Israel to EU: Stop your citizens from joining flotillas
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.06.10, 08:32
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61. 49-She's going to Jordan...
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem   (06.15.10)
not Portugal. Can't build the homeland there.
62. #48 nothing to do
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.15.10)
Article #7 of Hamas Charter: "Hamas is one of the links in the Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion. It links up with the ...Holy War in 1936....the Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise...The prophet...said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!" Previously people could pretend they did not know the Arabs' plans. Now Hamas clearly states their purpose, and all the Arabs, Muslims, and Left-wingers as well as "centrist Europe" clearly and unequivocally support Hama and its' plan to exterminate the Jews. Their is nothing Israel can do to change this, so the Jews are left with two choices: meekly board the "peace train" like in 1940 or fight and maybe win.
63. Expected flotillas
Spencer ,   Israel   (06.15.10)
We don't need to kiss the backsides of anyone or ask their permission to prevent the breaking of our blockade. We just need to assume that all the ships trying to break the blockade carry armed individuals whose sole purpose is to inflict harm on Israel and we need to be properly prepared and act accordingly.
64. Sink the ships & Jail the activists
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (06.15.10)
Each so-called activist must pay $10,000 fine for running bloackade. All proceeds to go to the Shalit Family
ezra   (06.15.10)
Sanctions next
66. sea mines
jorge ,   argentina   (06.15.10)
I think you should us them and warn to the world that the sea is full of them. Then, they will be responsable of their fate. It´s very clear that you showed weakness with the issue. A few vessels and you have to face an international crises and the world condemning you. And what did you do? Divert peacefully the flotilla to avoid the smugling of weapons, risking your soldiers to be lynched. They took note of your weak answer. Very soon you´ll face hundreds of flotillas. Can you imagine what would have happened if you destroy the mavi boat?
67. #62 Israel Israeli
Chris Linthwaite   (06.15.10)
Or alternatively you can allow such dangerous items as Pasta, coriander, children's colouring books, text books, paper, ladies sanitary products, nappies etc etc etc into Gaza. In which case there would be no need for people to feel the need to run the blockade.
68. # 5 Terry from Eilat! You are vox populi! You
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (06.15.10)
pronounce all we think, but can"t express. Please stay on line, Israel needs you.
69. Don't push to much on Israel the result will be
Dani ,   Amsterdam NL   (06.15.10)
a disaster for everyone, being against Israelis and Jewish is now world fashionably way to be. Is almost 2000 years that we are dealing with hatred enemies , difference now that we can try to defends our self against those who are trying to annihilating us using all the available means diplomatics and not. Everyone is against Gaza Blockade but I just want see them in the same circumstances in their own land with Aborigines if we talking about Australians, with Irish if we talk about UK and what if Morocco starts to infiltrate terrorist in Spain or Italy or France. Yes guys this is pure hostility against Jews and Israelis no way to justify that kind of behave
70.  Reporters without Borders &Free pals
K   (06.15.10)
Soon to be known as Reporters without Boats Freestyle Palestine.
71. Peter, Portugal abandoned East Timor to muslim genocide
Barry   (06.15.10)
It is not in a position to lecture anyone. About 100,000 people starved in East Timor in deliberate starvation campaign by Indonesia. I do not seem to remember any boats being sent there.
72. @ all anti Israeli Americans
PR ,   U.S.   (06.15.10)
I'm Native American and I want all you hypocrites to get the hell out of my country. Better yet maybe me and all my brethren should send in suicide bombers and rockets into all your major cities. I wonder if you will call us freedom fighters or terrorist. I'm not arguing the right of an Israeli state, I'm saying you should look in your own back yard first.
73. Eu needs to pay a price
Ralph levy ,   Usa   (06.15.10)
Appeasement brings more pressure. Israel needs to make ithe eu stop supporting these flotillas by shutting off power to gaza and take all ships captured and siezeing them. Also Israel should stop apologizeing each time Israel should expose all eu agents in Isreal and otherplaces to punish the eu for their anti Israel policies for frameing Mossad.
