Flotilla evokes post-traumatic stress in former soldiers
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 17.06.10, 08:24
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1. they can file a law suit against the flotila
ghostq   (06.17.10)
orgenaizers and to cover their medical bill.
2. And Gillad Shallit is a soldier too ! (No Stress?)
Roland Seener ,   London England   (06.17.10)
MARK ,   DENMARK   (06.17.10)
4. The soldier was released from the military last summer
lara ,   Australia   (06.17.10)
The flotilla raid was 2 and a half weeks ago. He wasn't even on or around the ship and he's complaining of psychological trauma? What a stupid article. Hundreds of unarmed people on board the ship were confronted by 9 dead people and many more who were injured. I can't believe someone wasted their time writing this. If he's traumatised by pictures and news articles then dont write about him and stick a picture of an injured IDF soldier on it.
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, israel   (06.17.10)
I suppose you have served in combat. With which army and which unit? Or could it be you are blowing hot gas out of your ANTI-SEMITE rear end?
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.17.10)
I suppose you have served in combat. With which army and which unit? Or could it be you are blowing hot gas out of your ANTI-SEMITE rear end?
7. what about furkan and other people who has been killed
what a pity their pscyhologhy is bad. what about furkan?Soldiers kicked him and shoot 3 times from head. So no pschology at all..
8. The law of war.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.17.10)
It should be clear and beyond doubt : although the IDF is the most moral army in the world, our main concerne should be, first of all, to keep our children alive. Any other consideration is of minor importance. As to the right of our country to defend itself :
9. Soldiers
Marilyn ,   USA   (06.17.10)
Know that the people on these ships did not say that they believed in non-violence, therefore when having a bunch of frenzied up people, there is a pretty good potential for violence. Especially with an approach like the one that was taken. Do organizers have a responsibility to plan things well and do research and protect soldiers and everyone else from unnecessary danger? You bet.
10. PTSD and Present Day Images
Panda Bear ,   Omaha Nebraska   (06.17.10)
Having PTSD myself, I can fully appreciate the PTSD trigger the photo images mentioned in this article can create. I pray for these soldiers and encourage them in getting help for their PTSD issues. For certain, #4 shows her complete insensitivity to anyone who suffers from PTSD, from any country or life circumstance. People can suffer from PTSD from any type of trauma in their life, a natural disaster, combat, sexual assualt, physical assualt, child abuse, a tragic car accident, and so on. So #4, before you start shooting your mouth off, why don't you educate yourself and then maybe you won't make such a fool out out yourself. And just because this article is about former Israeli soldiers suffering from PTSD due to the present time flotilla images in the media, doesn't necessarily mean others who suffer from PTSD in the area are of any less importance. It just means that this media, ynet, chose to write the above article solely focusing on former soliders who are suffering PTSD issues from the flotilla images. If this is not what you want to read, then start your own internet news site and write your own articles.
11. Barak again
MC   (06.17.10)
Another reason for Barak to go He bundled this episode..
12. It's Making Me Feel Stressed,Too!
Popsi ,   Toronto Canada   (06.17.10)
So where's the rehab therapy for hundreds of civilians, most armed with nothing , who not only got to tend to two wounded, 'beaten' IDF sailors but also the dozen dead and others wounded by IDF gunfire? At least they don't have killing anybody on their conscience. A clear conscince is another good basis for avoiding PSTD.
13. Hi Yitzchak :)
lara ,   Australia   (06.17.10)
I've never served in the army and was much too young to remember the Israeli incursion in Lebanon in 82, i was there amoung the bombs falling. I'm sure being a soldier would be a difficult thing to endure, however i think that being an unarmed civilian or a child with no military training is much more difficult. The reason i think the article is so stupid is because it blames Turkish newspapers for publishing photos (which were also published on Ynet and Heretz and other Israeli news sources) for inducing trauma in someone who finished their service a year ago. While smack bang, in the middle of the article is a bleeding israeli soldier. Don't you see the stupitidy in that?
14. "Start your own site"
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (06.17.10)
#10 "If this is not what you want to read, then start your own internet news site and write your own articles". ...and if the images of blood from the murdered aid activists is too much for the Israeli war veterans to stomach I suggest they don't watch them.
15. #10 - i wasn't implying that PTSD isn't an illness
lara ,   Australia   (06.17.10)
and i'm quite happy in my chosen field so i will leave the news writing to those who write it. That does not mean i have to agree with it, hence my opinion.
