Ayalon to CNN: We won't apologize for flotilla raid
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 13.06.10, 19:24
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1. So what's new?
Jonathan ,   Israel   (06.13.10)
Not that apology is appropriate in this case, but even if it were, I'm afraid it's part of the national characer not to apologize for anything.
2. Another day another accusation of terrorism
It's me I'm back   (06.13.10)
without providing one iota of proof. Another attempt by Ayalon to muddy the qwaters before the start of the Inquiry that Netanyah said wasn't going to happen.
3. AYALON....You make teh WHOLE JEWs look BAD..Not ONLY Israel.
Ali ,   villanova -PA- USA   (06.13.10)
4. Plz, explain how the link to al-Qaeda was established
observer   (06.13.10)
the IDF is being forced to admit that its claims about the flotilla’s links to international terror are based on innuendo, not facts. Ayalon!; have you lately found that money is more a stronger charge than bullet proof vests, night vision goggles, and weapons. But, do you know that the American FIDF& Canadian HESEG charitable foundations provide scholarships, money to cover tuition and living expenses for former lone soldiers in the IDF who wish to remain in Israel to study after they've completed their military service. Tax exempted funds which have have destination in Israel' army are nothing short of money extorted from the ordinary American taxpayers to murder civilians in Gaza. The mercenaries in the IDF are morally paid in spirit, as well. I know Middle-easterners who are not even on travel but go around with $100,000 cash in their pockets.
5. #4 There are plenty of links if you look
Zvi   (06.13.10)
For example, one of the "peace activists" is the cofounder, with Osama bin Laden, of the "Services Office" (the precursor of al Qaeda). And the AK Turkish government itself, in saner times, connected the IHH to al Qaeda.
6. Interview with Deputy FM Daniel Ayalon
David Foster ,   Hyderabad, India   (06.13.10)
I have long been a fan of Fareed Zakaria but in today's interview he was far too soft. Why did he not ask why Israel confiscated all cameras from the Turkish ship? Why did he not ask why Israel insists on blockading cement and other non military construction material? I will always support Israel's right to defend itself but it has no right to simply harrass the Palestinians and I see no legitimate link between the Israeli settlements on the West Bank and Israel's claim to self defense.
7. Plz #4, explain how the "peace activists" were able...
Dan ,   USA   (06.13.10) swing those iron bars and poles on the subdued Israeli commandos, lying on the ground, as though they were trying to hit a baseball out of Yankee Stadium? Were these lovely "peace enthusiasts" followers of Ghandi's philosophy of "non-violent civil disobedience"? I think not. Isn't it a terrible thing that videos were actually taken of the event to reveal the truth? The photos of bloodied Israeli commandos were widely spread in, of all places, the Turkish newspapers. Israel is correct here. The organizers of the Flotilla should indeed apologize for hiring two-bit thugs, mercenaries, and terrorists whose sole task was create havoc and cause bloodshed.
8. THis man need to be seated in small sofa
Josh ,   UK   (06.13.10)
9. #5,7 do you hint that
observer   (06.13.10)
only al-Qaeda can beat the Israeli commandos?
10. #6
ro ,   il   (06.13.10)
Israel confiscated all the cameras from the turkish violent ones because a parent who sends hes 18 years old child to protect our contury (in the IDF) doesnt want to see their children lay on the floor and gets stubbed/hitted.. and almost bleed to death I can tell you that the very few pictures of soldiers that did get out almost made me cry. And soldiers did get injured pretty seriously in that raid. As a soldier in the IDF I think the raid was redicolous.. sending our soldiers with paint guns is a disrespect for the soldiers life! they should have simply bomb the ship's engine. Cemet is begin used to build tunnels in order to move bombs inside gaza, another use is to protect hamas places. even though those ships didnt have weapons on them.. if we let it pass the next ship would have.. and its kinda rude to judge the people who gets a few missiles into our cities on daily basis (from the gaza strip) when you live in a peacefull area. any other contury in the world would have sinked those boats, we cared for the innocent on those boats risking our soldiers..
11. #9
aa ,   il   (06.13.10)
no.. we hint that the link of IHH and Al-Qaeda is obvious to anyone who cares for the truth. As for beating the commandos.. if they werent restrained and with paintball guns, 9 dead would have been a single soldier doing.
...........DACON9   (06.13.10)
13. Ha! we know Ayalon is rude
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.13.10)
we not forget the chair and the ambassador story!
14. Boarding a vessel running a blockade is not a 'raid'...
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.14.10)
It's delf-defense. If this were China's or Russia's blockade, the ship would be at the bottom of the ocean with all hands. The simple fact that Israeli soldiers got the crap beat out of them shows that they gave the passengers and crew every chance to behave like human beings. That some 'activists' (who desired to become shaheeds) got their wishes only proves the true nature of Hamas and the ilk that support it. As the 'prophet' said long ago, War is deceit." Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times, must be the Israeli military....
