MK Zoabi: Blockade easing proves politics as motivator, not defense
Roee Nahmias
Published: 20.06.10, 23:41
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31. #29 What does Israel get in return?
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.21.10)
More kassams and now threats from al-Zahar to launch terror attacks from the West Bank. Terror is repugnant!!! Save your 'collective punishment" cliches for moonbat supporters too lazy to seek the truth. Zoabi is obviously trying to carve a niche for herself in Palestinian politics. Being a traitor in the Israeli Knesset will look good on her resume. The Knesset needs to give her the boot and expedite her departure. See if you can get her a job.
32. #31 You get Nothing
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.21.10)
The reason is very simple: political extortion is both immoral and counter-productive, as you've been educated in the past 2 weeks. You get nothing - absolutely nothing, in return of lifting the illegal siege on 1.5 million people.
33. self-defeating precedents
Mirza ,   Londonistan   (06.21.10)
While recent actions have proved beyond doubt that Israel's motivation for its blockade is that of collective punishment and not of security, certain posters here go further to shoot themselves in the foot by suggesting that voters are to blame and be punished for the actions and/or policies of their governments. Interesting yet unsurprising precedent you set there, that would imply that the natural logic of al-qaeda and countless other terrorists is shared by Israel.
34. Chutzpah, slippery slope, and others.
joe   (06.21.10)
with poor leadership, restricted vision, rhetorical practitioners of limited scope, what can we hope to achieve on today's world stage?. In 2010 Israel, if done by a misinformed public or vile politicians, the end result is the same. In winning every war since infancy in 48', Israel has shrunk not only in stature but in size as well.. In WWII, might was the necessary ingredient required for the elimination of the 3 most murderous regimes on earth. The age of Hi-Tech, oratory, a wide screen in every home, seem to be the tools required in order to achieve the " elusive " victory on the battlefield. The so-called mighty of this world, have always objected to give Israel the ultimate victory " la force des armes " Is it because the French lost Algiers, Indochina?; or the UK losing it's vast empire?; or the US defeat in the Mekong Delta, Korea stalemate, bloody nose in Lebanon & Yemen?; or Russia's shrinking real estate and rout in Afghanistan?. Very hard for yesterday's mighty to swallow what that little " shitty piece of land " could achieve?. Only god and allah know. Events do develop at a rapid pace these days. It looks like islamic hordes or the civilized world will emerge after the dust ( what dust ?) settles.
35. #32 Precisely
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.21.10)
More terror, no agreements. Only free access to Gaza for your leaders to work in unison with terrorists and bring in more weaponry. It's shameful how your leaders use the 1.5 million people for political extortion and financial profit.
36. #29 - Israel recognized "Palestine" in 1994
William ,   Israel   (06.21.10)
and they still an area where ALL the "Palestinians" can go to, self-rule, not hurt anyone (this is important), and have their own State. I don't believe the "Palestinians" have agreed to that yet, even when signing the Oslo Accords. BTW - rockets on Israeli civilians is also collective punishment...but you seem pretty ok with this. and Jerusalem? Not occupied, just a grave wrong (ethnic cleansing of Jews and stealing of Jerusalem by Arabs) has been reversed. And I love it!!
37. #33 - supported by actions, not just votes
William ,   Israel   (06.21.10)
The Gazans are not innocent bystanders by any means. And while voters in the US, Israel, etc. do protest against their govt's actions, in Gaza, residents come out in droves to show support for Hamas, some taking on suicide belts and going forth to attacking civilians in Israel. Homes, mosques, schools, flour mills, hospitals - all used in war crimes and based on law, that makes a good portion of the population "non-civilians". Besides this - I doubt Al-Qaeda would move aid into areas where their "enemies" live, but rather attack markets, housing, and schools...while Israel goes after Hamas agents and strongholds. and last I recall, Al-qaeda declared war on the West, just as Hamas declared war on Israel. Tough luck to be on the losing side, huh?
38. #32 - fine, have your spices and panties
William ,   Israel   (06.21.10)
but that's where it ends. Return Shalit and end the declaration of war, then we can talk about lifting the legal war-time blockade. I'm a bit surprised at the calls to end the siege in the first place when all testimony shows they have plenty of everything in Gaza, except jobs....which they won't get because Hamas blew up the major sources of employment - an advanced greenhouse and the Erez industrial Park. They certainly won't be going to Israel to work, the other major source of employment. We'll lift the blockade on Gaza....when the US lifts their's on Cuba.
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