Al-Zahar: Let Hamas fire rockets from West Bank
Ali Waked
Published: 20.06.10, 15:40
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1. :P so much for libaration.
ghostq   (06.20.10)
that only will make the WB in blockad, oh dear they truly believe that shooting at Israeli civilians achieve anything, I guess they will never learn.
2. This is what the two-state solution means.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.20.10)
Rockets from Judea & Samaria falling on our heads. Not much of a solution, is it?
3. It is because Fatah has some concern for the people
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (06.20.10)
Hamas take over in Gaza did not liberate it, it took a free area with commercial operations and international support and turned it into a prison camp. The people in the West Bank have a standard of living undreamed of in Gaza and they do not want to let Hamas take them back to the 14th century.
4. Peace talking
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (06.20.10)
from the religion of peace!
5. Why do we never hear calls for Hamas leaders to be ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.20.10)
Why do we never hear calls for Hamas leaders to be charged with war crimes? Why, for example, do we hear no calls for human rights investigations into Hamas gunmen using Palestinian children as human shields? Why so few stories on the reports of Hamas assassins going to hospitals to hunt down their fellow Palestinians? And where are the international human rights groups demanding that Hamas stop blurring the most fundamental line in warfare: the distinction between civilian and combatant? Did the West surrender to Islam or does anti-Semitism prevail over justice? As to what Islam means for all of us consult :
6. Fatah & Hamas.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.20.10)
PLO-Fatah never had a problem with Hamas attacks against Israel, or with its annihilationist ideology as regards Israel. This ideology is shared by PLO-Fatah and is widely popular among the Palestinians. Consequently not only did the PLO-Fatah never prevent Hamas from attacking Israel, it collaborated with Hamas in attacking Israel and did so while disseminating Hamas’s genocidal ideology throughout the PA. PLO-Fatah did crack down on Hamas when it felt that Hamas was threatening its grip on power, but in all other respects, it supported Hamas – and continues to do so. More about Fatah and Hamas at :
stude ham   (06.20.10)
there is no such thing as 'humanitarian' in any dealings with these corroded hamas hate mongerers.
8. This statement should illustrate to those who don't ...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.20.10)
...understand - or refuse to understand - why Israel must maintain control over the border passes to Gaza and the West Bank as well as control over the air space and sea access to these territories. The goal of those who refuse to accept Israel's right to be, to exist, is to annihilate the UN member state of Israel and erase any trace of Jewish existence in it. But the "peace movement" abroad, obviously, care less because Israel is the national home of a singled out people, of the Jewish people.....
9. This is Obama and EU Solution!
10. And this guy is supposed to be a Hamas "moderate"
Alan ,   SA   (06.20.10)
11. Gutless Al-Zahar.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.20.10)
After the pounding they took in "Cast Lead", Hamas is barely firing from Gaza. And nobody doubts the pounding they would take in West Bank.
12. Al-Zahar: bloody father guilty of the death of his 2 sons
Joe ,   Canada   (06.20.10)
For Al-Zahar it is not sufficient that his fanaticism led to the death of his two sons. He still does not understand: he needs more blood on his hands. A hopeless case who happens to be a "leader" inciting others to repeat the same crimes to achieve an impossible objective. A bloody fool.
13. Goldstone / Obama - Are you there?
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (06.20.10)
You must be proud of your new buddies?
Adam ,   Israel   (06.20.10)
Never was a people so full of lies as these Hamas. They lie so much they actually believe themselves. The truth will prevail, it always does :)
15. Al-Zahar is an idiot
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.20.10)
Zahar's "fatwa" is invalid and Illogical, but t's not far away from the follies of this man !
16. Road map to Piss
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.20.10)
Israel has obediently followed the Washington Pimps Road to Peace only to find that they have been sold a case of deadly snake oil. Israel has allowed the snake oil salesman to train,fund and arm Fatah and the weapons Bush provded Fatah in Gaza are now in the hands of Hamas there. Failure after failure and Israel keeps drinking the poison. Will the Quisling Netanyahu jump off the train which leads Israel to the new and improved final solution ?
