Reserve officers express support of flotilla raid commandos
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 13.06.10, 15:35
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1. Support for our soldiers
ray ,   Our soldiers   (06.13.10)
Dont blame our soldiers They follow orders given by higher authorites.Do never forget even though sometime mistakes happen, I believe ( Yes I am also a LEFTY ) that the only people who will defend the state of Israel to their dying breath are the citizens of Israel If not Where else can we go????
2. this is not the time for division within the military
zionist forever   (06.13.10)
An investigation of some kind is in Israels interests if its handled properly but the military should not be calling for it but at the same time its probably not a good idea for soldiers to be coming out in support of it. The military should try to stay neutral politically but send letters to the men at the top without making it public. Shaytet 13 did nothing wrong, the man who should apologize is Obama. He told Bibi that the men should not use anti riot gear. If they had done then they could have taken control of the ship and nobody would have died. Tear gas would have dispersed any crowds and rubber bullets would have the stopping power to deal with any passenger with a weapon and it would have hurt but it wouldn't have killed him. As a result of Obamas orders the men were given paintball guns which are not designed to hurt and if it doesn't hurt its not much good as a weapon for defending yourself or keeping control. He is the man who should be investigated.
3. It would be hard to find in Israel anyone who doesn't stand
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.13.10)
shoulder to shoulder with our soldiers, men and women alike, in the defense of our country, in the sea, in the air and on land. These, it is important to underline, are soldiers of the ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES (IDF) whose goal as is the goal of Israel and its population is strictly to defend the sovereignty of our country and the lives of our citizens.
4. IDF soldiers are the true peace activists
Frank ,   Canada   (06.13.10)
They bring peace to Israeli citizens by killing Arab terrorists.
5. Ezek;37;10 Israel has been given an Exceeding Great Army(!!)
Roy C. Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (06.13.10)
Now is the time for Israel to stop looking to the Obama Type Gentile Heathen to Back Israel. He is for the enemy of Israel, Not for theJewish Nation. All that Land belongs to Jacobs Kids. That is why they were given the Exceeding great Army. the word Exceeding means ,More then enough to take Gaza Back. Isiah, 17;1 the capital of Syria, Put the Arafat,Abbas=PLO out of their face & correct Jordan & Egypt. Iran will go down with Russians, Ezek. 38 & 38.We don't have to speculate. Israel has the High athority to act in their own defence, I feel Mr.Net is now aware of this after The past 20 years of the USA backing the PLO. The flip flop of Gw Bush Clintons,& now the Last act with the Obama type. The pot is now much to Hot to hold the Rot that has been cooking since May 14/1940-1948.- 2010 today. Roy C Hudson. USA
6. Another artticle Haaretz would never print
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.13.10)
7. Arie absolutely spot on
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (06.13.10)
I just checked the Haaretz news and no mention, although there are dozens of articles castigating everything about not only Israel, but Judaism in general. They are true to the roots of their parent company that was founded by the Nazis to promote Hitler's agenda
8. I support IDF-just keep paintball for Barmitzvah Parties!
Alan ,   SA   (06.13.10)
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