Top US senators: Obama, stand by Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.06.10, 17:01
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1. Reid election blitz
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (06.12.10)
Reid has been glowingly silent for the past two years as Obama has attacked Jews and Israel on a routine basis. All of a sudden, as he faces an ignominious defeat, he finds his voice. Throw the leech out.
2. I'll believe Obama stands by Israel when I see action and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.12.10)
when the hostility he has shown toward the national home of the Jewish people, its state of Israel and its elected officials is over. Indeed, I would expect him to apologize for demanding that Jews, only because they are Jews, must refrain from residing in certain villages, towns and city neighborhoods: a racist way of dealing with a people! Until that day, I can't trust this man who compared Gaza to Europe of the Second World War, and who justified Jewish affinity to our people's homeland based and the Holocaust. He may be ignorant, he may not be wise at times, he may even be sinister, but what he has exhibit towards us, Jews, are all of these characteristics put together...!!
3. What a strange stance
Chris Linthwaite   (06.12.10)
Turkey is a member of NATO. Are these two senators actually telling Obama to place Israel above that of NATO? Or is it merely a sop to AIPAC as election time nears and the coffers need filling?
4. where have all the senators/congressman gone
better observer ,   Usa   (06.12.10)
I called my democratic senator and congressman. They did not care what what my opinion was. Only the republican senator took notes. Vote the dems out.
5. #3Turkey has no combat troops in Afghanistan
hmp49 ,   asheville, nc usa   (06.12.10)
Unlike all other Nato troops Islamists have growing influence in Turkey, they won't be in NATO much longer
6. Stupid American Jews:obama hussein stole your MONEY & VOTES!
obama is rev.wrights ,   protege.   (06.12.10)
7. Stand by Israel
Neil Murray ,   Atlanta, GA, USA   (06.12.10)
I have supported Israel since I was old enough to know it existed, which is more than half a century. I admire the country because it is a democracy and it has turned a barren land into a land of plenty. But my support is not unconditional. Let's face it: Israel botched the raid on the Turkish ship. Usually reliable Mossad was clueless. And in any case, the blockade of Gaza has not achieved its objective of weakening Hamas, and it is not likely to do so in the future. Time to back off. Israel should conduct the first investigation, but if the results appear flawed, then perhaps the U.N. should go to work.
8. TOP US Senators
Raouf Nicholson ,   New York NY   (06.12.10)
Nicely written...everything Goes..against the Ten Commandments....Thou shall not Kill .>Thou shall not Steal..Shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor .......great Denators. Helloooooo
9. Anti
nVO ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.12.10)
Hussein Obama is ANTI Israel, being that he wants to divide Jerusalem. Saying also there are "many ways" to heaven proves he is NOT Christian. He is primed to create the New World Order.
10. Obama
AspenFreePress ,   Aspen USA   (06.12.10)
The senators are showboating in urging Obama to stand by Israel. When has Obama not stood by Israel?
11. Obama is a closet Muslim
Grant Thomas ,   Brookfield, WI, USA   (06.12.10)
I believe that Obama is a closet Muslim, or is at least sympathetic to them. He is absolutely NOT a Christian! He ignores everything that the Bible teaches, and he dislikes Christians, Jews, and America. He is out to destroy our way of like. Israel must not give in to him or his lackeys!
12. #3-Israel's interests are also NATO's.
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (06.12.10)
13. Not surprising....
Marlene N. ,   New York City   (06.12.10)
Stand by israel has always been the motto of the United States which is why we have no credibility left. The stance is to stand by Israel regardless of whether American citizens are even killed. A good example is that of the 34 American seamen killed onboard the USS Liberty in international waters when they were attacked by Israel. There was never any justice for their families or the survivors who have been riduculed and called liars as to what happened that fateful day in 1967. American lives are not worthwhile as long as it involves Israel (also such as Rachel Corrie). There may be some good members of Congress left, but all in all, Congress has become a supporter of Israeli terrorism and piracy This country wants to apply different standards to different folks. Obama thus far has failed miserably for anything that he promised. I have no doubt that he will go along with this as thus far he has proved his hypocrisy..
14. The AIPAC lackeys strike again.
arik ,   usa   (06.12.10)
15. I don't trust him !!!
Gerry ,   Israel   (06.12.10)
16. Enough Already.
Kertis Engle ,   Bandon Oregon USA   (06.12.10)
Either recognize Palestine or let them Vote in Israel. That is the one-State solution. The advantage is, they won't be able to attack themselves. As for being Israels' Friends, J.H. Christ, with friends like those, etcetera.
17. flotilla
jodiemoon ,   usa, park city   (06.12.10)
israel is not right all the time. this time they were wrong, and the usa will be wrong to stand by israel on this one. why can't gaza kids have cookies?