17. Fire This Guy!
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (06.20.10)
It is the words of Al-Zahar that clearly demonstrate the fallacy of the two-state solution. Israel gave autonomy to the Gazans and got rockets in return. With his words what incentive has Al-Zahar given to the Israelis to allow statehood for the West Bank?...none that I can see. The problem with the Muslim Arabs is that they have great difficulty controlling their emotions. If I were this guy’s boss I would sack him immediately for telegraphing to the enemy (Israel) their true intentions. What has Hamas gained by the utterances of this man?...nothing. If anything, he has only managed to drive another nail into the coffin of the two-state idea. If the West Bank Arabs felt that it was in their interest to lob missiles into greater Israel, I’m sure they would find a way to accomplish it. The fact that missiles aren’t flying sends a stark message to Hamas that raw emotion will not conceal. Hamas has ineptly maneuvered itself into almost total isolation. Aside from a few rag tag blockage runners, and Muslim countries that do little more than issue empty threats and heated rhetoric, Hamas has very little real support.
18. Hamas! you will not win the next elections
Daniela   (06.20.10)
wake up guys, all the world is against you, even the majority of the palestinians!
19. Democratic Ynet fascinates me !!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.20.10)
Ynet published only what it likes ! after all, I used to think that freedom of speech here is better than the Arab media, but almost the same thing, the difference is simple any way, this not change my mind about Al- Zahar
20. Zahar's plea
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.20.10)
Naturally, I would not like to see rockets being fired. Let the pressure of world opinion; the flotillas; and boycotts, divestments, sanctions, and litigation do their work to bring down Zionism. It might take longer, but these worked against apartheid South Africa and they will work here, too. However, if the use of rockets from the West Bank are needed to liberate Jerusalem from the Zionists, then so be it, but only as a very last resort.
21. peace partners! You must be joking.
sm ,   uk   (06.20.10)
This is exactly why peace is impossible with dangerous lunatics like Al-Zahar and the rest of the Hamas and Fatah terrorists. This is why the peace process is dead and buried. Stupid western activists just dont understand the muslim/arab mindset, it's one message to the media and then the mask slips and we see the true face of islamic fascism. Just listen to the nonsense spoken by politicians, the UN ect 'Israel and a palestinian living in peace side by side' Ha ha! The only solution is a new palestinian state in Jordan and well done to Geert Wilders for have the courage to express this view.
22. Al-Zahar vs Israel
Brod ,   USA   (06.20.10)
Al-Zahar is instigating Islamist-Jihadists to attack Israel with rockets. What is Israel waiting for? Israel should dispatch its elite Commandos to take care of business on Al-Zahar. No person or entity should order attacks on Israel and enjoy impunity!
23. graczek
Daniela   (06.20.10)
for your information Jerusalem belongs to the jews and It will be jewish forever, like Paris belongs to France like Teheran belongs to Iran. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, it is holy to the jews for more then 3000 years. GET IT.
24. "oh yes liberate jerusalem"
dana ,   usa   (06.20.10)
Yes, so it can be just like the rest of the arab counties. Shia against suni. They can start blowing each other up. When women get raped they can have honor killings. Think of the joy and happiness. Such a shame. I wonder who would be the dictator for the palastinians. There are so many examples of peacful arab countries.I just can't think of one.
25. is this the same Hamas who want to break the blockade?
sue ,   Jerusalem   (06.20.10)
and we should let their "humanitarian" boats arrive in Gaza??????
26. A response to graczek - #20
Kate ,   London, UK   (06.20.10)
Spoken like a true Pole.
27. Hamas are Emboldened by US/EU/UN Vicious Propaganda Jihad
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.20.10)
against victim Israel. They are also emboldened by the massive reward for terror of another 400 million dollars to Hamas controlled Gaza by Muslim Obama. Muslim Hamas terrorists are treated like rock star celebrities. They are emboldened by Obama giving $20,000,000 to move members/supporters of Hamas, to the United States - free housing, food, etc. There are many Muslim terrorist training camps in America-they are allowed. (No one is protecting America!). Google: Muslim terrorist training camps in America. Will the thousands of new Hamas immigrants join the camps? Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in America – Feb 16, 2009 Homegrown Jihad
28. there are more like him in Hamas...a pity
JO   (06.20.10)
They cry democratically elected so equals what?, - they believe in democracy????? No, democracy is more than just a ballot box. When you brutally kill your opposition (democratically elected as you were) you follow the laws of the jungle. there is only one Arab MK who makes any sense and cares for his constituents, the rest want international political fame. Hamas idealogy is a curse on the Palestinians and any progress .
29. Capture every hamass member possible, trade them for Shalit.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.20.10)
30. #19 Salma - Al-Zahar
Madeleine ,   Israel   (06.20.10)
Fan of his, are you Salma? Really helping to give you poor sods a good standard of living, good health care, giving children a normal childhood? Just wait and see wha tIsrael will do if the Palis on the west bank start attacking us. poor delusional you.
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