15. "ship carried 75 mercenaries with links to al-Qaeda,"
George ,   Canada   (06.14.10)
if this is true why you released them without delay?? because you know Mr.Ayalon that you are talking no sense rubbish.
16. Arabs Provoke and flaunt while Israel builds quitely!
ARIEL   (06.14.10)
Go on building the land of Israel and let the enemy's overdoing fall in the world's deaf ears. Only the radical left a nd neo-nazi organizations echoe them. Every decent free man in earth supports Israel's struggle.
17. A nation that does piracy on the high seas apologizes?
John H. ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.14.10)
Let's face it, has anyone ever heard of a pirate (rogue entity) apologizing for his sabotaging, pillaging, and plundering? Ayalon is just the image of Israel, arrogant, ignorant, and foolish.
18. Jew
David Shinman ,   Canada   (06.14.10)
I am a jew not at all affiliated with this terrorist nation. Anything and everything that comes out of the mouth an israeli supporting jew is 98% of the time falacies they either make up on the spot or work together in a pathetic circle thinking they can convince anyone in the world except for the united states ( which is convinced before any action happens) their nonsense bullshit. No one believes the garbage that israel sprews. The jews on this website make us REAL jews look bad all over the world, they are the reason the REAL rise of anti-semetism is already here, They are the reason why our homes, our synagoges, our cemetaries are being desecrated. Despite all of this i pray to god for their forgivness and for god help these terrorist end this torcherous chain, which is going to ruin the lives of millions of future jews.
19. Disinformation
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.14.10)
20. #2 Muhamdi,, Muslims look much worse, worry about them
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.14.10)
Jews are none of your business!
21. Will CNN Show Interview or Present Information?
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.14.10)
I grew up watching CNN, but I don't anymore. I just recently even quit clicking over online to see HOW they were covering events. Still BIASED? YEP. CNN.... it's immoral to demonize an entire country as CNN has in all its biased and inaccurate articles. CNN is a disgrace. I'm a US citizen, supporter of Israel, and I am sick of those in my country who undermine Israel's security.
22. turkey's ambassadors
joe ,   u s a   (06.14.10)
dear salma . i actually do not think it was enough to just let the turk sit on a low sofa .he should have been forced to wear baby clothe complete with ababy cap , little aool socks . and yes ,force him to suck on a binki ''massasa '' .AND SMILE FOR THE CAMERAS.
joe ,   U S A   (06.14.10)
ayatolla said he is sending a three ship flotilla to gaza . one carriying supplies ,the other two carriying volunteers ,of 100,000 ,.IN NUMBER .now how the hell do you put 100,000 PEOPLE, on two ships, the other they said carries , stuff .are you saying that iran have ships that can carry50,000 people each .or ayatolla is a stupid lier who dos'nt even know how to lie .which is it .GOD BLESS ISRAEL.
24. Post-Modern Fareed Zacharia dislikes USA & the West
JandJ ,   OR, USA   (06.14.10)
I recommends the article by Matt Taibbi called 'Fareed Zakaria's Manifesto..." Google it. Here's a few quotes: "Zakaria routinely succeeds...making the sensational seem dull and the outrageous commonplace, rendering horrifying absolutes ambigious and full of gray areas." & "...Fareed Zakaria, who is maybe this country’s preeminent propagandist. " Obama was seen reading his book, "The Post-American World"
Israeli 2   (06.14.10)
26. Sorry to put it this way
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, CA   (06.14.10)
but Ayalon is crazy. He is not fully in his right mind. It takes a psychopath to turn an innocent civilian who worries about the welfare of people deprived of food and freedom into a terrorist. Ayalon is nutty as a fruitcake.
27. Did you keep the money as evidence? Why did you release
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.14.10)
ANY terrorists, why are they not in Israeli jails?
28. Raid?
Avi ,   Raanana   (06.14.10)
Can we please have our PR officials stop calling it a raid? Doesn't a "raid"imply without warning? this was no raid,it was a justified action.They knew it was coming well in advance and they were prepared .This wan't a raid it was an ambush.This word raid it only hurts us and its incorrect.
29. Actually, Salma, Danny Ayalon is a
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.14.10)
very personable, articulate and humble man. I have worked with him and have had ample time to observe his behaviour. I agree that he made a mistake vis a vis the Turkish ambassador. But after all, Salma, having made one mistake, surely you wouldn't judge him for his entire professional career, or would you? I am not acquainted with you, Salma, but given that you're an adult, I'm sure you, too, have made a few mistakes during your lifetime, maybe even some significant ones. What do you say, Salma, would you perhaps reconsider? It's a matter of credibility.
30. #26 You should look in the mirror...
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.14.10)
Everything said about Ayalon pertains to yourself. He's doing a little more with his life than just spewing S. Californian stupidity.
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