Cabinet: All non-military items can enter Gaza freely
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.06.10, 20:58
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1. The International Community could care less
BJL ,   usa   (06.20.10)
about Israel's security, Gilad Shalit, Hamas getting weapons, Hizbullah getting weapons, Syria getting weapons, Iran getting weapons. They only care when Israel defends itself. Then they howl like a pack of Jackals.
2. pals know a lot about media propaganda
abraham ,   toronto   (06.20.10)
it has worked well for them Time for israel to wake up and join the media war.
3. More Appeasement
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.20.10)
Back in 2007 and 2008 I called for a complete shutoff. Egypt should handle Gaza we have no responsibility for Gaza we are not occupying Gaza. Gaza is more of a threat if Fatah is in control because then they will want a land corridor. Why wait 2 years I say immediately cut off Gaza from everything from the Israeli side let them get their stuff from Egypt and the sea. What Israelis doing now is appeasement.
4. The world is panicked by Muslim expansion
Vardina   (06.20.10)
throughout Europe and the USA. The price of stupid globalization.
5. #2 It's not the Pals
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.20.10)
Based on this story from Newsmax Left-Wing Lobbyists Orchestrate Gaza Campaign. Wonder if Obama was involved just a opinion.
6. Bibi has sold out to Blair!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.20.10)
Our Prime Minister screwed up again over the "Flotilla" but of course he wasn't in Israel at the time! Why wasn't he in the country when he knew that the event would cause a huge international furore? Now he is giving in to international pressure and in particular to Tony Blair who, as we all know, is no friend of Israel and the hell with Gilad Shalit! World opinion will not change and again Netanyahu has shown weakness and the Arabs will take full advantage of this. There should be NO relaxing of the blockade until Gilad is at home!
7. Had to laugh!
Resistor   (06.20.10)
"as well as international raid workers " Like flotilla raids?? Now, is coriander still a dangerous weapon??
8. Israel humiliates itself through weakness to try look good
zionist forever   (06.20.10)
Israel has never understood how to manipulate the media to its own advantage. When it takes actions to try look the good guy in the media it backfires and everybody sees it as a sign of weakness. In wars when we try to look good by using limited violence then because we are so concerned about image which turns out bad anyway we don't get the job done properly and the whole thing has been for nothing. The only times the world ever had any respect for Israel was when it acted tough. Snatching Eichman and putting him on trial. Here was Israel snatching Eichman and putting him on trial for war crimess. With the possible exception of Argentina and the UN as a body everybody loved it and admired Israel. Today we talk about how many hundreds of terrorists we are going to release in goodwill gestures. In 1967 before the palestinian politics began everybody looked at Israel defeating 3 armies in 6 days it became the stuff of legend. These days we don't fight an enemy until the job is done. We drop a few bombs but then say we want to use only limited force then we negotiate bad ceasefires and the enemy recovers and comes back stronger than ever. In we 1979 flew commandos half way around the world to Uganda to rescue hostages. Something not even the US with all their recources would have never dared try. In 2010 we sent commandos with paintball guns to board a ship and they ended up getting lynched, civilians killed and the world condeming Israel. All this in our own backyard not Africa. When Israel acted strong we were respected, it might not be liked but it was respect which in some ways is even better because it sends the message don't mess with us. Israel has become an embaressment unto itself because it lacks the will to do what needs to be done to defeat its enemies instead we talk about past victories like 1967 and pat ourselves on the back for that instead of getting future operations right.
9. :: Not good enough!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
Throwing a few more crumbs towards the Palestinians and pretending that it is a noble gesture will not fool anyone. The flotillas will not stop because of this ‘magnanimous’ gesture and every NGO/HR Org/etc/etc has every right to condemn this move by Israel as ‘insignificant’.
10. another HUGE mistake! what a shame !
stephane ,   france   (06.20.10)
i can't believe that israel ( that i love so much ) is doing again and again the same mistakes ! don't you see that each time you do concesions you bring more violence and deads in the streets of israel ? don't you remember the 90's ? when peres and rabin gave jewish lands to the palis in the hope to have peace? we only had every sunday terror attacks as a result of those concessions ! what happened when we left lebanon !? what happened when we left gaza !? do we have peace now !!? so let me tell you: this decision is a huge mistake because, as usual the pals will say that it is not enough and that this ease in the blockade is a zionist propaganda bla bla bla....and the worst of that: you send a message of weakness to all the antisemits who want to send more ships! now they will say that they were right to put pressure on israel, that israel understand only violence, and they will send 10 time more terror flotillas !
11. Another surrender
mike caton ,   USA   (06.20.10)
YET ANOTHER SURRENDER BY iSRAEL TO"WORLD OPINION"and the "International Community" which ardently\awaits Israel's destruction. This does not bode well. Now Hamas will have more money to spend on weapons.
12.  US lauds decision, Hamas calls it 'deception'
Galut ,   selah   (06.20.10)
....Hamas calls it 'deception' ... words from an organization that practices Deception reguraly to achieve thier goals....