16. #13 - lara :)
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.17.10)
No. Israel tried to protect its soldiers and worried moms from seeing the graphics of their friends and family being visciously attacked by these Turkish terrorists. In Israel, showing humanity to its citizens, It was enough to see the violence without showing the bloodied beaten faces of our soldiers. Then Turkey and CNN Turkey proudly and inhumanly showed the real pictures, gloating over the damage done to these Jews, not Israelis, but Jews. The sight was horrific. That is the way of the Moslem world - UNPROVOKED attacks. Personally, I would not have ordered our boys to board that boat, I would have ordered a torpedo to sink it!!!!!!!!!! Tell your Hizbolah to stop shooting rockets at us and maybe we won't have to drop bombs on Lebanon. Collective punishment? Yes! I'm all for it. You allow Hizbolah to rule. You get what you deserve. By the way - I was not in Lebanon but my son was in Southern Lebanon. He says it's a pretty country. It's a shame that your Hizbolah is causing it to be destroyed. BTW - I was here when your friend Saddam Hussein was raining down SCUD missiles on my head. So don't play the victim with me!!! The "victim" mentality won't work with me as it probably does with other Jews. I see Moslems as "aggressors". Period. But have a nice day :)
MARK ,   DENMARK   (06.17.10)
18. #16 Yitzchak :)
lara ,   Australia   (06.17.10)
These "terrorists" were in international waters. Their ship was raided not the other way around and they were the ones with bullets in them not the IDF. It would be much worse for the Turkish mothers who's son's didn't even make it out alive at all. You say Israel tried to protect its mothers from seeing beaten up soldiers, well that is the reality of the situation. A mother needs to know what she is doing when she sends her son out with a a gun and a licence to kill. She needs to know she is sending her child to their potential death. Censorship of this is inhumane and does not prepare a parent or a soldier for what could potentially happen. A soldier has a choice and they chose to put themself in high risk situations and they chose to kill and to be killed when they pick up a gun. You wanting to fire a torpedo to sink it would have cost the lives of hundred of civilians, which might be why you're not calling the shot and. I'm quite thankful for that. As for Hezballah, If it wasn't for their resistance in the 80's i might be dead, who knows. Although 2006 was a bad move, Israels attacks were disproportionate and negligent without regard for civilian life. And yes, Lebanon is beautiful you should go visit if you ever have the opportunity to see it. I didn't like Saddam Hussain either, but the U.S led war on Iraq seems to have caused far greater damage to Iraqi people than he did. "d'ont play the victim with me!!! .... I see Moslems as "aggressors". Period." Firstly, I wasn't playing the victim, I was answering your question. And Secondly, I'm not muslim. P.S. Thank you for refraining from name calling and for not calling me anti-semetic in that one. It's much nicer to reply without the hate. Have a lovely evening. כאשר כוח האהבה גוברת על אהבת הכוח העולם יידע שלום.
19. in the future wars stress may be pre-traumatic
observer   (06.17.10)
The intense fighting in 1973, produced a high ratio of psychiatic cases, with figures ranging from 12.3% to 23.1% of all nonfatal casualties. The IDF had to develop edoctrine for treating battle stress victims AFTER the war. Many reservists served much longer than three weeks. In 1967, the IDF began demobilizing major units two days after the cessation of hostilities; but in 1973, Israel faced a very different war termination. Governed by the appearance of post-traumatic stress in the troops after only less 30 minutes duration of hostility to overtake a civil ship, in the future wars stress may be pre-traumatic as well.
20. #6
Turk ,   Turkey Land of Brave   (06.17.10)
Typical IDF bunch of Fairies when they come across real men! its easy when your bombing and shooting children and women.
21. What is troops' forced conversion to Hashashim religion
observer   (06.17.10)
Combat Stressed IDF Soldiers are being Treated With Pot (cannabis, marijuana).
22. Robert, Lara and Mark
Panda Bear ,   Omaha Nebraska   (06.18.10)
Well Robert, I am certain that they won't watch the images once they understand that it is triggering their PTSD issues. And rather than bantor back and forth political rhetoric, you might want to choose to educate yourself more about PTSD and examine just how this problem in the 1940's, 50's, 60's and so on in the Middle East, Europe and in Israel played a role in creating some of the political problems in the region. Lara, unfortunately the way you communicated in your first post leads one to believe you are a typical anti-semite and that your main concern in posting your post is to express your own anti-semitic feelings rather than any attempt to understand the underlying point of this article. Understanding PTSD in better detail can only help in bringing peace to the region. Unfortunately, most people don't want to educate themselves on the topic, even the US State Department, which would benefit greatly from such an education in dealing with the various issues in the region. Lastly, Mark, you are just a plain jerk. You make me ashamed of my own Danish ancestry. And as far as being in the Salvation Army, your behavior and post herein bring that claim into question. As my best friend from high school is a Major in the Salvation Army, I am very familiar with their beliefs. I am also certain that someone who served, serves and will eventually serve in the Salvation Army would never post any type of unG-dly remarks such as yours. And any remark that puts down another knowingly in a negative manner would be considered an unG-dly remark in the eyes of the Salvation Army.
23. Look at the next picture
Ilan Lopez ,   Santiago de Chile   (06.22.10)
May I suggest a soothing remedy: the next picture shows how Turkish doctors treat these lightly wounded soldiers, whose comrades on the upper deck are meanwhile busy shooting non-soldiers armed only with sticks and knives. Was anyone traumatised by the needless killing?
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