PM: Turkel probe will prove Israel acted lawfully
Roni Sofer
Published: 14.06.10, 12:32
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1. There's lots to investigate.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.14.10)
The fac that we felt obliged to add foreign members to the investigative team is a bad precedent, something no other country would do. No other country would allow such an attack on their sovereignty nor on the credibility of their own justice system. Can you imagine the U.S. allowing foreigners to participate in an investigation of US military action in Iraq or Afghanistan? Having said that, the decision by the PM to allow foreign participation is understandable. We didn't need another kangaroo court lynching from the UN, something the Obama administration held over our heads in an effort to bully us some more. So, as long as we're having an investigation, let's make it a good one. Let's examine Turkey's role & connexions to known terrorist groups as well as the domestic political needs of Erdogan's regime. Let's examine the role of our own DM, Ehud Barak, in falling for the BS given him by both Obama & Turkish sources, an incredible lack of judgement given that contrary evidence was easily available. But, the best of all & something that should be brought to light & not swept under the carpet for political & diplomatic reasons, is the role played by radical leftists with close ties to the White House. Here's a link to an article that raises many interesting questions. From the American Thinker blog, an article by James Lewis, ''The Gaza Flotilla Ambush: What Did the White House Know?'' The whole truth & nothing but the truth, sounds good to me.
2. So Netanyahu already knows
It's me I'm here   (06.14.10)
the result of the inquiry before he has even announced who was going to be running it?
3. Probe
Sol   (06.14.10)
It can not be believed as long as it is conducted by a participating party.
4. Judge, Jury and executioner.....
Marco ,   Spain   (06.14.10)
You people are a joke. Kangaroo court must have been invented by zionism.
5. Probe Obama
Yonason Herschlag   (06.14.10)
Obama's connections with the flotilla organizer William Ayers needs to be probed. Incredible documentation cites William Ayers, the head of Free Gaza Movement that sent the recent flotilla, is the key person that propelled Obama's political career. Read the full article at "Unmasking the Jihadist in the Whitehouse"
6. We all know the truth
M   (06.14.10)
It doesn't matter that you find we are in the right, even if we are lily white, the world would not accept it, EVER. The JEW is always guilty, hec, we are even guilty for Jesus's killing even though it was the Romans who did it.
7. Don't forget the wounded
Resistor   (06.14.10)
The IDF stopped any of the wounded getting treated for over 3 hours which led to some of them dying. In Cast Lead, this also happened, but in some instances, aid was prevented for 3 days, which meant that some of the wounded suffered exposure, as well as dog attacks, before dying. This is the moral behaviour of the IDF. Someone have the guts to be answerable for these crimes against humanity.
8. to#7
Jennie ,   US   (06.14.10)
IDF has nothing to appologize for..Too bad they risked their lives to withstend the vicious cold weapons attack of the bandits...Any other other country, would just killed everyone who moves....May be this will teach all the so-called bleeding hearts, that not respecting the laws of another sovereignity and then attacking border patrol with aim to kill does fire back and worth doing...Can you immagine what would any other country do to them in such situation ? Your whining is pathetic ! What a looser...
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