Sheikh Jarrah protestors hope to draw attention with vuvuzelas
Ronen Medzini
Published: 19.06.10, 18:20
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1. sheikh jarah demonstrators save the democracy in Israel
2. #1. you are smoking something and it isn't democracy.
ralph   (06.19.10)
3. Does this Sands guy have a song for Gilad Shalit.
Yoav Naor ,   Haiea Israel   (06.20.10)
Why are we allowing this guy Sands whatever to even open his mouth,and cause trouble,put him on the next plane and piss him off.
4. Sands take you music to Teheran where it is really needed
Effie Doron ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.10)
Or you could try,Saudi Arabia,or any Muslim capital.Lets see how long you would last,before they kick you out.Sing a song to those jackasses that you are singing to,about how they are being tolerated in Israel.An Israel that is the only DEMOCRACY in the ME.Sands go home we have enough shit-stirrers of our own.
5. Wait a sec
Daniel ,   Boston   (06.20.10)
"Some 300 people gathered in Sheikh Jarrah on Friday for the weekly protest against Jewish presence in the predominantly-Arab east Jerusalem neighborhood" Jewish presence? Are you serious? I can understand the call for an establishment of a Palestinian capital there, to some extent. But this is simply racist. First of all, there are the Jewish quarters there which were there since the city was basically built (with no interruptions, mind you). But even if there were not there, how could you possibly justify a prohibition for Jews to live in East Jerusalem? There are Arabs who live in Israel, Muslim and Christian, and in fact the Arabic population in all of Jerusalem is growing, so the whole protest is misguided at best. Either way, this is simply Antisemitism, unless the article is misquoting. If it is a misquote, it should be edited. If it isn't, then this article should be more critical of the protesters, and in fact every reasonable person should condemn it. I know there are Israeli Jews there, most likely, but that doesn't make the event any less antisemitic. It would seem that those present there are completely confused and don't realize that they are being racist against their own race. I support a two state solution, if it can be achieved, and I certainly don't mind a Palestinian state. I'm not sure if it's a good idea for them to have a capital in Jerusalem, but I understand the demand. That's fair. But to demand that there are no Jews in East Jerusalem (or the rest of the potential Palestinian state) is simply antisemitic.
6. חחחחחח HAHAHAHAHA
rachel ,   chutz4now home soon   (06.20.10)
ynet is the comedy channel now? thank you ynet for the laugh. now if you please ask these people to stop the incitement so my friend's baby can sleep? really vuvuwhatevers are over the top. next they will? they did the nude thing a while back. weather has been good for it. don't forget the sunscreen.
7. obviously have no idea about
rachel ,   chutz4now home soon   (06.20.10)
our "peace partners". Read their charters. watch their tv programming. and this is just the "good moderates". 57 muslim states all bent to destroy through war or piece by piece the jewish state and then jews. o btw...then after that the rest of the world.
8. "Jerusalem is for the Jews, and we need to stop ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.20.10)
"Jerusalem is for the Jews, and we need to stop apologizing about this." In 1967 in the Six Day War, Israel became in control of East Jerusalem. They did not use their conquest to deprive the Moslems access to their holy sites in East Jerusalem as the Jordanians had done to the Jews and Christians. The Jews are going back into East Jerusalem where they had been driven out in 1948. If anyone is doing ethnic cleansing, it is the Arabs. It appears to the Israelis, therefore, that Obama and Ban Ki Moon wants to keep East Jerusalem JUDENREIN. More about Jerusalem :
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