Report: Brodsky used cover name Alexander Verin
Dor Glick
Published: 19.06.10, 21:46
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1. :: No Shame?!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.19.10)
“Berlin is livid with Mossad for citing "persecution by the Nazis during the Third Reich" in its request to issue a passport under the name Michael Bodenheimer” What is it with people that they would sink so low as to use such sensitive and emotive events to create a false persona? Don’t they have any shame?
2. Matty #1
Resistor   (06.19.10)
Matty, jews are so arrogant, that they have no shame today, and kill with immunity and impunity. Who will stop them, and remind them of their past??? We will!!!
3. :: Resistor - #2
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.19.10)
Alas any of our good efforts will not be enough. Change must come from ‘within’ if it is to have any real merit. For example one cannot ‘change’ a chronic alcoholic/drug abuser/gambler/etc, these poor souls must first acknowledge their own problem(s) and make a conscientious decision to change themselves for the better. Likewise with Israelis they must make a conscientious decision to treat their Arab neighbors as they themselves would like to be treated. They must learn/acknowledge that occupying and brutally oppressing the Palestinians will not endear the Palestinians to ‘love thy neighbor (the Israelis)’. Sadly this is a lesson lost on most of the Ynuts here but thankfully not all Jews/Israelis are Ynuts so there is hope.
4. to:1,2,3
Jennie ,   US/ISrael   (06.20.10)
Oh, How tuching is it: you 2 "boys" exchanging your emotions...Just like 2 wolves crying on each other's shoulders for not being able to cone grandma to let them in....The red riding hood, they stole from the litle girl couldn't make them look any different then what they really are- wolves with big rotten teath...
5. nice to see two jew-haters agreeing
nutty resistor ,   camarillo   (06.20.10)
After all the inhumanity heaped upon the Jews over two millenia by haters like this pathetic resistors and mattys of the world, Israelis will do everything it takes to ensure that the enemies of the children of Israel will be dealt with in ways not so different from the biblical times. Jews can defend themselves today, and how. Get used to it.
6. what is so wrong?
mattan ,   usa   (06.20.10)
as a son of a holocaust survivor, i see nothing wrong with using the holocaust to save jewish lives, or human lives, whether they are jewish or not. a passport was illegally obtained, yes, but that is not the big picture here. a murderer was eliminated. that is the big picture. countless lives were saved by this elimination of a known terrorist leader. germany should be happy that it indirectly played a role in something that benefits all of humanity.
7. Matty
Ronen ,   new york   (06.20.10)
Matty, stop being so naive. Israel is at war with Hamas which is a terrorist group. They're not going to wait for clowns like you to protect them.
8. No shame indeed for killing a murderer of Jews.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.20.10)
9. Matty & Resistor, you are really
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.20.10)
heartwarming in your hypocritical selfrighteousness and shared Antisemitism, NOBODY needs Jew-haters like you...
10.  :: Resistor - You see?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
Here we have multiple Ynuts who need to change themselves for the better, only once they acknowledge their problem (ie: they are stuck in a ‘biblical times’ mindset) can they take their first steps towards joining the rest of humanity.
11. Political Pressure
Patrick ,   New York, USA   (06.20.10)
I would be pleasantly surprised if Poland or Germany don't cave in to political pressure from the Israelis.
12. Legal Process Should Apply
Dean ,   London, England   (08.01.10)
There are too many emotional talk backers, I would expect the legal process to work itself through in this case. Why should any Jewish or Israeli person object to this? No one is above the law.
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