74. :: Sarah B - Another Fallacy
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.15.10)
This statement is yet another fallacy from Sarah BS as she creates a fantasy world with fictional characters and misrepresents known facts. Firstly an “embargo” and “blockade” are two very different things, use a dictionary to educate yourself on the differences but in short: a) an “embargo” is the banning of a ‘limited amount of goods and services’ eg: military arms or luxury goods. b) a “blockade” is the ‘total banning of goods and services’. Secondly the US has NOT imposed a “blockade” of North Korea. This is evident from the number of North Korean ocean-going merchant ships that CURRENTLY transverse the global seas. Thirdly the US is NOT imposing an “embargo and blockade of North Korea”, in reality the “UN and the UK” are imposing an embargo of arms and luxury goods. Fourthly her claim that the US is restricting or banning “humanitarian aid and food” to North Korea is simply rubbish! Sarah B should really take her own ‘advise’ as she self-ignorance is astounding.
75. #72 PR of the US
I have reported your proposal of a suicide bombing campaign by native Americans to the authorities. I would expect the FBI to be knocking on your door shortly.
76. Flotilla"s sent by Lebannon and Iran
kevin j lee ,   Glasgow/UK   (06.15.10)
My hopes and prayers are with Israel at this time of danger.The Turkish Government stated that the Marmara,was a Civillian Ship,but one cannot deny the fact that certain Individuals on board were out for a confrontation with the IDF,9 of these individuals if thats what they were,died,they werent Palastinians,nor Israelis,in 2009,if I am correct 2000 Palastinians were killed,so the blockade that is halting the importation of arms is preferable,even if it costs 9 peoples lives who go looking for conflict. This is War!,and as far as I am concerned,there is no difference between Fatah and Hamas,their only playing good-cop/bad-cop. kjl.
77. #73 Ralph Levy
Well that is not going to happen.. Fact of the matter is that 75% of all Israeli exports are to the EU. With special trading status allowing them to be sold at extremely competitive rates. If Israel was to do what you proposed it would be extremely easy to put tariffs on Israeli goods and basically destroying Israel's economy overnight. The EU has Israel by the balls and Netanyahu knows it. Which is why there was a please and thankyou.
78. Or join the floptillas at own risk
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.15.10)
Deliberately attempting to run a legal blockade is a criminal act. If a foreigner brings drugs into Singapore or Malaysia, they go to the gallows for their efforts. Why? Because it is illegal under Singaporean and Malaysian law. Thwarting a fully legal blockade is tantamount to smuggling. Any participants in such an illegal act will have to face the consequences. As long as they are prepared to do it, makes no never mind to me.
79. Very disapointed with the do nothing Israeli government
Perhaps Netanyahu should dismantle some Jewish settlements to appease the EU, better yet dismantle all of Israel and hand it over to PA.
80. #75 nice try
PR   (06.15.10)
I'm sure the FBI can tell the difference between a hypothetical question pertaining to hypocrisy vs a threat
81. #80 PR
We'll see, but even hypothetically proposing blowing yourself up will probably lead to a Psych evaluation at the very least
82. morocco
m ,   morocco   (06.15.10)
Dani, Please next time read history books before you post a comment. you will find out what moroccans have done for the jews when they were killed and expelled from Spain
83. Netanyahu is PM of Israel, NOT of Palestinian territories...
lara ,   Australia   (06.15.10)
Why the hell is the Israeli Pime Minister calling the shots in regards to Palestinian matters? Netanyahu should go concentrate on his haredi stone & bottle-throwing, arsonist issues and leave the Palestinians alone. They did not vote for him as their dictator.
84. to #78 true especially when the blockad
ghostq   (06.15.10)
goes according to internation law.
85. # 82 Misunderstanding
Dani ,   Amsterdam   (06.15.10)
I said people from Morocco trying to infiltrate in Spain to kill and spread terror. Was a provocation to those (Spanish) that are condemning us with no knowledge on what it s means being accused of every possible crime even if you are only defending yours citizens. These nice guys who are criticising us on daily base are sleeping well in their bad . Today we are the price the world have to pay to terrorist in order to "avoid incidents occurring in your own country".
