Meridor to Turks: Gaza inquiry will have international input
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Published: 13.06.10, 18:28
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1. With Allah's and our help Talibans will defeat NATO
Hasan ,   Kazan, RUSSIA   (06.13.10)
I wonder why Avganistan has no sea so Israel could be able to send it's glorious navy as a help to USA
2. Meridor is sad. FOR WHAT?????
Eliyahu Konn ,   Yrushalayim   (06.13.10)
This is not a good sign.
3. Obama
SLZ ,   NY   (06.13.10)
While Obama pressures the State of Israel to open up its investigation committee to international members (thereby compromising its national security and sovereignty), Iran continues to build alliances and complete its nuclear development program.
4. Only for Israel do we have these international
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.13.10)
investigations. Any other country in the world can do what they want and there can be thousands dead, but silence by the world community. Too bad we did not sink the first ship to try to break the blockade. Too bad we did not destroy gaza for the first rockets that fell on Israel. We need to be tougher and destroy those that try to kill us.
5. Hey, what's one more mistake?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.13.10)
We're on a roll. Sovereignty? Don't worry about it. Bad precedent? Why think ahead? Double standards? That's OK. Appeasement? That's our national motto. Caught in someone elses game? We'll appoint a commission to pass the buck around until everyone forgets. Gee, aren't we lucky to have such a strong gov't. to defend our interests? And this is a Right-wing gov't. - imagine what Leftists would do? Oy vey.
6. Terry, I'd like to add my voice in welcoming
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.13.10)
you back to the talkback pages. You voice has been sorely missed.
7. Many years ago
G.S. ,   USA   (06.13.10)
Many years ago, when I was a young woman, I fell in love with Israel. Maybe I was just starry-eyed, but Israelis seemed so different than American Jews, strong and confident, and proud of their nation. As the years pass, it seems that instead of American Jews becoming more like Israelis, the opposite is happening. Israelis are becoming more like American Jews. THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT. It is a nightmare.
8. Meridor
Brad ,   USA   (06.13.10)
Meridor needs to remember that we saw the video. We don't need "foreign specialists" to tell us that we didn't see what we saw. And, for him to say that "no one wanted it or expected it", is laughable. The Turks wanted it., and the troublemakers on the "floatilla", wanted it. It's the same old thing. Muslims start a fight, get their noses splattered all over their faces, and then run home to mama, and cry for an "investigation". Turkey is feeling it's oats because of it's large military. But it needs to remember that one angel destroyed 180,000 Syrians in one night, on behalf of Israel. That angel is still around, and so are all of his angelic buddies, and they are not on Turkey's side. Neither is their Commander, Jesus of Nazareth. Look at the history of all of the nations that went against Israel. It's a trail of dead bodies and destroyed nations.
9. Investigation must focus on Erdogan's role
John   (06.13.10)
It's clear Erdogan together with the IHH terrorists planned and executed this operation on the Mavi Marmara, which is the only boat where violence has accord .The IHH terrorists took over the upper deck not allowing any other groups not belonging to the IHH for the whole purpose of confrontation. The IHH terrorists do not care about human lives and they are no different then the Talaban and Alqida in Afganistan and Pakistan etc.
10. the question is :
bret ,   paris, fr   (06.13.10)
how come the government was aware of the link between this turkish NGO IHH and terror groups, and eventually, let the soldiers fall in this trap ?? for such a catastrophic result !! shame on BB, Barack, Ashkenazi and every unresponsible person who played with the lives of the brave soldiers who were outnumbered on that dangerous boat.
11. More Appeasement
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.13.10)
Again Israel investigates herself and also acts as if she is a puppet of the United States and Europe. Could it be that people like Olmert Livni, Peres, Barak all actually work for another country.Just a opinion, but is it out of the question?
12. With Allah's and Nato's help,we will squash the Taliban
Afghani living in US ,   NY US   (06.14.10)
13. Israel can't choose anyone
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (06.14.10)
No one on the investigating panel should have the slightest bit to do with Israel, certainly not a person chosen by Israel.
14. AS IF
shrinkDave ,   miami usa   (06.14.10)
As if anything the investigation reveals is going to change anyone's opinion of Israel. As always, the world wants to kill Jews. A very old story, ever since Jews were considered weak. Should Israelis be politically correct, or alive? Can't do both.
15. # 8 They are naming us radicals, look who is talking :)
Emre ,   Turkey   (06.14.10)
Yes Brad angels killed all the Syrian army hahahaha. Let us make our military strategy against this thread, maybe we can send some imams by the war .....
16. For the Truth.
k1w1 ,   NZ   (06.14.10)
On June 11, at the UN in New York, filmmaker Iara Lee released one hour of raw footage taken aboard the Mavi Marmara in the hour leading up to and during the attack by Israeli commandos. The footage is available to view at: The footage is also available for download at: Ms. Lee was able to smuggle the footage back to the US in spite of the Israeli governments best efforts to confiscate all of the footage. You can decide for yourself what happened.
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