Report: UNIFIL will enforce Resolution 1701, stop flotilla if needed
Roee Nahmias
Published: 19.06.10, 12:45
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61. No, Matty: YOU are WAAAAAY Off. Sara B remembered a loss
Sara B did not set out to "lie". When a person is connected to their humanity, one remembers the pain upon hearing that a child was killed. In this case MANY children were killed. For people like Sara B and seemingly everyone here but you it is a deep impression of pain in our hearts when we hear of children being killed (whether Jews, Palestinians, etc). For YOU it is a nit-picky statistic. YOU are the one who is "off".
62. San Remo
observer   (06.20.10)
Part V Section II (95) of the San Remo Manual states that a blockade must be effective and cannot let certain vessels in while rejecting others. Israel has, since the start of the blockade, permitted certain ships to enter while not permitting others. Of the numerous trips staged by the Free Gaza Movement, several earlier trips have been permitted to reach Gaza through the blockade, where as others were not. The blockade is also in violation of Part V Section II (102) which prohibits blockades that: have the sole purpose of starving the civilian population or denying it other objects essential to its survival; or the damage to the civilian population is, or may be expected to be, excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated from the blockade. an "international armed conflict" with Gaza's Hamas leaders is a prerequisite for a legal blockade.For such a conflict to exist, Israel would have to acknowledge that it is occupying Gaza.
63. Matty is really a very sick person...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.20.10)
He is driven by his extreme Antisemitism, which he tries to mask behind pseudo arguments, like his pretended compassion for the "poor and oppressed" Arabs and ridiculous personal attacks... He can join ranks with the Kiwi-scumbag and some other disgusting and infantile characters... These people are a constant reminder of how low a human being can sink in order to pursue its amoral ambitions...
64. Matty
Under ,   Taker   (06.20.10)
You seems to be a very rightous man, This is no Las Vegad here, and opposing to you, we do not gamble. Sarah B might be wrong, might not. I didnt check th details, BUT, your provoking comment is a disgrace, does it really matter what was the ages in this body count? what is your real purpose man? what you are trying to gain with this comment? a sympathy? good feeling? kisses? hugs? you are a really really small man, ppl who lost their dearest still living in grief and all you want to do is to prove you are small small man....
65. BDS not even Arab leaders/media subscribe to your lies
PETER SM ,   AUTRALIA   (06.20.10)
.. "The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinian people and in destroying their unity. They did not recognize them as a unified people until the states of the world did so, and this is regrettable." -Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), from the official journal of the PLO, Falastin el-Thawra, Beirut, March 1976 "Who brought the Palestinians to Lebanon as refugees, suffering now from the malign attitude of newspapers and communal leaders, who have neither honor nor conscience? Who brought them over in dire straits and penniless, after they lost their honor? The Arab states, and Lebanon amongst them, did it." -- The Beirut weekly Kul-Shay, Aug. 19, 1951. 16. "We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down." - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Said, quoted in "Sir An-Nakbah" by Nimr el-Hawari, Nazareth, 1952
66. SALMA the camps where Pals experience Arab apartheid and the
PETER SM ,   Australia   (06.20.10)
Lebanese army happilly obliterates with artilery fired intoi the camps till they are destroyed,without a word from any of the usual "humanitarian activists"
67. :: #58, #61, #62 & #64
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
7 children (out of 15 people) were brutally murdered in the Sbarro pizzeria attack. Sarah BS *invented* an 8th child who she claimed was *her* 13 yrs old son and died in the same attack. Not one shred of evidence exists to support her bogus claim. You should ask yourself why she would make up this fake story just to gander sympathy from posters here.
68. matty#67 Now that you proved Sarah wrong are you
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.20.10)
Hapy that only 7 children died at the Sbarro attack? Does it make it a good deed that only 7 children died? Couldn't it be that Sarah might have made a small mistake but the crime that happened is big enough to forget about the small difference? Couldn't it be that she mistyped it but the crime is still as bad?
69. :: David - #68
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
Are you saying that a mother would make a mistake about the age of her son when he died? I think not! No it is not a mistype as she made the exact same claim several times since 2009 and I can quote. Look David you can look for excuses all you want but the fact of the matter is real victims of terror attacks don’t make basic mistakes about such simple matters as the age or sex of a child killed in a terror attack. Of course not! You can try and turn this around by focusing on me but this does not negate the fact that Sarah BS invented an 8th child who was supposedly killed in this horrific terror attack and claim it as her own.
70. :: David - #68 - Quotes
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
"I have walked in their shoes (my 13 year old son was murdered in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem in 2001)" (11.08.09). "... nearly one year to the day after losing my 13-year old son to a suicide bombing attack" (11.04.09). "My son was murdered by the suicide bombing at Sbarro Pizzeria" (06.03.10). "We buried our boy following the suicide bombing at the Sbarro Pizzeria"(11.02.09). "My son was killed in a suicide bombing attack" (12.01.09). David you can revile me as much as you like for outing a fraud but tell me what would you think of someone who pretended to have lost a child in a terrorist attack?
71. Matty
David Isarel ,   New York, USA   (06.20.10)
What Sarah wrote is immaterial. The fact is an Arab Suicide bomber did bomb the Sbarro restaurant killing many including 7 children. It is an awful atrocity premeditated planned and executed in the most despicable way against civilians. You can keep trying to deflect the facts by attacking Sarah's mistakes or exagerations but the reality is out there as we have all lived through it. Sbarro attack as well as the Dolphinaruim, Netanya wedding, the bus #51 and many others are the facts. For you to still keep on attacking Sarah only shows your callousness to the sad reality, It shows who you are. Thats all. REnjow the hot humid day at CT. (I believe you ar in Fairport CT right)
72. Walter Matty Groves
Chatich   (06.22.10)
In my heart, all seven of those children were mine as are all the innocent Israeli children killed by spineless, barbaric pal/arab depraved acts of terror. You can quote me on that. When samir quntar (may he rot in hell for eternity) crushed that toddler's skull with the butt of his rifle, that was MY little girl. And don't try to soil this by moral equating these victims with pal children, their parents teach them hate, train them for suicide and hide behind them in battle. You can lump the blame for their deaths with the same jihadis who murder Israeli children with their human bombs and projectiles of death. Fact is, the sum total of everything the IDF has ever done does not even approach any single act of muslim terror, for pure savage evil. Yet here you are splitting hairs over irrelevant statistical minutia. You are wron on so many levels. Seek help.
73. Peace ???
Tom ,   Canada   (10.21.10)
If you want to see what Pals are taught Google this. "you tube Palestinian Cleric "Explains" the "Jewish Nature". They are taught to hate and as long as that continues there will never be peace.
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