Report: Lebanon gives ships green light to set sail
Roee Nahmias
Published: 21.06.10, 09:30
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1. Typical
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.10)
A very typical Arabian style. Deceit, lie, cover, lie, pretend, lie, play dirty games, lie, accuse others for everything, lie, do not accept any responsibility, lie.. And the world media will support them, again. What is wrong with this world?
2. Palestinians have no rights in Lebanon
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.21.10)
Over 400,000 are kept in refugee camps. The Lebanese flotilla is a farce. I'd like to hear these female activists explain why they don't take better care of Palestinians living in Lebanon.
SHAI   (06.21.10)
4. WIll Cypress act as intelligently as they did last time?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (06.21.10)
5. So..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.10)
So are they coming or not? Everyday a different story, different excuses, different tricks. Btw, will Greta Berlin also participate? She is very quiet these days, enjoying dirty Iranian money for her role in piss flotilla?
6. Hypocrisy is the norm
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.21.10)
Western politicians and journalists of the West joining those Islamists trying to open the Gaza blockade. The democratic (!) Lebanon checking the ship before it departs for Cyprus (Sic). Ahmadinejad sending his own flotilla to liberate(!) Gaza from the Zionist blockade. And the UN`s Moon congratulating Israel on its first(!) step towards the opening of the blockade.
7. To cynthia
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (06.21.10)
They have one right, which is one way ticket to there country ( Palestine ) which you took from them.
8. # 7
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.10)
AI report on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon states: "Most are people and their descendants who were expelled from or otherwise fled their homes and lands nearly 60 years ago during the events surrounding the creation of the state of Israel and the Arab-Israeli war of 1948. " Pls notice a very careful, diplomatic construct : "or otherwise fled their homes", and mind you, this is AI, very tough on Israel whenever it can be..check history, who asked them to leave? Why? (AI will not tell you that, of course). It is nice that you are on the side of suffering, but sometimes the world is not just black & white.
9. To Mike
Karinette ,   Netanya, Israel   (06.21.10)
You should better inform yourself as it seems that you have no idea of the history in this region. Thank you for showing us, once again, that palestinian propaganda is working great in Europe.
10. No 7 Pal Refugees
Julian Lawrence ,   London,England   (06.21.10)
The Arabs turned down The offer from the UN Partition plan in 1947 of more land than they are supposedly asking for now. Instead they attacked Israel and lost land . They should return to Jordan which constitutes 85 Percent of British Mandated Palestine. Pls check your history and not beleive arab propaganda.
Jason   (06.21.10)
12. Fine!.. but it will need properly armed escorts
RJBH ,   Methil   (06.21.10)
preferably from Iran and Turkey. Humanitarian aid needs proper protection against Zio Pirates.
13. #7 Mike Van Harris
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.21.10)
When was there an Arab state or nation called "Palestine" in the Middle East?
14. #8 - "Expelled" vs "Fled"
lara ,   Australia   (06.21.10)
You draw such emphasis to the word fled but put none on the word expelled. Why did you decide that "fled" suited your point more than "expelled"? Those who did not flee, were expelled and had those who fled, not fled, they would have been expelled. And regardless of how they left, the reason for why they fled or were expelled remains the same, they were not welcome in their own home and country by a foregin european population. If you "fled" to another country for a holiday, would you expect that your home still be there when you got back, or would you expect that it would be occupied by people you don't know? Even if those who "fled", decided to flee back, they're not allowed the right of passage back to the homes which they built and lived in.
15. To 14
Karinette ,   Netanya, Israel   (06.21.10)
Nobody fled for holiday. Remember that the population was at war. Many arab leaders told the arabs to leave so that they could "take care" of the jews. War has been lost and since then, these "refugees" were instumentalized by their own arabic brothers. My parents left Tunisia in 1968 with no chance of return. They never considered themselves as refugees. That is probably what we call dignity and honor!
16. #2 Cynthia ,rare thing ,to agree with you
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.21.10)
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon still living in camps, denied any basic civil rights in Lebanon, living in mostly miserable conditions. Nobody's calling for the naturalization, but at least respect respect human dignity ! if the target of the Lebanese ships is the rights of Palestinians in Gaza, they must first stand by the Palestinians in Lebanon, till they return to their homeland one day, without so ,sorry this is hypocrisy and sea show , particularly because they know well that "Israel"will not allow them to enter Gaza by sea
17.  Albrecht Klein from Germany
Palestinian ,   Beloved Palestine   (06.21.10)
Balfour of England offered Palestine to Israelis in Nov 2 1917, then Haganah && Irgun. Palestine was mentioned 2 times even in Balfour's declaration??
