Castro: Swastika has become Israel's banner
Published: 11.06.10, 21:36
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61. This is why Cuba still in
62. "Tis a Tale Told By an Idiot."
Douglas Fireman ,   Niles (USA)   (06.12.10)
Another demented dictator who brought misery to his people. May a 10 pound onion emerge from his anus.
63. no fidel. only you. only you my senile old leftist racist
ralph   (06.12.10)
64. Now this is called projection
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (06.12.10)
Castro assumes that everyone behaves the way he and his executioner Che Guevara did. Here is the famous portrait of Che Guevara made from the photos of his victims.
65. Castro? I thought he joined Che, long time ago
joe   (06.12.10)
I was mistaken. He is an old fool, an imbecile, senile for sure; same class as Helen Thomas. both past their pasture retirement ----- plenty of grass !
66. I heard from Cuban friends that he is dead-is this a seance?
Alan ,   SA   (06.12.10)
67. #5: You poor guy, why were you last in
Vardina   (06.12.10)
queue when the almighty gave brains to human beings? Unfortunately there was nothing left for you....
68. Yes, we know how Kuba "assisted" Jews
Vaardina   (06.12.10)
by refusing to allow the St. Louis ship carrying Jewsih refugees to anchor in Hawana, thus forcing most of them to return to Europe and eventually fall into the hands of the Nazis who murdered most of them.
69. #16: Peter, as a citizen of the country which
Vardina   (06.12.10)
welcomed Hitler with extreme enthusiasm and helped him in murdering Austrian Jews with similar enthusiasm it would seem more decent of you to be silent this time.
70. This poor man is....
aline ,   israel   (06.12.10)
71. castro?
emanon ,   traveling   (06.12.10)
i thought the guy was dead! what is he babbling about anyway... send him to a nursing home already.
72. Castro - Ironic from the instigator of a Missile Crisis
Don   (06.12.10)
From the man who nearly brought the world to its end in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis by allowing nuclear Russian missiles to threaten its neighbor USA, seems like he knows how to repeat his foolishness by supporting Hamas. Same result but with different players.
73. La gente! aprende a escribir
Simao ,   World citizen   (06.12.10)
Siempre admire a Fidel, pero estos comentarios son sin fundamento alguno... I've always admired Castro, but this time he went a bit over the limits... His comments are an insult to the "holocaust" and to the image of Fidel..
74. Yes, thank God for grand old communism that..
Conservative Patriot ,   Phoenix, U.S.A.   (06.12.10)
..killed a total of 100 million people in war, famine, concentration camps, arbitrary executions of innocent souls, riots, civil wars and anarchy, land theft, execution of intellectuals, execution of land owners and people that just happened to speak English. We all know how glorious and wonderful Communism is. We can just ask Stalin - the world's biggest butcher. We can ask Mao. We can ask the Fidel Castro and Che Guevara - two cold blooded terrorists that didn't hesitate to kill innocent people in cold blood. We can just ask Soviet Russia, Eastern Europe and China. Could Communism be the reason dear Castro that your low life scum government has kept your population at a miserably low level of standard of living, quality of life and freedom? I only wish that Israel would punish its enemies as harshly as they have persecuted the Jews. Honestly, we Americans don't understand why Jews have such a tremendous tolerance and patience for its enemies that want to kill you and steal your ancient homeland and strangely enough you also have the decency to engage in talks with them and deliver water, electricity, food, clothes to the Arab Neo Nazis and Arab colonialists living in Gaza. Soon we will get rid of the Moslem Communist in the White House. The American people stands behind you Israel. Now do the right thing and kick out your enemy from the West Bank and Gaza and liberate your ancient homeland! God Bless Israel and May God Always Bless Israel. Best regards from Conservative Patriot United States of America
75. The old dirtsack is not better then Chavez
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.12.10)
Master Obumma wants better relations with the Cuban bastards ...really...a fitting idea...
76. #30,That's great!!! He would love Helen...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.12.10)
77. Yawn
78. no balls at all
leoblue ,   NYC   (06.12.10)
At least the blockade runners had the balls to attempt a run at the blockade. This brave cuban is nothing but a cigar without balls.
79. The only one...
Naor ,   USA   (06.12.10)
The only one we would not hesitate to send to the crematoriums, is YOU Fidel!
80. All Israel has been doing is hesitating to do nothing
Craig ,   NYC   (06.12.10)
Israel has just been hesitating to kill all Gazans since 1967 according to Castro. Fidel Castro will die soon, probably before the end of this year. That country needs to be freed from the Castros' iron grip. Fidel seems to get more senile each time he opens his mouth. Castro was an incompetent leader & a failed dictator today. I'd bet more kids in Gaza have Sony Playstations than the kids in Havana. If you've been to Cuba, you would see that his selfish ignorance completely halted progress since 1959. In Havana, you feel like you just entered a time warp, except you can't find toothpaste anywhere and all the food is bland. Cubans wait in lines for bread like Americans do for iphones. They have only 2 types of Cuban beer; light & dark. I'm not joking, the light beer is called Cristal. It was pretty decrnt.
81. to Peter # 16
Avelino ,   Illinois, USA   (06.12.10)
Peter, have you ever read European Newspapers? Have you ever read the comments in Spain, Austria or France? This is absolutely peanuts compared to the shameful and fascist posts in the European media. You are a MORON with capital letters.
82. above
m.r.   (06.12.10)
sometimes I wonder why the press gives space to the demented utterances of leaders like Castro and Chavez?????
83. Free Cuba Now. get Castro out
Rebel ,   Miami   (06.12.10)
the hunderd millions dead s of the comunism, the Gumlags and the mass killings are the banner of all marxist state, beginning with occupied Cuba. Time to free that country from that ugly drug dealer tyrant !
84. Castro
Mark ,   Canada   (06.12.10)
apparently Castro & Helen Thomas are twins separated at birth....
85. Fidel Castro
benzol ,   Melbourne, Australia   (06.12.10)
Fidel C, has been dead for 5 years and nobody has bothered to tell him. As if anyone cares what he says. Many Cubans left their homeland to escape this (formerly) bearded murder -on-hi-mind dictator's henchmen who were trained by the KGB. A mamzer remains a mamzer.
86. The hostility unleashed by Obama toward Israel has
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.12.10)
enable people, groups and countries to come out of the closet and express their anti-Jewish attitude outright. So, thanks Mr. President, for being so "progressive" in your approach to Israel and the Jewish people whose nation-state Israel is, thus promoting anti-Jewish racism worldwide.
87. It is Obama who should repent for turning the green light
Adele ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.12.10)
for anti-Semites all over, be they part of the white house press or the former strongman of Havana, the heat of Hamas in Damascus or the Turkish prime minister, to spew their anti-Jewish hate in the open.
88. We can be confident in the fact that Castro has more support
Shmuel ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.12.10)
worldwide than the Zionist colonial enterprise. Long live Free Palestine and Cuba
89. #47 I've got news for you: iranians are not arabs
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.12.10)
For some one who lives in that region,your information is pretty limited. This is common knowledge in that part of the world.
90. shows how ignorant and stupid he is
JO   (06.12.10)
His own country is a mess and the many deaths and abuses he has played a part in in his home country has turned the world off. He knows nothing about the reality for both jews and Arabs in Israel and Palestine
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