18. To 3 Strange How?
The Dude   (06.12.10)
Lets recap some history.... Turkey is indeed a NATO member. However, during the invasion of Iraq, Turkey refused to allow US troops to use airbases for an assault. Besides this the US had to constantly stop Turkish temptations of attacking the Northern Kurdish area of Iraq. And even today Turkish troops regularly bomb and attack parts of Kurdish Northern Iraq, which are leading to heavy destabilization of the fragile country. This is especially hypocritical of the Turks because the attacks the PKK perform on them are similar to what Hamas does to Israel. But they completely ignore any calls for restraint and say this is their national right and pride. Israel on the other hand, on not one but TWO occasions accepted the US demand of not retaliating even when Iraq launched missiles against it's civilian population. In the case of the 2nd Gulf War was following the same posture but was lucky that Iraq did not launch any attacks Turkey has recently been reaching out to Syria and held joint military drills with that country. Essentially sharing NATO technology with a country that is openly hostile to the US. That is regularly sending in terrorists to Iraq to kill American soldiers, and destabilize what the US has worked for. Israel had to give up multi-billion dollar contracts with China because of US protests. Turkey is now hugging Iran and Ahmadinjad. A country actively seeking to undermine American interests in the middle east and all over the world (Such as their cooperation with North Korea). Israel is actively working to undermine Iran. So please explain me why the US should risk troops for a country like Turkey or even keep it in the NATO fold?
19. Gaza embargo
colin nixon ,   delray usa   (06.12.10)
Here we go again. US gives blanket support to Israel. Obama said he would be an honest broker? Sadly that's not the case. Now many americans are reconsidering their support for a nation that cocks a snook at its biggest benefactor. The new Israeli goverment is a far right group that it's own citizens have rejected. We will support Israel, but there must be dramatic changes in words and deeds.
20. to # 5
Suleyman ,   turkey   (06.12.10)
In despite some other countries Turkey didn't win the Nato-membership in the lottery.Turkey send combat troops to Korea in 1950's. So did Turkey send troops to many other crisis regions and helped people in need. Search,read and then speak.
21. To 8 - who are you talking to?
Dina   (06.12.10)
Thou shalt not kill - but if your life is at risk you must act accordingly Thou shalt not steal - what was stolen? I suggest you go to the history books and find out how all of this came about. Thou shalt not bear false witness - Well said! check out all of the unedited films pictures and articles.
22. chris linthweit #3- give it up already!!
shila ,   israel   (06.12.10)
the destiny of the jewish people will not change. you are wasting your time and you look very desperate as time running out.
23. #9when it says you neighbor it means your next door neighbor
shila ,   israel   (06.12.10)
why do you always mistake it for an enemy neigbor. you can kill your enemy as well but not murder.
24. #20, Where, what, why, how many Turks injured for NATO?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.12.10)
Korea was 60 years ago and it was a UN mission not NATO. What have you ever done for NATO, except for being paid to permit US put missile and listening bases on your soil?
25. #17 huh?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.12.10)
There are no lack of cookies in Gaza, where did you get that information? In fact, Gazan kids have better health care and education (thanks to US donations) than most black American kids. You guys are suckers.
26. Trying to protect Obama's tochas
Berl ,   formerly of Seattle   (06.12.10)
There is strong evidence against the Obama White House, One of the most grievous pieces of information being exposed is that at least 3 members of the Obama administration were in on the organization and promotion of this flotilla. A top adviser to President Obama John O. Brennan, deputy national security adviser for homeland security and counterterrorism is the contact person within the White House for communications with the Free Gaza Movement over plans to challenge Israel's blockade of the terrorist Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip The allegation raises the bizarre possibility that the Free Gaza Movement's flotilla action in the Mediterranean was being coordinated with the White House, something that would align with a shift in U.S. policy toward Israel being debated within the Obama administration Beyond that, it is illegal according to American law. Should this be brought out at an investigation Obama will be in deep doo doo. This on top of the Sestack bribery investigation.
27. WAKE UP CONGRESS: obama is a MUSLIM trojan horse!
obama hussein=muslim   (06.12.10)
28. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.12.10)
"The new Israeli government is a far right group that it's own citizens have rejected" Hello ! thats a very broad statement you are making here. The majority of Israeli citizens support Bibi, our Prime Minister.
29. # 8 you lack intelligence
Eyal ,   USA   (06.12.10)
If someone came to me with a knife and I had a gun, I would shoot him till he is dead PERIOD and so would you. The phrase in the 10 commandments in the Hebrew Torah is, thou shall not murder, so you can kill. Regarding the the steal part of your sentence, are you referring to Gaza?, well let me remind you that there isn't 1 Jewish soul in Gaza, except Gilad Shalit, who happens to be a hostage. We gave back the Gaza, only to get a rainfall of rockets back into Israel, more like 10,000 of them. This is why it is sealed. Your last statement is so laughable, I don't think you ever read a book? How does Hamas stand with that? and what are you talking about, they are Israel's enemies, who happens to be next door. Get a life or go to school, you are worthless.
30. #19 - why is that? Our government is far left
Eyal ,   USA   (06.12.10)
for your own good. Bowing to Arab Kings, apologizing to Arabs daily about our past, siding with Arabs on most issues they bring against Israel and for the good of the Western World, although it's not in our US moral to. Who are you and what ever happened to your patriotic American wisdom? or did you turn left. Just remember this post when another 911 happens from the same people you were rooting for.
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