.10)
In all the kindergartens you will find children playing with marble laden slingshots and broken bottles, let alone iron bars and knives I suppose. Squeeze away the hate from your brains path of reason and you will find this was no peace boat but a ship taken over by terrosrists aided and abetted by the Turkish government intent on putting up a fight. Unfortunately and predictably it cost some of them their lives. It was criminal to expose the useful idiots on the ship to such a danger. Turkey should be put on the dock for that! BTW, Israel released known terrorists in order to appease the rabidly anti-Israel world. Big mistake!
6. to #2
ian ,   spain   (06.11.10)
you and your kind are liars!even when you see the evidence that these activitsts are wielding metal rods and will still see itin a diffrent way!you should be the one to wake up from ur illusion that these activists are peacemakers
7. Video shows nothing just wounded people?
ben yaacov ,   herzliya il   (06.11.10)
Director Lara Lee is a N. Korean agent. That is a material fact that should be reported. How many people can freely travel in and out of N. Korea as Miss lee does? The video shows no Israeli soldiers on board or the shootings. So the film proves nothing!
8. Allow Gaza to take its natural place in the region now,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.11.10)
The Gaza blockade shouldn't have been imposed in the first place and it could have been lifted a long time ago. Indeed, it can and should be lifted now by simply applying United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, as is. UN Security Council resolution 242 has been the basis for all peace talks and agreements to date between Israel and the Arab world. 242 calls upon Israel to withdraw its armed forces from territories captured during the June 1967 Six-Day War, which it fully did with regard to Gaza. 242 does not mention or even hints at the need to set up an additional state in the region, Gaza included. It does assume, though, that based on negotiations with Israel for the establishment of secure and recognized boundaries, the relevant Arab state - Egypt in this case - would assume control over territories that Israel vacates. Therefore, it is high time Egypt, the largest Arab state, shouldered responsibility and absorbed Gaza, the smallest Arab territory, which it had controlled until 1967. All, and first and foremost the residents of Gaza, will end up benefiting from such a move. So, why not do the obvious and simplest in resolving the Gaza predicament...??!!
9. #1 and #2, your comments were so predictable
arabs never make ,   any sense.   (06.11.10)
even with hard proof you're not to be satisfied. this shows that both of you guys are no objective, but just regular anti-semites and racists. you know, this proof will hold for any judge and the idf cleared of any crime, but the turks and hamas will be held accountable for what happened. number #1 and #2 (and other alike), you both don't matter in the end, because you yourself have no clue what it's about, you just spread your hatred and not more. actually it wasn't even worth replying to you, but ill press submit anyway. cheers, and enjoy the embarrassment soon to come.
10. this video footage adds nothing
It shows the wounded or killed "activists" lowered from the upper deck. It doesn't show us anything about what was going on on the upper deck where the mess was taking place.
11. #5 "terrorists"
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (06.11.10)
The police in Europe fights almost every week during and after the soccer games such "terrorists" playing with slingshots, broken bottles, iron bars and molotow coctails. But unlike the IDF the policemen in Europe do not commited such massacres. Furthermore the police do not attack the "terrorists" in the middle of the night in their homes.
12. Duh
R.Sutcliffe ,   London   (06.11.10)
It has been said a million times, you weren't listening or were living in a bubble somewhere. Virtually every activist account mentions gunfire BEFORE the boarding, open your ears and eyes a little.
13. Poor article, equally poor video
Scotchman ,   Australia   (06.11.10)
Actually this was a pretty poor article. It makes the video out to be something it is not. This video shows nothing - sure it's good quality footage but all it shows are some injured people. The IDF video, by contrast, actually provided some context - soldiers rappelling into the waiting arms of violent thugs wielding iron bars. This is just more leftist propaganda rubbish.
14. #9 "hard proof"
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (06.11.10)
You are funny. The really "hard proof" is that nine(!) people shot dead by policemen would be a clear case of crime in every civilized country. Even if the killed people would be "armed" with slingshots, metal clubs and broken bottles like the hooligans in Europe do.
15. Another attempt by Israel to link
Chris Linthwaite   (06.11.10)
the protestors on the ship woth terrorism. The fact is Israel's narrative of what happened is unravelling. With these images it clearly shows the Israelis shooting their way onto the ship killing and maiming as they went. As for the crew's testimonies. What were they threatened with to get the confession? Two frightened people kidnapped in International waters transported to Israel without access to food and water and then held incommunicado in an Israeli prison. I bet there was some verbal threats made, you know the type of thing, if you want to see your family again you will sign this. Israel's secret service are very good at getting people to say what Israeli security forces want to hear. If this is used in the International Enquiry then I would expect the crew members to be reinterviewed and to change their testimonies. Problem Israel has video footage works both ways, and the protestors have their own footage to counter Israel's
16. Questions about the raid
Yonason Herschlag   (06.11.10)
Was it necessary to put the marines lives at risk?
eliora   (06.11.10)
because they behaved as they had to behaved. Marvara ship loaded with terrorists, now "fixing their film"'. Liers. The "woman"' talking at the end.. BAD PALYWOOD FILM.
