Protest: TA fountain water painted red
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.06.10, 11:27
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1. Ignorant morons!
Jay3 ,   Israel   (06.11.10)
I hope the cameras there caught the vandals!
2. Morons.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.11.10)
You would think that with our excellent medical system, these seriously disturbed individuals would be able to get psychiatric help. But I guess Leftists are so far gone, modern medicine is helpless.
3. They need to be arested...
The police should raid their homes and offices and have them locked up. They should be made to do community service cleaning all the fountains until their in no reminants of their defacement. An addition project should include restoring bomb shelters in Sderot... Heavy fines andimprisonment if any sign of resentment towrds their punishment
4. There should be a 25 year prison sentence
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.11.10)
for those that want to aid the enemy in gaza.
5. that fountain and the whole square are an eyesore
Socon Fused   (06.11.10)
they need to go. new hotels need to be built, don't be surprised there is hooliganism when the architecture is so ugly and anti-human.
MOSES ,   SOUTH AFRICA   (06.11.10)
I'm really surprised such a protest could happen inside Isreal. It is about time Isreal reason up and live up to reality, the voices of the people is the voice of God. This arrogance and disrespect for international law and human rights is seriously tarnishing your image everywhere.
7. Allow Gaza to take its natural place in the region now,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.11.10)
The Gaza blockade shouldn't have been imposed in the first place and it could have been lifted a long time ago. Indeed, it can and should be lifted now by simply applying United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, as is. UN Security Council resolution 242 has been the basis for all peace talks and agreements to date between Israel and the Arab world. 242 calls upon Israel to withdraw its armed forces from territories captured during the June 1967 Six-Day War, which it fully did with regard to Gaza. 242 does not mention or even hints at the need to set up an additional state in the region, Gaza included. It does assume, though, that based on negotiations with Israel for the establishment of secure and recognized boundaries, the relevant Arab state - Egypt in this case - would assume control over territories that Israel vacates. Therefore, it is high time Egypt, the largest Arab state, shouldered responsibility and absorbed Gaza, the smallest Arab territory, which it had controlled until 1967. All, and first and foremost the residents of Gaza, will end up benefiting from such a move. So, why not do the obvious and simplest in resolving the Gaza predicament...??!!
8. Community service for vandals
Scotchman ,   Australia   (06.11.10)
The vandals should be named, shamed and made to do community service (as well as pay for the damage they did).
9. #7 seems you are still living in the past
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.11.10)
Gaza is part of Palestine, and has nothing to do in Egypt Is it hard for you to accept these realities imposed by the Palestinian national movement?!
10. Peace negotiations <> unilateral actions
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (06.11.10)
It is always great to see people who believe in a cause that they can not define nor understand what they are asking for. Peace negotiations do not include unilateral actions, and when Israel id a "unilateral action" in leaving Gaza Hamas proceeded to dismantle the commercial buildings to build missiles.
11. These are the people
who vote for Jamus and Hanin. Think about it.
12. Childish pranks that only excite them and their friends
Scott   (06.11.10)
These people are just vandals and should be treated the same way as other feeble minds that show no ability to respect public property.
13. 20 litres of cheap bleach or pool chlorine will fix it.
Scott   (06.11.10)
14. Like the "Love Boat", just another stunt - expect more
Scott   (06.11.10)
15. JBI #7
Resistor   (06.11.10)
JBI you have mentioned this on several threads today, and to me it makes sense. But I would like to see what Salma, Nour and Noor think as well.
16. #4
Resistor   (06.11.10)
Jason, you forgot to mention your daily dose of torture, and the breaking of bones over the course of 25 years detention!
17. Stop siege makes GAZA = IRAN
rafiq ,   tel aviv amsterdam   (06.11.10)
as long as the HAMAS runs in Gaza this means Iran runs Gaza. when no siege this simply means GAZA=IRAN Iran openly wants to destroy Israel. Turkey, Syria,Irak and Iran occupy Kurdistan , even do not want to talk about it, and supres the Kurdish people with hard hand. These countries are no peace willing countries. Turkey is only helping Iran getting into Gaza. Israels "peace" movements should stop supporting HAMAS by acting as they do. If you want real peace, you do not let Iran in. How stupid one can be
18. to salma (7)
tiki ,   belgium   (06.11.10)
"Gaza is part of Palestine". As there is 'no Palestine, never was and probably never will be (even Abbas doesn't believe in it anymore), so Gaza is 'exactly in the right place' NOWHERE land land, a costal 'entity between ISRAEL and EGYPT. Maybe YOU should stop living in your 'deluted past and wake up to the 'realities of to day.
19. 5
zionist forever   (06.11.10)
Socon Fused Nice to know somebody else thinks that fountain is an eyesore. I have never liked that thing thought they should pull down that concrete thing and replace it with something more stylish.
20. 9
zionist forever   (06.11.10)
You keep saying you want Israel to return to the 1949 ceasefire lines but before 1967 Egypt controled the Gaza garbage dump. There is no Palestine & never was. Its a name the Romans gave to the jewish kingdom of Judea but there was never an arab state or kingdom named Palestine.
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