German legislator: Stop 'thriving Holocaust industry'
Dor Glick
Published: 18.06.10, 08:41
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61. To: No. 47
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.10)
How would you know if I have ever slandered anyone? Slander relates to VERBAL expression. Have you ever heard me speak? I think not. I have certainly never libeled anyone (libel, needless to say, relates to WRITTEN expression). Please learn the law before expounding upon it. Always a useful exercise. That said, if you think that it is hateful to denounce terrorists, thugs, common criminals in the guise of "humanitarians" and their state sponsors, well, okay, I'm guilty of hate speech. Good luck proving it in a court of law.
62. To: No. 45
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.10)
Any hatred that I have or have expressed is directed against those who wish to see the State of Israel destroyed and the Jewish people exterminated. Read the charters of the thirty-odd Palestinian organizations each of which purports to be the sole true representative of the Palestinian people. Each such charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination and/or expulsion of the Jewish people. You don't like it? Too bad. Sue me.
63. Get accurate in your reporting
Khalid ,   The Netherlands   (06.18.10)
You started your article by using the typical zionist terminologies of "anti-israel", "hate-speech" and so forth. Reading through the article, it is not difficult to conclude that what this man is against is not Israel per se but rather the policies of Israel and its continuous crimes against the Palestinian people since its establishment in 1948 on the ruins of their villages and towns. So stop fouling people these zionists lies won't pay off anymore.
64. To Palestinian #54
lippy ,   Israel   (06.18.10)
You better learn to curse Apfel. Your turn will be as soon as Apfel decides that Moslem immigration to Germany is just to much to bear.
65. Israeli Crimes Caused This
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.18.10)
Your country has done so much evil of late that the Goyim have had enough! The man speaks the truth and the truth is not anti-semitic. Someday the Americans are going to be so revolted by the actions of Israel that they too will turn against you. That will be a good day for all humanity.
66. # Nicky
Jens ,   Germany   (06.18.10)
No, it's finally time to kick their ideas out of people's heads and then the NPD will disappear all by itself. The NPD is not the reason why people are anti-Semites, they are the result. Antisemitism can only be fought by determined efforts of all parts of the society, and not by banning a political party. And as long as we fail, we deserve to live with the shame that braindead scumbags like Apfel are violating our parliaments with this twisted and ill crap.
67. It's the NPD - nobody takes them serious in Germany
Dror ,   Berlin/Tel Aviv   (06.18.10)
68. To: No. 52
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.10)
It's not a question of forgiveness. It's a question of forgetting. Which we choose not to do. Would you ask black Americans to "get over" slavery? Then don't ask me to "get over" the Holocaust. You didn't have to look at numbers tattooed on your parents' arms. I did. So shut up.
69. This guy is a future Muslim Convert
Plenty of the likes of Erdogans in Germany who will soon take over that country.
70. . . . from a neo Nazi
noa ,   israel   (06.18.10)
If there was even one-hundredth of one degree of truth to Israel being a terroist state, it could never begin to compete with the likes of Nazi Germany, which only happened 60 years ago.
71. @#11: afraid of what, sour?
J   (06.18.10)
afraid of 'BIG BAD ISRAEL'? a tiny little country, surrounded by arabs who want us in the sea? exactly what are the bully euros afraid of? they are just jumping on the islamic bandwagon, ready to pounce on us when they think Israel is down. i've got news for you: WE'RE NOT DOWN AND WE'RE CERTAINLY NOT OUT. WE ARE THE ONES WITH G-D ON OUR SIDE.
72. #65: the world can go against us, doesn't matter
73. Neo Nazi Legislators Suck!
David P. ,   USA   (06.18.10)
this guy is pathetic
74. The NPD ..
glen ,   israel   (06.18.10)
... in earlier days they would have added THEM onto the list of non-Aryans to be exterminated. Life is truly strange.
75. Apfel doesn't speak for Germany
Tobias   (06.18.10)
This guy doesn't represent Germany, but only a relatively small group of extremists, which don't have any real political power and only make headlines sometimes by being expelled from the regional parliament because of hate speeches like this. I'm glad that this guy has been banned from parliament sessions for half a year.
mika ,   france   (06.18.10)
Very well said, however you are waisting your time fighting these Jew-haters, they are ignorant . Much before Israel existed, Germany and many of its collaborators were giving the same kind of hate speech so that the mass of idiots would beleive and hate the jews. We should never forget what happened to the millions of jews, particularly in these countries, but I am not surprised to hear that kind of BS from Germans.
