Police seeking haredi no-shows
Shmulik Grossman
Published: 17.06.10, 22:00
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1. next news draft will be: WE made a mistske, all parents wher
2. Misleading
R ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.10)
"The Haredim are upset over a High Court ruling against the discrimination between Ashkenazi and Sephardic girls at the Beit Yaakov school in Emmanuel." Again... poor reporting on Ynet. There was NO discrimination. 30% of the girls in the religious school were sfardi. Several of the arrested parents were sfardi. Sfari rabbis spoke at the rally. Sfardim participated at the rally. Yet Ynet continues to ignore these facts.
3. For the haredim this is just some excitement and something
david ,   manchester   (06.17.10)
to talk about as their day to day existence is just painfully boring.
4. it;s not so
Proud Charaidy ,   Bnai Brak Israel   (06.17.10)
Because, As a Charaidiy family member, we are ready to fill up the Jails !!! I will prove it to with the following, it has come to a point that many Charaidim are being forced into difficult situations (by the state of Israel) so frequently that it has become a way of natural life, i.e. many Charaidim have occupied the prisons ( for no legit reason) on a steady basis until its not considered hash punishment any more. All the Charaidim hear all the time is, threats from the State of Israel, it gets to a point that one gets immune to it . (like the story of crying Wolf) Same with the Emmanual girl school parents, they know that the ONLY reason they are forced into Jail is because they are religious, so they are not concerned to fight it, expect that this is from g-d, in order to get rewarded by g-d in the world to come. After all we don't live our lives for this materialistic world, but for Olam Habah (the world to come) in heaven, together with g-d. The support the parents received from over 110,000.00 people proves that we are united as one big happy family, and nothing is going to change it.
5. Lies Lies
grandestgrandma ,   petach tikvah   (06.17.10)
This is a total lie that parents did not show they all went willingly and without a fight g-d bless them all and protect us all from such an arrogant hateful disfunctional system Shame on all these narrowminded supposedly judges, wondering what would happened if they meddled in the Muslim system they are dead meat.
6. Anat Kamm
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.17.10)
How is it that Israeli leftist traitor and spy Anat Kamm was only given house arrest while the religious Jews who understand there is an Authority about the Low Court are sent to prison ? israel shows every sign of suicidal madness and is in self destruct mode.
7. Bye bye Ynet!!!!!
Jason ,   NJ USA   (06.17.10)
Ynet is most bias news site I have ever seen!!!! I’m not Heraidi, just a Jew from New Jersey looking to follow the news from Israel. For days now, Ynet is reporting on this story but never ONCE gave the readers an inkling of what is really going on! It’s like their only objective here is to paint the Haraidim as racists! (Which maybe they are) in this article, the only mention of what this protest was about is the following “The Haredim are upset over a High Court ruling against the discrimination between Ashkenazi and Sephardic girls at the Beit Yaakov school in Emmanuel.” Ynen, I’m sure other readers want to know the full story as well! One would expect Ynet to be an objective media outlet! Well I guess your not! Just like the media here in the US! Left lunatic propaganda!! The good news is, I now found! I find them to be much more objective! And a better site as well! Bye bye Ynet!!!! You lost some ratings today!!!
8. very sad
grandestgrandma ,   petach tikvah   (06.17.10)
It's sad that you are so narrow-minded and have no idea of what is going on and you have the nerve to comment from the far shame on you too.
9. 20 sefardim are going to Jail - news outlets are misrepresen
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.17.10)
ting the issues. It is not a racial issue. Its about personal civil liberties. Does the Supreme Court have the right to force you to go to a school which is not up to your standards or not. That is what the protest is about. Stop incitement.
10. Riots Everyday
Rebecca T. ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.17.10)
These Haredim have much in common with the Taliban.Riots in Jaffa, Bnei Brak, Jerusalem...what a shame!Setting fires, throwing stones.violent behaviour & very intolerant.Thousands protesting at the drop of a hat....why don't they get jobs like normal people? The more religious, the wackier they are "upstairs".What an embarassment to Israel!
11. byebye Jason ... enjoy Glick and get lost.
avi   (06.17.10)
12. # 11 Avi, one day, you will understand.
Eli ,   USA   (06.17.10)
13. Rule of law must be upheld
Yitzhak ,   Holon, Israel   (06.17.10)
If the haredim don't like the ruling of the Supreme Court, then they should stop accepting subsidies from the State for their schools and welfare checks for their lazy men who refuse to work and serve in the IDF. The rule of law is what governs a democratic society, not the intimidation of religious fanatics wearing 19th century Polish noblity costumes.