18. #11 what in g's name are you talking about
gadi ,   idf   (06.11.10)
are you seriously comparing after-football clashes to hamas terror activity? you really don't see the difference? omg whats the average IQ over there where u live? wake up dude! this is no football game! everything that happens on the borders of israel and around it, is life threatening. im talking with experience as ex-officer in the idf. to put is short for you, this is the people WE have to deal with here:,7340,L-3795186,00.html get it? don't pretend to understand anything that is going on here. no crawl back to where u came from.
19. im sorry for my comment
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (06.11.10)
im not feeling well today...
20. #11
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.11.10)
You are right and you are wrong. Israel had the legal right to stop and search the vessel. After the captain refused to comply, Israel had the right to sink the vessel but did not. In Europe, violent anarchists are confronted by masses of armoured police specially trained in unarmed combat with clubs, tasers, pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, shotguns and attack dogs. If Ehud Barak wasn't incompetent, he would have sent in YSM stormtroopers who would have beat and tied up the Turkish mercenaries in minutes. Instead, Barak sent in outnumbered commandos with no defense against clubs. Three were already kidnapped and wounded, the others were surrounded by a baying mob of skilled mercenaries armed with iron clubs. The commandos were in danger and had no choice but to shoot the mercenaries.
21. #15, except that is clearly not true
Danny   (06.11.10)
Every single bit of actual evidence says the violence was started by the "activists". Even the "activists" say they attacked and captured the first commandos on the ship and the shooting started after.
22. The terrorists' videos never show the actual incidents...
Adam   (06.11.10)
because then their story falls apart. And to those who put quotation marks around metal pipes, knives, etc., while sitting in their living rooms: go onto a boat where you're outnumbered a hundred to one, the others are armed like that and they are beating you savagely. Then tell us they're just pillows and feathers. And the arms the soldiers were carrying were paintball guns. They only resorted to live fire after being attacked by that lynch mob. If they wanted to kill, why was that boat the only one with an incident?
23. #14 where u come from
arabs never make ,   any sense.   (06.11.10)
you dont face the problems that we have. our soldiers are ordered to shoot to hurt if there is coming danger to their lifes, and shoot to kill if the danger is imminent. any other army would have most probably done same if not killed more. omg what am i saying, they would torpedo that ship! you watch too many movies idiot, wake up. its the real world. terrorists have been on board! peace activists? hahahaha yeah sure. stop believing what you WANT to believe, look at the facts, these people were readying their metal rods and knifes 2 hours before assault. come on, go play outside kid... ths forum is for adults.
24. @ Albrecht
Christian Berger ,   Switzerland   (06.11.10)
Right now I'm trying to make up my mind on what is more intelligent: my Ventilator or You. It's definitely my Vent...
25. Just a thought
Arrow   (06.11.10)
Gunfire before the boarding the ship?! First thing you do instinctively is RUN for shelter, not standing on upper deck with metal club and waiting for gunner.
26. "clearly visible blood stains...gunshots are heard"???
Reader   (06.11.10)
"Among the images documented in the clip are clearly visible blood stains on the walls of one of the ship's compartments as gunshots are heard in the background." I'm sorry, but that red thing doen't look like blood - it's too light. And these did not sound at all like gunshots - maybe paint-ball shots. It sounded like compressed air. And it's all too edited. The order of events does not make any sense. Looks like it tries to hide more then to show.
27. #11
Ram ,   London   (06.11.10)
And I am supposed to have an intelligent discussion with hate blinded ignoramuses?
28. #18 I am talking about proffesionals and children.
Albrecht ,   P.O.   (06.11.10)
I am talking about clashes/fight between armed soldiers/policemen and people ("activists" or hooligans) attacking them with such primitve "weapons" like slingshots, metal clubs and broken bottles. A proffesional and a "Mensch"(!) knows how to overwhelm such people without killing them. An amateur without any morals shots to kill at the first sign of trouble. There is only one difference between these "activists" and the hools: the hools are really bad boys. #19 really nice.
29. Albrecht : Silly comments
Scott   (06.11.10)
Bleat as you may - there is enough evidence that your friends on the boat were not peaceful and had sufficient means and the intent to cause confrontation and injury. The examples you draw upon - as if this was an incident that could be handled and contained without causing death - are only figments alive in your imagination. They are nonsense. The situation the soldiers found themselves in didnt allow for the clever tactics you espouse. In short your a phuckin dickhead completely devoid of any intellect, but to the extent of being able to spew your bullshit day-after-day in this forum. Its only that the soldiers actually carried and used their pistols that saved them from being bashed to death by the lynch mob peacniks on board the Love Boat. We can all see that , but you.
30. Marmara's real mission: smuggling arms
PG ,   Israel   (06.11.10)
What was the REAL cargo on Marmara's "Humanitarization Mission". Here is the truth: For all you "geniuses" - check this out to see what was loaded on the Marmar'a "humantarian mision". This is the real proof of their mission - to bring arms into Gaza. They figured if they fought enough maybe they'd be let through. We're much too smart for that.
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