86. Flotillas
Ezra ,   Florida   (06.15.10)
At least one of the very next ships to try to get closer to Gaza will be well wired with powerful bombs that when detonidated will explode the ship and sink it in a matter of seconds. These explosives are put by the organizations who send their "humanitarian " suckers to their certain death. They will do it with the "blessings" of some people on the ship who will probably bail out (and then they will be "taken care of" by their "employers") seconds before the explosion which will happen just outside the Israeli territorial waters.Then the "party" will really begin. Eu and the Arabs will blame the "murderous" israelis who "slaughtered" those "innocent" and "peace loving" individuals whose only crime was to help the ("long suffering" "frustrated" "poor" I am sicck and tired of hearing these expressions)Gazans in their "times of need". President Obama and the "brain trust" in the White House will eagerly lead an anti Israel campaign saying that Israel should show more restraint and Israel should have consulted with him before committing those attacks on "civilians" in international waters, leaving him no choice but to side up with those "innocent souls" and can no longer support Israel in anything in the future. Mark it down. And I have one question to everyone in the world: suppose the Israeli leaders, no matter who they are, present the following scenario to the Arab leaders, regardless who they are avd say: "We the Israelis have been mistaken all these years. This country does not belong to us. Its all yours. Take it. We are at your mercy. Do whatever you feel the right thing to do with us". Will there then be anypeace and everyone will live happily after?
87. Nour 54
JUDAH THE LION   (06.15.10)
You Palestinian and muslims are good in twisting things. The land of ISRAEL IS JEWISH AND ITS CAPITAL IS JERUSALEM.I would like to ask you a very simple question.In your north korean holy book its written YA BNEI ISRAIL.Can you please with honesty without twisting things around who are these people.Islam is 1400/1500 years old while the JEWISH are over 5000 years old.Jerusalem is the kingdom of KING SOLOMON & DAVID.You want say that King Solomon and King David were Muslims or JEWS.Your prophet Mohammed never came to Jerusalem and he never stepped in Jerusalem while you are saying Mohammed went to heaven from the Al aksa mosque.This is b............ Your holyland is Mecca and Medina and your land is in Arabia not ISRAEL.We JEWS are the real owner of this land and we will stay there forever and ever with or without the world approval. put the tape of the song noura ya noura by the late FARID EL ATRASH to feel better.
88. Linthwaite (16). The former Jew from Yorkshire.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (06.15.10)
Just a week or two ago, when Egypt announced that it was opening up its Gaza border, you were all over this and Haaretz' websites spewing your assertion that Israel's blockade was officially inconsequential. Despite the news, which was reporting that Egypt's border opening was only temporary and limited, you, in your daily quest to be the most obnoxious, cynical and condascending of talkbackers on Jewish websites, gleefully proclaimed that Egypt's border opening was "permanent", and that all future "aid" (yeah, right) ships would be unloading in Egypt for transfer of goods to Gaza, thereby bypassing Israel's blockade. Now, since the avoidance of confrontation with Israel's military doesn't particularly suit your never-ending Nostradamus-like predictions of doom and gloom for Israel, you're back to pointing out the importance of breaking Israel's blockade. If I had a nickel for every time you titled your comment "This is bad for Israel" or "Unfortunately for Israel..." or some similar 'doom/gloom for Israel' drivel, I'd be a billionaire. Why don't you just come out and admit what all of "planet earth" has known all along...that this whole "flotilla" nonsense has nothing to do with the necessity of delivering humanitarian aid (the people of Gaza live in far better conditions than their brethren throughout the Arab/Muslim world), but everything to do with provocation of Israel. The jig is up, Linthwaite. Fact is, there was never much a 'jig' to begin with. Your daily predictions of Israel's doom and gloom, none of which has ever come to fruition and never will, only serve to make you look like the fool that you are. Have you no dignity? [The question is rhetorical, of course. We all know the answer.]
89. keep dreaming darling
Osama bin Laden ,   Pakistan   (06.15.10)
state of Israel appears in history books of circa 1948-2020. u r wrong nour State of Israel for life for jews
90. #19 Living the good life, Nour
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.15.10)
While your fellow Palestinians are supposedly "starving" and unable to feed their large families, you're living the good life with your EU passport and expense account. All the trips you make and have described sound marvelous. Eating your way from one European destination to another to promote the suffering Palestinian myth yet still finding time to share your travels and berate Israel on YNET is clever multi-tasking.
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