14. Haredim
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.17.10)
Why are the fathers saying to their daughters or to the media that they didn't do anything wrong, when it is a fact that they defied the state law. Let's go further with this and have their daughters in school with Black Jews. Pure discrimination / racism is being shown here in this case. On another note, look how many don't work - if they were working they would be too busy for riots and protests. Leeches.
15. Hope this protest taught the High Court that they are NOT
A Good Lesson For ,   The High Court   (06.17.10)
above the law and certainly NOT above the rule of Rabbis.
16. Slumming With The Slonims
Jay A Friedman ,   Raanana ISRAEL   (06.17.10)
As a religious Zionist I can understand how upset the children were when their parents left them. I still recall that – 37 years ago - when I received a Tzav Shemona (emergency call up) on Yom Kippur and left to report to my base, my children were also bewildered and upset. When my son fought in Lebanon, his parents were fearful about the outcome. And now – when three of my granddaughters – whose observance of authentic Judaism encourages them to serve their country in Zahal – are stationed at unknown bases -their parents and grandparents think of them daily. Frankly, I am not interested in Slumming with the Slonims – let them go their way without expecting or receiving any special benefits or treatment from my State.
17. #14 Some of those "Black Jews" are now in prison as well.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (06.18.10) Or some select quotes: " Earlier Thursday, demonstrators in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak heard prayers from rabbis and speeches from the parents, while many demonstrators carried signs saying "I am a Sephardi haredi too."" "One of the parents, a Sephardi, addressed the rally in Jerusalem saying, "Yesterday my little boy told my daughter that because of her dad is going to prison. I picked him up, kissed him and said that not because of the girl but thanks to the girl I am going to prison. It is our opportunity to sanctify the name of heaven." It's not Ashkenazi vs. Spharadi. Never was.
18. Jay A. Friedman #16:
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.18.10)
Thanks, you've summed it up well. And a special appreciation for the sacrifices and efforts you and your children and now your grandchildren have made on behalf of the State of Israel. Like you, I have absolutely no time nor sympathy for these packs of protesting prima donnas who take and take and take and give back nothing nor have any appreciation for those who actually do give and sacrifice.
19. Ashkenazi Jews
Ezra ,   san diego   (06.18.10)
I happen to find myself identifying with the Torah, Sephardic Jews and the Zohar. That said, I believe Ashkenazi Jews come from a different tribe, and should be respected as such. I love them as a different tribe of Jacob and like Sephardic Jews, the worship of HaShem requires respect between the tribes. Baruch HaShem. Let them separate their children if they want, but if they're not teaching their children respect for other tribes, they work against HaShem.
20. #14 - State secular eyes???
William ,   Israel   (06.18.10)
Barbara, State Law forbids acts of racism, including segregation. That's not the case here where different schools of charadi thought exists side by side but don't cross-pollinate. As a secular, how can you or the court system know this, consider it anything important, or even care? They don't! It's not different then in the US the many Christian school systems which are very different. An Episcopal student would not attend a Mormon school, etc. It's not racist, it's about the right to follow one's religion freely....and the US is very strict about racist acts. YOU made the determination of what's in the hearts of the parents there, but you didn't take one minute to understand them. That's discrimination in its most basic form.
21. Notice the huge turnout at this rally
William ,   Israel   (06.18.10)
and not one threat, not one firebomb or rock, and not one burnt building or hurt person.
22. #13 - providing subsidies doesnt give right to control them
William ,   Israel   (06.18.10)
Otherwise, many groups in Israel should be subjected to the whim of the State at any time just because they receive some form of subsidies. Who are you to judge the Charadi way of life? They have their own culture, their own logic, their own ways of living. Does that threaten you in Holon? To demand they do what YOU want and how YOU live your life is nothing short of a violation of their own human rights. What would you do if the State demanded your children be sent to a poor-performing, dangerous school in Bat Yam? Would you protest to high hell...or accept it because the education system is subsidized??
23. News please
Joseph ,   Sydney, Australia   (06.18.10)
why isnt ynet at least reporting the news. they have not explainged, or attempted to explain the Haredi position. how can more than 100,000 people come out and protest and not one news source has bothered to write and even half the truth. please at least pretend to to have some journalistic integrity.
24. #23 - "how can...100K people protest" and not covered?
William ,   Israel   (06.18.10)
Because none of them are gay or against the existence of Israel. It's just not "worthy" news to media outlets.
25. William - # 20
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.20.10)
The Haredim can have their girls study any place they feel like it - but, they need to pay for it. If they want it for free, then they have to take what the state gives them. In my secular opinion, it does no harm to study next to other kinds of people (color or religion). The strength of the mind is formed in the early years of development. So sure they can follow their religion freely, but not on our taxes.
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