Policeman killed in shooting attack south of Hebron
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 14.06.10, 11:35
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1. Nekama Nekama
Zacharia ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.10)
Yalla milchema
2. can legitimate resistance in occupied WB be against police?
observer   (06.14.10)
3. As Rabin called thm- "victims of the peace"
Rachel ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.10)
But this isn't peace, haver. Because the Arabs dont want peace.
4. soound like what they used to do in the past
ghostq   (06.14.10)
to Israelis during the mandath. I guess somethings never change.
5. so sad it looks like its going to be a difficult summer
6. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel get updated!
P.M. Mr. Rabin was murdered in 1995 since then (15 years ago) the majority of governments have been right wing ones and so it is those governments that are responsible for the present situation.
7. Unknown
Achi   (06.14.10)
Ynet has such beautiful phrases. In a few hours time Ynet will call them peace activists. To us, Ynet, they are the enemy. To you and other lefties they are ... maybe even friends a la kam blau etc. They probably have your empathy and sympathy, and you are of course, immersed in, wait for it...'even handedness' lol. Well, they are OUR evil enemy, terrorists.
8. Policemen hurt in shooting attack
Robert Cabitt ,   Boston, MA, USA   (06.14.10)
The rockets will continue to rain on Israel until they elect a prime minister who has the will and the courage to drive the Palestinians and Hamas out of Gaza and the West Bank. When George Bush gives back his Crawford,Texas ranch to the Native Americans is when peace will come to Israel. To the victor goes the spoils. Americans killed thousands of Indians during the conquest of the United States. The Indians that survived were placed in concentration camps euphemistically described as reservations where alcoholism and unemployment reigns. Since the Bureau of Indians Affairs has granted gambling casino licenses, some Indian tribes have prospered. Maybe gambling casinos are the solution for the Palestinians.
9. Settlers out of WB, if peace to have any chance of success
Chris ,   USA   (06.14.10)
10. Achi y is that the media is always leftist?
11. Commendable Resistance against non-civilians
Wael ,   Ramallah   (06.14.10)
12. What's legit about ambush shooting? That is not resistance
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (06.14.10)
but terrorism.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.14.10)
It is amazing you got past our elitist censorship , because in general they allow only selfloathers and foreign anti-semites to express their opinion. Although I spend very little time on their webside now, their use of termonology is getting worse by the day. They now call the blockade a siege and so on. So when the rockets will start falling onto their own livingplaces, they will call it friendly fire, from freedom fighters and they will blame the Haredi and the people (in their eyes we are sub-human)living in Judea and the Shomron. As result of this attack by "UNKNOWN ASSAILANTS", we can expect a night visit by our friendly policeforce in large numbers, to do some headbashing, in order to show us that they are not afraid of anything. This is law and order Israeli style.
14. Arabs out of Judea, if peace to have any chance of success
James ,   USA   (06.14.10)
15. Armed resistance is the right of occupied people
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.14.10)
Peaceful means obviously don't work with settlers and never will. The Israel Extermination Forces have proved to be allied with the settler movement and unwilling to flush them out. My guess is that the common Israeli, war-mongering to the bone, hates the settlers to the extent they refuse to take them back in the coastal areas and Naqab desert. Peaces has a price - are Israelis prepared to take the bold decisions of evacuating their settlers from E. Jerusalem and WB? A civil war in Israel is far, far more likely.
16. #8 Continue calling for genocide -> makes us look like angel
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.14.10)
and it makes you look like the demon you truly are. Thank GOD for Lieberman and Bibi, they are serving our interests every day. Thank you for electing them, keep it up!
17. #1 what Nekama?
The Arabs were honest, they promised they would murder every Jew they can. Go complain to Ehud Barak who removed the checkpoints. He allowed the terrorists to attack the policemen.
