Turkel Committee: Brigadier General, lawyer, foreign observers
Roni Sofer
Published: 14.06.10, 00:21
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1. it was a big booboo to vote for bibi
Max   (06.14.10)
bibi the booboo - the time waster, the gabber, the prater, the bla bla bla man, the kow-tower to evil gentiles. get off the stage already you're wasting everyone's time.
3. Where's the Investigation of the Korean Sinking?
Dallas ,   Canada   (06.14.10)
Easy answer - Israel is set to a double standard, in a world full of hypocrites - Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, South Africa, and even the "neutrality" of the rest - USA, Canada, etc, belies their brainwashing too. Spooky, Nostradamus ain't got nuthin' compared to the Bible prophesies.
4. Psychotic act
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (06.14.10)
Netenyahu doesn't get it. When a nation does a psychopathic psychotic act it can't investigate its own crime. It is so involved that somehow it doesn't see that the act was blatantly criminal and that the people who did it should go to jail for life.
5. Israel is illegal under international law
USA   (06.14.10)
That is what they are really saying. Soon they will force an international probe and declare Israel's existance as being illegal. In a way, I am very glad that Israel has been having such a miserable existance lately and that's just after giving the Gaza Strip to scumm. Imagine what will happen if Israel will give up the "west bank"
6. More Appeasement
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.14.10)
Again Israel investigates herself and also acts as if she is a puppet of the United States and Europe. Could it be that people like Olmert Livni, Peres, Barak all actually work for another country.Just a opinion, but is it out of the question?
7. this is a waste of time Israel has a right
Barney ,   USA   (06.14.10)
to protect it's waters and blockade an entity that is sworn to its destruction. If the world doesn't like it then tough. Let them have terrorists infiltrate areas on their borders. I don't see any investigations on the USA over their policing of the southern border and our efforts to stop hezbollah from taking over south america. the mentality must change
8. Good, Turkey is going to be probed by a committee that
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.14.10)
consists of people from three different countries. Let us now follow how Turkey will collaborate with with this probe in order to let the truth come forth.
9. Anti Semitism
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.14.10)
Our enemies are teaching us, we who are in Israel, and we who are not, that where you live in Israel is not important, that if you live in Israel, is. We are being shown that the “world” is interested in supporting terrorist groups that wish for our destruction. We are being shown, once again, that Jews are not supposed to defend themselves, we are supposed to lie down and take whatever gets thrown at us…We are being shown just how much influence the Arab world has in the world court, and how truth is no longer part of the picture, being replaced by hatred and deceit. More about global Anti Semitism at :
10. independent Committee, passed Israel's independence test?
observer   (06.14.10)
11. Watkin convert not foreign to Israel, but is he religious?
observer   (06.14.10)
In 2007 Watkin became a convert to Judaism. Israel has had enough from Goldstein, the born Jew, but the Israelis believe that a religious one can be easily manipulated.
12. For number 3
Michael ,   UK   (06.14.10)
Here is a link to an article about the report from the international enquiry into the Korean sinking. I picked it at random from a google search for "Korean sinking enquiry". The search took a fraction of a second. Look, even if much of the world is often unfair to Israel, and I believe it is often extremely unfair, it doesn't mean Israel is the only story in town or that only Israel is singled out for criticism and investigations.
13. For the Truth.
k1w1 ,   NZ   (06.14.10)
On June 11, at the UN in New York, filmmaker Iara Lee released one hour of raw footage taken aboard the Mavi Marmara in the hour leading up to and during the attack by Israeli commandos. The footage is available to view at: The footage is also available for download at: Ms. Lee was able to smuggle the footage back to the US in spite of the Israeli governments best efforts to confiscate all of the footage. You can decide for yourself what happened.
14. #13
Dina   (06.14.10)
not really sure what you are saying here. The tape shows the people on the boat before, (alot of stuff covered by the way) and after so what are you saying?
15. Existential Threat
World Citizen   (06.14.10)
soon we'll have a bozo saying that an international enquiry is an extstential threat to Israel, or ... we already have read tb # 5
16. Probe Obama's collussion with the flotilla
Yonason Herschlag   (06.14.10)
Incredible documentation cites William Ayers, the head of Free Gaza Movement that sent the recent flotilla, is the key person that propelled Obama's political career. Read the full article at "Unmasking the Jihadist in the Whitehouse"
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