13. Matty
Resistor   (06.20.10)
Israel does not want to surreneder to World Opinion. It wants to be isolated1 Free Gaza BDSI
14. a good move-take away the excuse for breaking the blockade
Galut ,   selah   (06.20.10)
any flotillias will have less importance...and thier true politcal purpose can be seen more clearly
15. Matty Groves , Fairport
Galut ,   selah   (06.20.10)
reinterpted your words to mean that Gaza must have freeflow of weapons to hamas to fulfill its charter goal of removal of israel completely from palistine....Am I right this part of the solution you advocate?????
16. #9 Matty
Madeleine ,   Israel   (06.20.10)
Well, I'd like to see the palis make a gesture or two. What have they ever done apart from whine at their situation - mostly of their own making - or fire rockets at us, send suicide bombers etc? I think relinquishing Gaza (apart from the stupidest mistake we ever made) was as big a gesture as we are ever likely to make and what did we get for it? 8000 rockets, suicide bombers and a regime dedicated to our annihilaiton. So tell me Matty, why the hell shoudl we make any more gestures?
17. :: Resistor - #13
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
Well it is doing a very good job of isolating itself with no help from anyone else. BTW re: Coriander was declassified as a weapon of terror since 07/06/2010. However Nutmeg, as far as I know, is still considered a threat to Israeli national security.
18. Lift cruel blockade Let Palestinian Children taste Chocolate
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.20.10)
Israeli blocade is unlawful and inhumane you have no right to lock people in a reigion and airbomb and kill their children Palestinian children growing without knowing what a Chocolate is like Israeli policy doom them to became militant warior that is why you find more terrorist in Middle East than any other place in the world LIFT BLOCKADE LET PALESTINIAN CHILDREN TASTE CHOCOLATE
19. :: Tayfun_Turkey - #18
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
I will go one further: Let the children of Gaza taste freedom.
20. :: Galut - #15
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
No I advocate that Israel signs up to the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 and allows the establishment of the state of Palestine. <(hamas to) fulfill its charter goal of removal of israel completely from palistine> Just to bring you into the realms of reality for a moment can you kindly explain *how* Hamas can feasible remove the state of Israel from the region?
21. :: Madeleine - #16
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.20.10)
Well they have resisted Israeli occupation and oppression (by peaceful and violent means) for decades. If Israel was occupied by a belligerent power would Israeli not resist by violent means? Did Israel relinquish control of the Gaza airspace/waters/border crossings? No it did no. For exactly the same reasons Israel is making ‘gestures’ at the moment ie: by bowing to international pressure and doing what Obama dictates.
22. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.20.10)
Bravo. Well said, Madelian.
23. # 18
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.20.10)
AW, your concern about Pallie kiddies not tasting chocolate is so warming. Dummy, they are getting their dose of chocolate via the tunnels. Not to worry.
24.  #20 Matty Groves , Fairport
Galut ,   Selah   (06.21.10)
Hamas by themselfs ..probably not...but rather in combination with Iran ,syria and Hezbulah who also have the same goal....and with the support of world peace niks like yourself who support hamas types irrespective of thier violent nature. altimately it is doomed to failure according to the bible....
25. Matty
Quote: Did Israel relinquish control of the Gaza airspace/waters/border crossings? No it did not ================ good question. Israel withdrew gave Gazens 100s of Greenhouses to produce food with (Hamas supporters promtly destroyed) and started launching qassam as a thankyou to the israelis . has hamas declared in thier charter that they will recognize Israels right to exist? have they declared they will cease all terror activities against Israel?not just HUDNA ... --------- Until hamas is ready to get serious in that area...Israel is within its right to take measures to protect its people....the right of every nation .
26. Rolled over laughing "Israel the
johnsrobey ,   usa   (06.21.10)
Jewish State" What about the 20% of the population of Israel that is not Jewish? I guess they don't count.
27. Suspend any "easing" until Obama takes these steps in return
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (06.21.10)
1) Leftist groups in the US have begun blockading the offloading of Israeli ships in US harbors such as Oakland with picket lines which US longshoremen will not cross; Obama must immediately use Federal authority to stop this and compensate Israeli shippers - or NO "easing" of Gaza blockade. 2) Obama must suspend US shipments of weapons, military aid and spare parts to Egypt until it effectively ends the shipment of Iranian missiles (offloaded from Iranian ships at Suez) across Sinai, in clear violation of Sinai's demilitarized status. Ditto Mubarek giving visas to Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops disguised as "peace activists" to cross Sinai to Gaza, another violation Place "easing" in abeyance until Obama reciprocates.
28. Almost everything can be a military item
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.21.10)
Concrete, steal, car/trucks, computers/electronics, fertilizer, house hold chemicals, tools for factories, books for training, cell-phones, TVs, medical equipment and even food to feed soldiers. Duel use items makeup most items uses by people daily including the house they live in or place were they work, since they are made of steal, wood and concrete in most casts.
29. Is Obama naïve?
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.21.10)
Obama's reference to "settlements" as "illegitimate" and an "obstacle to peace," ignores the September 2005 uprooting of all Jewish settlements from Gaza, which severely exacerbated Palestinian terrorism, triggered the December war in Gaza, paved the road to the Hamas takeover of Gaza and further eroded Israel's posture of deterrence, thus enticing Arab aggression. Life of the civilian population in the Jewish communities around Gaza became a nightmare :
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