18. OK
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.10)
Pls , first read the post #10 by Julian. I wanted to put emphasis on the word "otherwise" and not on "fled", which means that in addition, majority left country voluntarily, since they were asked by the leaders of Arabian countries attacking Israel, to leave their homes and wait while they throw Jews into the sea, and then they will return. Believe me, I don't like the situation where people are suffering, but pls, it is not all Israel's fault, the other side is also very black.
19. #14 lara
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.21.10)
The "peace activists" can send as much humanitarian aid to Gaza as they like. But they have to deliver it to Ashdod, where it is checked for weapons and transferred to Gaza immediately afterwards. Even you should be able to understand this procedure.
20. #14
james ,   wythenshawe   (06.21.10)
will the europeans give back australia to its native people? how many of them died in the process of europeanizing their country? some situations are complex, there are no simple answers. The land of Israel belonged to the jews until AD 70 when the europeans (romans) brutally expelled them. Historically, there has never been a palestinian state neither its king nor president until the time of that terrorist Arafat! Give the land of Israel to its rightful owner
21. #16, Salma, rare thing to agree with you
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.10)
Which just shows how complicated the situation is. And that no piss flotillas are going to help and that no living room armchair politicians from all over the world cannot solve it. Regards.
22. #17 - Irgun, Haganah didn't exist until late 1920s
William ,   Israel   (06.21.10)
after many Arab attacks on Jewish civilians and the massacres of 1920, 1929, when the Jews realized the British weren't going to protect them a per their obligation. BTW - the mention of "Palestine" doesn't make it an actual State any more than the mention of Bordeuax (a region in France) makes it a State. Palestine was only ever a non-autonomous region inside larger empires which changed hands many times. And today's "Palestines" never ruled it nor were many of them in the region prior to 1932.
23. #14 - the trick is what Arabs did after lost the war
William ,   Israel   (06.21.10)
First, the huge majority of Arabs who left the region during the war did so on their own and were not expelled. This was evident in both the admission of one from Al-Husseini's group during an interview on the BBC in the 1990s where he stated the Deir Yassin massacre story was concocted to bring Arabss into the fight but made most locals "flee". The other evidence is that many homes were locked before the residents left - following orders by Arab leaders to "move out of the way" of invading armies and "return to take Jewish homes and wealth". Who locks their doors when they're being expelled? No one. The crux of this point rests on the Arabs' response to the UNR181 which called for an end of Arab aggression on Israel and return of Arab refugees. Both the Arab leaders and the "refugees" agreed they would never stop trying to destroy Israel - hence, the offer to return was rescinded. Question - if Arabs were "expelled" as you claim, how come there are so damn many of them in Israel whom never left their homes in 1948?
24. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.21.10)
Salma, the Lebanese get their marching orders from Hizbollah which, in turn, gets their marching orders from Tehran. I assure you that mullah-driven Islamofascist Iran cares not at all for the Palestinian people. They used the Turks as their first dupes; now they are using Hizbollah-driven Lebanon -- and I note that the much ballyhooed Iranian vessels have canceled their sail. Iran is just trying to stir up trouble. So is Hizbollah. I assure you that the welfare of the Palestinian people is not part of their agenda. They don't care about; neither do your fellow Arabs (sixty-two years, and still in refugee camps?). In fact, Salma, the only people that have EVER cared about you and EVER done things to improve your lives -- are the Jews. If you are too young to remember, ask someone to tell you what the West Bank was like between 1948 and 1967. Raw sewage in the streets. No highways. 30% of the homes had running water. Only 25% of the homes had electricity. The infant mortality rate was among the highest in the world. There were cholera outbreaks every year. One hospital. No universities. Unemployment, hopelessness and despair. Israel fixed all that for you, and you repaid us with violence and terror and organizations dedicated to wiping Israel from the map and exterminating the Jews. Do you see why we are not all that favorably disposed to you any more?
25. Hypocrisy - No Rights for Palestinians in Lebanon
Ali G   (06.28.10)
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