Report: US battleships cross Suez Canal
Roee Nahmias
Published: 19.06.10, 14:55
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1. Iran won't dare to make an overt military
Rich in Boston ,   Boston USA   (06.19.10)
move. It threatened to escort the blockade runners but didn't. It can't and won't challenge Israel and the US in an overt military gesture. Iran knows it can't win any kind of military exchange. Watch.
2. I am actually excided
Eyal ,   USA   (06.19.10)
This one is for Matty and the rest of the Anti Israel Clowns.
3. Israel's Wild Nature??
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (06.19.10)
"The decision to declare war on Iran is not easy, and Israel, due to its wild nature, may start a war just to remain the sole nuclear power in the region.” Does anyone else see the irony of General Radi’s description of Israel as having a wild nature? If I am not mistaken, didn’t the Israeli commando team board the flotilla ships armed with paint ball guns? I do believe the flotilla was warned multiple times that they were approaching a military blockade. There is video confirmation that members of the boarding party were nearly killed after being stabbed, shot and beaten with metal pipes. No General! The civilized world is not fooled. It is the wild nature of the Muslim world that has the world on edge. It is the Muslim world that exposed the rest of us to beheadings, honor killings, suicide bombings, and virulent anti-Semitism. In your multiple failed attempts to remove the Jews from their land, it is the Muslims that have become the modern day barbarians. As the months and years pass it is not the Israelis, but the Muslim world that is sinking further into the depths of savagery
4. #3 Carr, Couldn't say it better myself
AD ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.19.10)
You hit the nail on the head.
5. Glad to See US Ships There
Christy ,   Boston, US   (06.19.10)
I hope nobody is foolish enough to try and start a war. I have very close relatives serving on US Ships, so I get a tad nervous when I read reports like this. (I have no idea where my relatives are deployed - they do not tell us.) However, I want the US to support Israel should Iran, or anyone else, try anything. I want the US to support what little peace there is in that region. Glad to see the US Navy in that area!
6. Somebody needs to change this article
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.19.10)
The US doesn't have any battleships in it's fleet, nor does any other country in the world. Carriers, cruisers, destroyers, etc. are not battleships.
7. To #3
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (06.19.10)
You took the words out of my words. I'm happy to see more and more clever people understanding the true reality of Israel and it's neighbors. God Bless
8. M. Carr
Daniel ,   DC   (06.19.10)
You are 100% correct but unfortunately it is also the Muslims who are winning the PR campaign. It seems that whatever Israel does other than roll over and play dead is a war crime, crime against humanity, new holocaust or an act of apartheid. Israel as the pariah state is the more popular than Israel repelling yet another attack on its sovereignty. If oil becomes less of an issue then perhaps the world will see the Muslim states for what they are. Harbingers of savagery, anti-anything after the 7th century CE and the modern day barbarians you so rightly accuse them of being.
9. Christy in Boston # 5
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.19.10)
I am glad to see the US Navy there also. I wish you and all of your relatives well.
10. You are right
Resistor   (06.19.10)
Yet another oportunity missed! You are making "them" look good. Re-correct the aim lads............
11. Well, the writing is on the wall
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.10)
Let us hope that the mullahs in the Islamofascist Republic of Iran can read .....
12. Israel Wild Thing !!!
Alexis Sitton ,   San Juan PR   (06.19.10)
Cool !!! Sweet !!! Awesome !!! That's the way to Be, Eretz Yisrael !!!
13. NR 1.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (06.19.10)
14. NR 6.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (06.19.10)
15. I think they intend to give Iranian Convoy order to turn bak
Alan ,   SA   (06.19.10)
16. Unfortunately Obama has hyped up every loony Muslim State!
Alan ,   SA   (06.19.10)
Each loony state has become totaly taken with the idea that Israel is now alone and can with one more little push ,be taken down. I think Obama has done more to bring the World to a World War than anyone since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962
asaniraniannational,icouldnothaveexpressedmyselfbetterthanyou didjustnow. how accurate youare and how realistic. there is no way iran can sustain itself and its regime under israeli and american attack and under the recent extra punitive sanctions that both the eu and america is slapping on its economy and energy industry now. once these sanctions take effect, the regime will be weakened, desperate and the rug pulled from the revolutionary guards' feet. without monies for their program, they will suffer and weaken economically. then, the people will revolt again knowing that their victory is just around the corner. may the iranian people choose a true leader. a democratic leader and not a religious fanatic instead of the ape of tehran. karoubi and the otehr ones are not the right leaders because they are not too far from the aspirations of the present deadlt iranian mullocracy. the leader has to come from the young, from the democratic young university block. those that want relationship with the civilized world not via war and threats, but via an honest exchange, an honest connection with the west. hameed aboughaze, iranian
18. Report: US battleships cross suez canal
Richard ,   Phoenix, Arizona. US   (06.19.10)
This report is in doubt. Though I support Israel I am sad to say that largely my President does not. The other thing that bothers me about this report is that the title states battleships are part of this fleet. The U.S. has no battleships in it's current navy. The report also makes no effort to state ship type or place of orgin. If you had a fleet it would consist of several types of ships, cruisers, destroyers, frigits etc. The only other mention was that of an aircraft carrier. The other mention of troups being involved make this report absurd. It just sounds like a child who wants people to think the worst wrote this. More accurate information from this source should have been expected before it was put in print.
19. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.19.10)
Sarah B. he is at it again @ "UNIFIL will stop Gaza-bound flotilla" If you dont compalin to Ynet about this, I will.
20. #16
Adrian ,   UK   (06.19.10)
love yah!!!. Comments... Spot on!!
21. #13 Swedith Meatball...
Rich from Boston ,   Boston USA   (06.19.10)
Iran has no choice. Missiles are not a strategic offensive weapon. Iran would not dare launch an air raid or naval attack against Israel or US military target. It may by way of proxy but with limited results. Stairing down the face of a head to head military conflict, Iran is paralyzed and without options. If you know any I'd love to hear them...meatball.
22. Bird@19
Resistor   (06.19.10)
Ha ha ha ha! You are so overdramatic!
23. :: Birdi - #19
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.19.10)
She know, she has to ignore these posts lest she is shown up again. BTW just what is the ‘complaint’ - that I am pointing out a verifiable fact?
24. NR 21.
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (06.19.10)
25. #17 Hameed Re: #3
Hal ,   Usa   (06.19.10)
Glad to see you back. You always bring clarity and reason to any discussion of Iran. Thank you for that. In regards to Mr. Carrr, I too agree that the dye is cast for muslims and their nations that enter into the hate Israel arena. History has provided an axiom for the war against Israel by it's enemies, that being, as Israel is attacked it gets stronger and it's enemies have to drain their own people of money and humanity to get even with Israel. They ( Israel's enemies) never do "get even" and their people waste another generation fighting and dying for the hatred of Israel. So as you say, " the Muslim world is sinking further into the depths of savagery". Such a supreme waste of humanity and resources. The greatest minds in the Middle East should be solving relevant problems of humanity. Unfortunately for Islam, at the moment on any given day hundreds of Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims for a variety of reasons in wars and ethnic turmoil. The economies and societies of these people are crumbling and producing almost nothing compared to their capacity. Pathetic!
26. #16 wrong
ben Ish   (06.19.10)
You said "Obama has done more to bring the World to a World War than anyone since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962." I must correct this error. In fact, Obama has done than *anyone* at *anytime* before, in bringing the world to the brink of disaster. He has encouraged and rewarded every hostile nation. He has reduced the credibility, strength and position of the US. He actively works to eliminate national borders. He has embargoed arms to Israel since Jan 20, 2008. He diminishes the office of POTUS, and literally bows to others. He has removed all barriers to the rapid radicalization and growth international terrorism and protects any and all institutions that work against the US. In effect, he has taken the guns away from the Sheriff, and given them to the outlaws, and goes that extra mile to tie up the townsfolk, stealing their money to pay for the gallows he will ultimately use to hang them with.
27. If this is REALLY about a coordinated action...
Liberty Lover ,   USA   (06.19.10)
against Iran... Why in the world are you reporting this???!! Remember: "Loose lips sink ships!"
28. Stupid is as stupid does!
Mike ,   vancouver   (06.19.10)
You and your ludicrous kinds mindless blather is one of the driving forces behind basically the worlds disgust with the bastard state of israel! Iran will take out more than just a few US and israeli naval craft if their hand is forced by more ILLEGAL cowboy stunts from israel. Look up the Sunburn missile system.
29. #28 been studying at the crack
Rich from Boston ,   Boston USA   (06.20.10)
Canadian military acadamy? Whats its name again? The sunburn system developed by the soviets in early 2000 was bested by a Raytheon developed SeaRam anti-missile system. The sunburn or heartburn as we call it, is useless. Next.
30. #28 Canadian military development...
Rich in Boston ,   Boston USA   (06.20.10)
doesnt exist. Canada relies on the US for its protection. What where you saying? Idiot.
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