Ex-Spain PM: If Israel goes down, we all go down
Published: 17.06.10, 13:06
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1. Thank for a breath of sanity
Duchess   (06.17.10)
2. Thank you for the TRUTH.
Ana ,   Spain   (06.17.10)
Outstanding article! This is a man with foresight.
3. we've failed by letting Israel get away with breaking law
4. Israel
Rob ,   South Africa   (06.17.10)
Wow, someone with brains.
5. Oh, Israel's not "going down"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.17.10)
Even if it means that a whole lot of places get turned into glowing cinders. Really. But thank you, Mr. Aznar, for daring to speak the truth. Thank you indeed.
6. red mists of anger ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.17.10)
It's no mist ,it's the real and ugly face of Islam which even Israel can't bring itself to say. Israel like the West is too fearful of offending the heathen followers of moon god allah and so they get on their knees and appease this evil instead of destroying it. The west is throwing Israel to these barbarians as a sacrifice.
7. Jose Maria Aznar.
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.17.10)
Very true & logical article.
8. Bravo! Mr. José Maria Aznar
Mina ,   Haifa,Israel   (06.17.10)
Thank you for your voice of sanity & reason & for exposing the truth. May God Bless you.
9. Aznar listen
David ,   Israel   (06.17.10)
For one who has observed the rise and fall of Spain...Rise in the 8 years of Aznars reign it became an economic and cultural super power in europe after coming out of deep reccesion caused by Felipe Gonzalez....the fall Zapatero using fear with the Atocha bombing just 24 hour convinced the public he was the best option.....where is spain now...nearly Bankrupt in line with Greece and portugal and in the forefront of antisemtism against Jews and Israel appeasing the Arab world...Hypocrisy is at its best in spain...Aznar the best leader Spain has ever seen shame shame europe has lost vision....
10. Muchas Gracias compañero !
Yossef ,   Rehovot, Israel   (06.17.10)
I was not aware that Aznar was so smart.
11. Aznar
Uncle Ben ,   US   (06.17.10)
if only all spanish people would share your view - bummer, but thanks anyway.
12. amazing! AZNAR got it RIGHT . Bravo for you
political courage!   (06.17.10)
13. OMG a sane Spaniard that sees thru the BS media spin!
Kelly ,   Ireland   (06.17.10)
14. Israel has gone down, a matter of time to be known
Chris ,   USA   (06.17.10)
15. If Israel goes down = the whole WORLD goes down!
Philip   (06.17.10)
16. The prophecy
Ron Stuart ,   Oklahoma,USA   (06.17.10)
It is written in the bible that Israel will be attack from surrounding countries including Russia and its allies (Iran,Turkey etc).What ever they try to do, no single country in this world can defeat or eliminate Israel. Mr. Obama, remeber this.
17. Response to # 3
Norman Silbert ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (06.17.10)
God bless double standards. What WOULD people like you do without them? Hold HAMAS and Hizballah, and for that matter Turkey, to the same standards and THEN come and talk to me.
18. After Madrid Bombings, He Saw True Face of Islam
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.17.10)
19. Where is Marco the Chimp?
Yaron ,   USA   (06.17.10)
I await your ignorant comments like a cold drink on a hot day!
20. Mr. Aznar is one or Iraq war criminals
Palestine   (06.17.10)
One million is killed there, and many millions become refugees, pls don't act as a peace preacher
21. A fresh wind blowing
tiki ,   belgium   (06.17.10)
from a wise man amongst the 'mass hysteria of the world. No wonder that under HIS rule the Spanish economy was 'booming.
22. Aznar sounds like a man of honor.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.17.10)
23. Ex Spain PM on Israel
Lynne ,   New York, USA   (06.17.10)
Thank you for your integrity and for saying what needs so desperately to be said by all reasonable people. Israel is a bastion of democracy - something no Arab country can claim - and Turkey's move to Islamism is a huge mistake for that country and its people Bravo Senor Aznar -
24. a friend much appreciated Gracias
sue ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.10)
Thank you dear friend. after all the scathing attacks on our country, it is heart-warming to hear such positive remarks from a prominent political figure in Europe.
25. what a brave man he is ! thank you very much sir.
the last jew ,   israel   (06.17.10)
26. Aznar knows Muslims want Andaluz returned to them.
Alan ,   SA   (06.17.10)
27. Intelligent voice
sm ,   uk   (06.17.10)
Nice to see a European politican with guts and intelligence for a change. Israel (though not perfect) is a constant reminder to Arab and Muslim countries of their backwardness, with a thriving hi-tech industry, a pluralistic and democratic society and now heaven forbid huge quantities of gas !! It's never been about the peace process it's about the inability of neighbouring countries, including a majority of Palistinians, to accept a Jewish 'foreign entity' in their midst. The real agenda of the islamists is obvious unless of course you're a not very bright activist in which case you'll still think it's about humanitarian aid. Duh!
28. if you where a good prime minister
you would not have been kicked in your a** by your own people
29. Gracias Senor
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.17.10)
You're someone who understands
30. Congratulations Israel
Palestinian   (06.17.10)
You managed to get the support of the most racist/fanatic people. Gert Welders, Aznar, Nick Griffin,Pat Robertson, .... I'm wondering why.......
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