18. Kiryat Arba violence !
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.14.10)
As far as I know, only the settlers are armed, the Palestinians don't have any weapon
19. "calculated prevention policy"
joe   (06.14.10)
Paid in blood by Israelis. The hell with Turkey, France, US, UK, UN and the others who apply pressure with " compliant " Bibi and Barak the 2 B's( you can write your own adjectives). Israel's security can be achieved ONLY by Israel. Why isn't NATO removing HIS roadblocks in Afghanistan, only 8000 miles from their country. How about same with Russia's and Chechnya, and America with Mexico, or Turkey with it's Kurds? How easy to criticise with someone else's lives (cost nothing), except showing off your righteous might. ---- F....k the little guy, we know better.
20. #6 no name no name get updated
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.14.10)
In the past 15 years, Israel had 8 years of extreme-Left government (53%), 2 years of Centrist government (13%), and 5 years of Right-wing that implemented Left-wing policies (33%). 1996-1998 Netanyahu, almost Right-wing, but implemented Left-wing retreat from Hebron and North Samaria 1999-2000 Barak, extreme Left government. 2001-2002 Sharon, centrist government together with Labor 2003-2005 Sharon, extreme Left government 2005-2009 Olmert, extreme Left government 2009-2010 Netanyahu, nominally Right wing but extreme Left Barak is DM, Left wing policies: selective destruction of Jewish homes, freeze of Jewish building, encouraging Arab building
21. Why are the settlers from very far away are doing in Pal WB?
Jazz   (06.14.10)
22. nr. 16
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (06.14.10)
people of israel is there a reason to be proud of the netanyahu-administration and of zionism? people of palestine is there a reason to be proud of hamas and of koran and of islam(ism)? lots of luck and wisdom. shalom, shalaam.
23. Israel should
JUDAH THE LION   (06.14.10)
close all the area and any area that threatens Israel.We should not listen to the world as they dont give a damn about Jews and security of Israel.Where is Obama now?
24. 'Y' is it that way? one or two of you asked
Achi   (06.14.10)
I presume because the three pronged agenda is firstly to undermine patriotism, and pride in our country. Secondly, to continue fanning the hatred for the chareidi community, and also the good people guarding us all , by living in Samaria and Judah areas which to our enemy is EXACTLY the same as Ramat Aviv and Herzliya Pituach and those odd hi rise placesstuck right in the middle of Tel Aviv. Thirdly of course is to try to undermine the intrinsic good 'ness' and chesed of Chabad. None of it works of course, but with the help of their small band of palestinian,leftie and religion hating jews who are regulars in these columns, they are quite satisfied. Who are we to disillusion them? I too admire them for printing stuff not to their way of reporting, but it stirs things up, which keeps them happy and which is why they're here.
25. One has since 'died' in 'shooting attack'
ה' יקום דמו   (06.14.10)
Died in shooting attack is ynet sweetie pie language for the actual event which was 'premeditated murder by enemy palestinian terrorists'. Gee sorry, peace activists, like on the Arafat/Corrie style love boat.
26. In the next war, herd them into Jordan.
Joe Dempsey ,   Portland, Or.   (06.14.10)
There they can change the name to "Palestine", and the world will live happily ever after, as will they.
27. #15 Bold Decisions
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.14.10)
Like keeping you under lock and key until we're ready to boot your bums out ? (and not just al-aqsa)
28. #20, its about reality & not about ur delusional view!
seems to me that you are looking at this from an extremist right wing fascist point of view and not at all from the real political reality. The real political reality is that with the exception of Barak all of the Prime Ministers of the State of Israel in the past 15 years have come out of Likud or some variation there of and so they are by real and accepted political definition right wing governments. and it is these right wing governments who are responsible for the current political mess!
29. And I am supposed to feel ?
Eric Danis ,   Innodata-Isogen   (06.14.10)
4 potentially corrupt cops shot ? and I am supposed to feel ? sorry I dont
30. Palestinians will do what ever 2 Free Palestine & send peace
Palestinian   (06.14.10)
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