Lebanon, Turkey oppose Israeli raid probe
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.06.10, 23:47
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1. If they don't like it....
oxo ,   USA   (06.16.10)
...they shouldn't have started it. With instigation, provocation to a confrontation, comes repercussions and consequences. Sanity prevails. Hopefully others will consider seriously than try to run a legal military blockade.
2. U.S already gave ban ki moon the power for UN inestigation
jason ,   haifa israel   (06.16.10)
The U.S supported the presidential statement for an investigation. It didn't call for international or israeli but as the french foreign minister said everyone knew it would be up to the un secretary general. So washington is two faced saying israel should lead the investigation while not coming out against the UN invesgigation. The left is in charge in washington and it is a calamity that u.s jews have put this left wing power in charge to torment israel.
3. Turkey, Syria and Lebanon can bark at their moon deity
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.16.10)
as much as they like, and then suicide bomb each other if still unsatisfied. Israel will do what it sees fit without consideration to what the enemies want.
4. investigation
mike ,   eilat   (06.16.10)
maybe the un chief should investigate why the squaters in gaza shot another missile into israel
5. Turkey opposition
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (06.16.10)
Of course they oppose the Israeli investigation; they fear the truth will become known to the whole world. Turkey is slowly but surely moving away from the Turkey of Ataturk towards an Islamic state and this is part of what they want to hide.
6. Most Americans can't stand the UN anyway
William ,   Israel   (06.16.10)
They consider it to be incredibly biased and very ineffective, especially after rewarding North Korea's bad behaviour with tons of food and cash aid. Only the people who benefit from their bias (Arab States) or have the UN on their resume consider the UN a credible organization.
7. #5
Dina   (06.16.10)
I don't know about the "slowly" but definitely "surely" moving away from the Turkey of the Ataturk
8. since 1972- 40 U.S vetos critical to Israel
lara ,   Australia   (06.16.10)
the U.S has vetoed almost every resolution concening Israel. There's your bias. While many middle-eastern countries are sanctioned, Israel is getting away with murder. As for North Koreas food and cash aid... Just because a government does something wrong, does not mean that the entire civilian population should starve to death. Would you never reach into your pocket to give loose change to someone who is hungry? In the world i live in, people help people.
9. flotilla
Dr Paul Brown ,   Nahariya, Israel   (06.16.10)
Fairness (like peace) is a contemporary catchword, whose Chomskian deep structure signifies unfairness. The Rabbis call this time 'the Age of the lie.' The home of the contemporary lie is the UN. Many of us believe that we shall not hear the truth spoken in our lifetime.
10. We will agree as soon as Turkey agrees to
Vardina   (06.16.10)
an international investigation regarding treatment of armenians by Turkey.
11. #8, what ME countries are sanctioned?
Danny   (06.16.10)
Iraq only got sanctioned after it attacked Kuwait and threatened Saudi. As for NK, the government starves it's people to death and when the world gave aid it stole it. Bit like Hamas does.
12. Let them have their investigation
Danny   (06.16.10)
We all already know whats going to be in it and we all know it is already written and we can cancel ours and save the time and money. Look in the end at the effect Goldstone had.....
13. to lara and other antisemites
gene ,   tlv, israel   (06.16.10)
I don't know how old you are or if you ever read a history book. The US did veto UNFAIR resolutions targeting Israel because the UN was and still IS run by an automatic majority of non-democratic and Muslim nations that of course are biased against Israel and many are also openly antisemitic. Speaking of which, if you read a book, you'd realize that during the COLD WAR, there were even more anti-israel resolutions tha luckily the US vetoed! In fact, some of those antisemitic resolutions were repealed, like the zionism-racism resolution, which of course passed in the General assembly because the Communist-Arab-Islamic alliance (which still exists today)! Finally, why should Israel give a damn about the UN security council when israel is the ONLY UN member that can NOT sit on the Security Council? Is that not bias?!
14. Lebanon, Turkey oppose Israeli raid probe
gregg bowman ,   Parksville, Canada   (06.16.10)
Who Cares what they think!!! Get on with it and ignore their ignorant infantile bantering!! warm regards....Gregg Bowman
15. there should be an international inquiry about the raid
yyeliz ,   turkey   (06.16.10)
It is weird to let Israel to make an inquiry about the deadly raid to Mavi Marmara. there should be a just and international inquiry
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