Report: Mabhouh assassination suspect arrested in Poland
Published: 12.06.10, 17:16
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1. trust me, u wont catch any mossad ppl ;-)
let the poor ,   guy go...   (06.12.10)
2. It is a hoax now as it was then from Dubai Camel Police
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.12.10)
Whatever happened with this passport it has nothing to do with the assassination. Dubai Camel Police is a joke, it has no idea if the videos they took are of the assassination team or the passports they point to belong to the assassins. The real assassins will never be found. Mark my words.
Ben S ,   USA   (06.12.10)
Give him a medal for killing a known terrorist. Then send him on his merry way. WAKE UP FREE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!
4. It is a historic mistake for Poland to send a Jew to Deutch
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.12.10)
any Jew, for whatever reason. Considering the Holocaust caused by Germany this will be a slap in the face to the victims and survivors.
5. Strange it has taken a month to report this story
Chris Linthwaite   (06.12.10)
With face recognition technology and the fact that Dubai is wall to wall cctv it is probable this person is one of those that can be placed in Dubai. Question is will the Poles extradite him to Germany where they will send him back to Israel after a couple of months. Or is Dubai his next destination? If there are two extradition requests will the murder one take priority? Interesting times and I so wouldn't want to be that guy right now.
6. Poor old Netanyahu
Chris Linthwaite   (06.12.10)
If it isn't one thing it's something else.
7. poor guy he shouldn't have listened to
tea man ,   marjayoun   (06.12.10)
Helen Thomas and he should have gone to america and every where else instead But may be because of the old saying no such thing as perfect crime
8. re:Its a historic mistake for Poland to send a Jew to Deutsh
Piotr ,   EU   (06.12.10)
You make me laugh man..Is Holocaust an universal excuse for Israelis to act with impunity?How many years will take you to get over it finally as other countries whos citizens were victims of Holocaust and other genocides did?
9. You "wouldn't want to be that guy," Chris.
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.12.10)
Actually, Chris, what is worth taking a risk for in your world? What do you value outside of your propensity to critique Israel and things Israeli like any normal self-hating former Jew?
10. #9
kapara al ha ismuk   (06.12.10)
Well said Robert. Thank you.
11. But Would A Muslim Country Extradite Bin Laden?
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, US   (06.12.10)
Soon, European poice will be extraditing cartoonist or anyone critical of the religion of justice and mercy. It's much less messy than having terrorists come over to do the executing on European soil. But would any Muslim country extradite Bin Laden to meet his Maker in the West?
12. Too much complacency..
Gravity   (06.12.10)
..born of arrogance. Yet again.
13. #1 Just like the US arrested John Pollard??
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.12.10)
Or how about the spy rings the lebanese took out? Or the 13 iranian jews iran arrested ??
14. #9 Robert Haymond
Chris Linthwaite   (06.12.10)
Actually I have taken plenty of risks in my life. How about you? Changing my religion for one. Quite proud of the walking the walk and not just talking the talk, could easily have become a 'messianic' jew. I thought I'd given a neutral statement about a situation that Israel finds itself in and then sent a follow on statement feeling sorry to Netanyahu. What have I said that is anti israel or anti semitic? In fact I thought I'd put quite a humorous take on it. Now it appears the individual concerned is an Israeli national, travelling on a Polish Passport arrested for forging a German passport. Not looking good is it? Prehaps I can forgive you because things are looking a lot rosier on my side of the fence as of late.
15. #6 In your case, Ha'aretz or YNET
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.12.10)
16. #13
gadi ,   idf   (06.12.10)
peter, i've seen your comments for a while now on ynet. you seem to be an anti-jew somehow, coz u comment only on "bad news", never in other articles. that gives me the thought (actually i know for sure) that you just come here to push your anger. i bet you don't go to the new york times website to bash the americans when they attack afganistan and accidentally kill civilians (every other week)... get my point? some anti-semites dont even know that they ARE, you know... but dont worry... good luck dude
17. to #14
Jennie ,   USA   (06.13.10)
We don't need your forgivness...Just remember: in the eyes of your new comrades you will always remain a little jew coward....So enjoy your rosy existence behind the fence you chose, while it lasts and don't let it hit you....History just has a tendency never forgiving your kind.....
18. #17 Jennie of the United States
Chris Linthwaite   (06.13.10)
Yet another person with the courage of your convictions. Living in America whilst expressing your support for Israel. At least i know which side of the fence I am at. You just sit on it expressing support whilst ensuring the best of both worlds.
19. to#18
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (06.13.10)
I don't want to share with you the level of my support to Israel ...I am a Jew and very honored to be born and raised as such. I am proud of the over 6000 years history of my people, the making of which in Israel I was and still am an active and hands-on participant....And yes, I appreciate and honor my American legal status...One of the many reasons for it is the fact, that it was the US Army,who deliberated Auschwitz over 65 years ago and allowed me and my generation of Jews to be born...You are pathetic...
20. to #19
Anna ,   USA   (06.13.10)
Jennie, Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, you should know at least that. So, using your own logic, why don't you live in Russia? Unfortunately, you are not only pathetic, but also ignorant.
21. to#20
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (06.14.10)
For the last time: I use written recorded facts, published in any objective history book. Logic has nothing to do with facts, but your fixation gives a pretty good idea of who you are and what is the source of your education... And it is not your damn business why and where I live...Last time I checked, I live in the Free Democratic World and am very proud of it....Shouldn't you go back to lybia or sudan or whereever else your kind came from and take your cousins with you ?
22. #21
Piotr ,   Poland   (06.14.10)
for god sake girl what type of Free Democratic World is it if you cant even get a real informations in it?Proud Jewish girl who dont even know the history of its own people..good luck.
23. to#22
Jennie ,   US   (06.15.10)
You have no idea how well I know the history of people I belong to. What could be more "real", then what I posted in about 4 posts here.. Looks like you derive your so-called "real" education from chamas charter or ben ladin manual... I am pleased, that it makes people like you and so-called Anna that furious....Go read the ben ladin manual and the chamas charter, Piotr, or who ever you are and then join Anna to Sudan,Lybia or Iran. There you will get the truth you can believe in....
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