Palestinian runs over policemen in Jerusalem
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 11.06.10, 18:04
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1. Shot dead is alway the best remedy for pals who hurt Jews
Moshe ,   Usa   (06.11.10)
2. where is Albrecht, P.O. ??
arabs never make ,   any sense.   (06.11.10)
come on buddy, please share a little more of your stupid comments, maybe this time about >another arab< who just tryed to kill jews... loser!
3. Seal His Family's House
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.11.10)
4. How do u know its a terror attach
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (06.11.10)
Maybe he is angry his house was demolished??
5. Inciting title
Rami of NAzareth ,   Israel   (06.11.10)
Using the word "Arab" run over police.. is like saying a "Hispanic" or black man which generalize and stereotype...
6. Stay Strong, Israel
Leif ,   Fredrikstad, Norway   (06.11.10)
Its terrible with the arab hatred and terror, stay strong, Israel,look for peace but strike your enemies before they strike you. Your nation is God's own special place on earth.
7. why do i have a feeling , this is murder...
8. Another Massacre by Israeli Police:Empty handed Arab Killed
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.11.10)
Any driver may make mistake and traffic accidents are normal When an Arab make accident Israeli police KILL THEM as terrorist He had no gun and he run away because he was afraiding.
9. #4 because the soldiers' Intention Detector was ON
observer   (06.11.10)
10. #8
EZ   (06.11.10)
Proposed experiment: Please drive your car into a group of policemen, then get out and try to run away. When the police pursue on foot and yell to stop by all means continue to run. Choose any country. Then come back and report tomorrow. Good luck.
11. #4 attacked policemen were putting ON the Intention Detector
observer   (06.11.10)
12. #4 implying that it's okay to kill if you have a good reason
unfortunately for you, Rami, the real world doesn't work like that. If anything, A MOTIVE is one of the leading evidence in trials to determine whether a man is guilty. So, yea, even if he had a "good reason" to try to kill those cops, it doesn't make him any less of a terrorist.
13. cancel all palestinian work permits now
zionist forever   (06.11.10)
Is this a palestinian with a job working at a construction site and so he has access to a bull dozer. If he is then its further evidence we must cancel ever last work permit given to palestinians. If stolen then we need legislation making construction equipment owners responsible for making sure its not stolen & misused. Lets investigate see if there is any technology that equipment owners can be forced to attach such as some kind of way to cut the engine remotely. We cannot allow this to go on. I pray the guards will recover from their injuries quickly.
14. To 10 Uh, I have not car, May I try it On Foot?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.11.10)
15. Palestinian runs over policemen
Howard S ,   Scottsdale USA   (06.11.10)
Why does Grossman write that the attack was nationalistically motivated? It was Friday, riots were expected. Why not say clearly that it was religiously motivated? Was the body stolen to bury him as a "martyr" on the Temple Mount? Another Muslim provacation.
16. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.11.10)
would you prefer "Muslim ran over police" ?
17. Israel should demilitarize
Maxie ,   LA USA   (06.11.10)
This is further proof that the IDF should divest itself of weapons! They should load up with Toyotas and Mitsubishis and use those cars to defend Israel. Thanks to the police officer who saved the government thousands of dollars in legal fees and prison benefits.
18. If he was a settler in West Bank, gets the same thing?
Palestinian   (06.11.10)
19. Death Penalty for Palestinian Traffic Violations!
Ali ,   Washington DC   (06.11.10)
Gotta be careful not to lose control of your vehicle around Israelis. Instead of a citation you'll get an extra-judicial execution.
20. #7
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.11.10)
Maybe you watch too much AlJazeera, or read too much "independent" and "unbiased" European media.
21. to No16, I would prefer Muslim zombie...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.11.10)
22. A small point: this man was not 'laid to rest'.
The 11th Man. ,   London.   (06.11.10)
Murderers, even when they fail to carry out their intentions, do not 'rest'. A small but important point.
23. Yes a terrorist? No a terrorist?
Ben ,   Haifa   (06.11.10)
What does it matters because again 6 families in trouble2 political fires lighted, this is the way to go after all the problems we already have. What ever happened with what reason you do not drive in to people.
24. Israel
Yusuf ,   India   (06.11.10)
In my opinion, after reading so many aticles in jewish papers and comment of individual the people of Israel, never overcome of their pre www2 mindset. Any thing goes against them, they just behave like their Existence is in danger and behave accordinly. One can not deny that fact Israel has very rich culture, Knowledge and high regards of values. I am realy admire their commitment and respect towards their citizen. She goes upto any extecnd to bring back thier citizen even after dead. But when come to Palestine they just behave erratically.
25. #24 Maybe that's because Arab Muslims behave barbarically?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.12.10)
You should know what your brothers are capable of inspired by Quran in Arabic, in Hindi the translation is not the same, so don't recite Suras that are wrong
26. # 24
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.12.10)
They behave LIKE their existence is in danger, you say. And that is a problem. Their existence IS in danger thx to all the "nice" neighbors but the world wants Israel to act that like this threat is not existing.
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