Turkel committee may meet Wednesday
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.06.10, 23:07
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1. Wheres the UN enquiry on the killing of 1400 tukic Uzbeks?
Jeff   (06.15.10)
With between 200 and 1400 or thereabouts Uzbeks killed in ethnic violence against the Turkic Uzbeks by the Turkic Kyrgyza, it would seems that the UN Security council does not call for an international and independent and comprehensive investigation. After all 1400 Uzbeks dont count for a hill of beans as compared to native 10 Turks, or Palestinians. Maybe the UN secretary Ban Ki Moon and all the other humanitarians would like to consider the death of 1400 unarmed non baton wielding uzbeks
2. #1 Jeff
Resistor   (06.16.10)
On another website, Jeff! This is the Israel/ jew/ zionist site. Now go away!
3. Efficiency of this Committee ?
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.10)
Equal to zero as the image of Israel has already been damaged. No media or politician in the world will change his mind or take care even if the Committee's decision is in favour of Israel. But how much costs this stupid gadget ?
4. turkel looks like abu mazen( mahmoud abbas)!!
handala ,   Jerusalem, Palesine   (06.16.10)
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