Barak staying out of France because of flotilla
Roni Sofer
Published: 13.06.10, 12:09
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1. Coward ! why not disguise as women?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.13.10)
Barak, an expert in that, or maybe make-up, no longer suits his u.... face !
2. Cirque de Barak
Resistor   (06.13.10)
As Peppy la Pew would say "Scaredez vous Monsieur?"
3. The real reason he's staying .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.13.10)
He wants to make sure that any investigation doesn't blame him.
4. Coward
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.13.10)
Yossi Sarid rightfully called him "Run away Ehud". Since 1992, Barak has been one of the main leaders who has forced Israeli surrender. He believed that the International community would support Israel. To prove his belief, he should go to France and face his accusers who call the battle against the Turkish Jihadists or "Cast Lead" a war crime. If he comes back innocent, he will do Israel a far greater service than hiding like a criminal. If he his found guilty and hanged he will prove that the Right-wing is correct: it's not about justice, it's about exterminating the Jews.
5. Surely if everything Israel has done is legal and above boar
Chris Linthwaite   (06.13.10)
Then Barak hasn't got anything to fear with going to France.
6. The organizers of the flotilla bought Obama
Yonason Herschlag   (06.13.10)
Incredible documentation citing William Ayers, the head of Free Gaza Movement that sent the recent flotilla, as the key person that propelled Obama's political career. Read the full article at "Unmasking the Jihadist in the Whitehouse"
7. Stay in Paris
G.S. ,   USA   (06.13.10)
Please, please go to Paris. And stay there! Be sure to bring bodyguards armed with paintball guns.
8. flottila raid
colin   (06.13.10)
The cowardly groveling wimp barak cancel the trip to france because he knows to many questions on his yeelow streek will show. Since when does a soldier go to war with TOY GUNS.??? barak wanted a different result He hates jews and will do any trick to attempt to discredit jews He ran from LEBENON,HE RAN FROM GAZA ,HE EVICTS JEWS INHEHUDA AND SHOMRON,HE ADHORES gENERAL aSKENASIE FOR SHOWING THAT BARAK IS A PEST TO THE IDF. Now that is reason for not going to france. Even the polls show he is not wanted by the people.
9. Macho Barak scared?
Marco ,   Spain   (06.13.10)
Israeli leaders will soon be looking for caves to hide in. The world is beginning to see them for what they really are: A bunch of low class criminals of semetic descent.
10. French / Israeli politics
joe   (06.13.10)
According to research, for a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years, there must be a fertility rate of 2.11 children per family. With anything less, the culture will gone. France has a fertility rate of 1.8, and the ENTIRE European union of 31 countries has only 1.38. These numbers are impossible to reverse. I a matter of years, Europe as we know will cease to exist. 30% of french children 20 or younger, are muslims. In Paris, Nice, Marseilles, it's 45%. In about 32 years or less, France will be a muslim republic. All this leaves me to Israeli politics. Since Barak will not be able to continue his extravagant hotels " petit four breakfasts " and future admission to the Elysee Palace must be ' socks ' only (shoes left outside), instead of wasting his time and our money with Sarkozy, why not open a line of communication with Saudi Arabia? Maybe America has made a wise choice with it's Presidency. In about 27 years there will be 104 million muslims in the US, from about 52 million today. In conclusion, while the EU, US, Russia and others only talk ; flowery sentences, meaningless words, The arabs, less flamboyant (although they have a big mouth),Act. They act in the bedroom where it counts ---- !
11. Barak sans Paris
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.13.10)
Poor chap. Being a true "Bon- Vivant" , how terrible it must be for Ehud to be so removed from delicious escargots and foi gras , the only consolation being the magnificent view from Pinkas/Akirov Towers.... As a fellow gourmet-afficionado I FEEL him so !
12. Barack
JUDAH THE LION   (06.13.10)
Ehud Barack is fantastic in military,but not good in politics. He shouls resign from politics and concentrate in military.
13. If Barak wants to do the right thing
zionist forever   (06.13.10)
Go on international TV and say I AM PROUD OF MY DECISION TO SEND COMMANDOS ABOARD THAT SHIP AND I DO NOT CONDEMN THEM FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES Barak has nothing to apologize for over this incident, the only people who deserve his apology are the commandos who were lucky they were not killed because Barak sent them armed with paintball guns. The man who should be saying sorry here is sitting in the White House. He told Bibi he would only give permission for the operation to take place if no anti riot gear was used. Instead of rubber bullets which have real stopping power but don't kill people they had useless paintball guns. They had no teargas to disperse the mob. All they had were their pistols to defend themselves and as a result people were killed. Neither Barak, Bibi, the commandos or anybody else involves with that operation should should apologize for anything.
14. #13 Barak The Weasel Will Do No Such Thing
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.13.10)
He is a moral coward. He's afraid he will be arrested if he goes to Paris. He knows he better lay low in his beachfront condo. Safe inside the Jewish paradise is where he'll stay.
15. Because ! World Watching videos
Bruno ,   rome   (06.13.10)
that your soldiers hurts childrens arms with stones !! World watching videos, crying innocent childrens under israels soldiers boats !! Dont speak any more .. dont write here somethings named another country people ! World know you better ! Never come to italia !!
16. #1 Salma
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.13.10)
Disguise as a woman? No, this is exclusive to courageous Muslim jihadists.
17. barak should stay out of Israel, because
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.13.10)
of the way he screwed up the raid. You never send soldiers into danger without their assault rifles. There should have been a few snipers on other helicopters to take out the first terrorists that touched our soldiers. All those involved in this incident aboard the ship should have had their arms and legs broken and thrown in prison here for years. Anyone traveling to turkey or doing business with turkey should receive heavy fines and loss of business licenses.
18. If sued Israel must counter sue
art ,   jc usa   (06.14.10)
Israel should have held some of the terrorists from the ships, those who actively support the terrorists are terrorists. They should be dealt with accordingly, Israel loses the PR war at least win the tactical and strategic battle.
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