77. The extreme right & extreme left in most of Europe
Matthew ,   West Coast, USA   (06.18.10)
have converged and become one. They're basically very vocal dhimmis.
78. A QuestioTo all you wise peaple who claim Israel stole land
Mike ,   Israel   (06.18.10)
The small piece of land most refer to as Isreal was established in 1948. Can any of you arabs, and or wise anti Israeli "ynuts" like Maty Grove, Peter etc tell us what country did Israel exactly steall from, was there a mounterya system, court system, school system etc. Did this country all of claim the Jewish people stole have borders? passports? was there an infrastructure? Lastly, why when in 1948, UN declard this land for both arabs and Jews, with set borders did the arabs attack? why? For once I would love for one of you smart talk backs who spend time on an Israeli site to responde with some iintelligence, just once. I doubt this will happen.
79. The theory that Hilter
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (06.18.10)
has converted to Islam is very reliable! If you study the quraan and the hadith you'll find very similar things with thr Nuremberg Racial Laws. When the muslims conquered Syria from the christians and the jews, the khalif Omar put laws to the christians and the jews, these laws were called the Pact Of Omar (google it for more info.). Hitler was a very good friend of the mufti of Jerusalem, the mufti wasn't put up to trial for killing 5000 jews children, because the world was afraid from the anger of muslims.Other example in 1935 Persia changed the name to Iran - The state of Aryan people , as a gift to Hitler... There are a lot of examples, i can't name them all. If you're interested just google it. P.S. Ynet please don't censore.
80. NOT the bastards of the small NPD are
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.18.10)
Germanys really big problem, it is Germanys so called silent majority which is saturated with Antisemitism... The late MP of the state of Baden -Württemberg, Oettinger, for example was a rabid Jew-hater...!!!
81. #68 - i didn't know 50yr olds said "I did. So shut up."
lara ,   Australia   (06.18.10)
82. .
mk   (06.18.10)
really so im glad that you associate yourself with someone who clearly is still a neo-nazi and in fact support his anti-Semitic garbage
83. German legislator: Stop 'thriving Holocaust industry' - ????
David ,   Montreal   (06.18.10)
Hey Apfel, Maybe if you're people hadn't massacred 6 million of my people we wouldn't be in this situation. 'Ever since the creation of Israel..' who is he kidding? Stay in your NAZI hole Apfel!
84. Do not ignore anti-Semitism.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.18.10)
Do not ignore History’s lessons on hate and Anti-Semitism. Do not ignore the hate of Jews : you know where it starts, you never know how and when it stops as explained at :
85. #79 The persia of 1935 was pretty much anti islamic
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.18.10)
If you read the biography of the 1sth Pahlavi king,you would realize that not only was he anti-religion,but he also despised islam and fought it. He ruled based on Persian-ism and promoted ancient Persian values. So technically speaking,Hitlers friendship with persia had nothing to do with islam and all. In other words,persia was a prety much remote part of the middle east. Had its own laws and values.
86. @ nr 5
thomas ,   germany   (06.18.10)
sorry but it is democracy and if it is his opinion that israel is a terror state than no law forbids that also what do u have 95& of that parliamant were against him so let him talk bullshit the problem is more whats going on on the streets here then some stupid npd guys
87. Sounds like Matty Groves ....
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.18.10)
and a number of other talkbackers, who will meet the same fate as Jorg Haider without Israel even lifting a finger.
88. not surprizing
European jew   (06.18.10)
Nazi wher ealways and are always fond of muslims fantics. The mufti Husseini was Hitler guest in Berlin during the war and toured Aushchwitz camp during its activity, urging nazi to slaughter more jews. That'sthe ugly truth palstinians tries to hid etoday. But their link with all the bloody regime from Iran, to genocidal Sudan or Saddam Hussein prove sonly their criminal intents. Israeli's dont give up the fight
89. To No.87, Janice, I share your hope...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.18.10)
90. #72 Barbaric Bronze Age Sky Daddy Not Going To Protect Israe
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.18.10)
Religious fanaticism on all sides is going to be the death of the whole Middle East. Then again, maybe that is the wish of the all powerful Sky Daddy. Maybe he wants all you fanatics to kill each other so the rest of us can get some peace and quiet. Go ahead Sky Daddy, kill them all and sort them out.
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