Report: Berlin to play suspected Israeli agent case by book
Published: 19.06.10, 19:38
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1. Nor should they
the separation of the Judiciary and the Government is seminal in any democracy.
2. Germany
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (06.19.10)
All Muslim terrorist organizations are connected,some years back a Muslim terrorist group planed to destroy a 1000 year old Cathedral in Colon,so,everything is legitimate to fight this deadly enemy.
3. #2: It's not a good idea to allow Germans "everything"
Fritz ,   Germany   (06.19.10)
History taught.
4. # 3 Fritz
J.K. ,   Brooklyn N.Y.   (06.19.10)
If you don't fight Alkeda,Hezbolla,Hamas with 'Everything', you will become History,what happened in Hitler Grmany is unique,today humanity is facing a bigger threat than Hitler,Islamic Mesianism,people will have to give up some of their freeadoms in order to destroy this crazy movement.
5. Bla bla
N. Rubin ,   Europa   (06.20.10)
@J.K. , Brooklyn N.Y. Bla bla bla. First Stop to kill Civilians in ME.
6. well well
ramesh ,   india   (07.19.10)
...which country's people are fine enough to get allowed to do "everything"?! stupidity at its best!
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