MK Litzman: We won't be deterred by High Court
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 21.06.10, 15:14
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1. Jewish faith, islamic faith, indivisible under Democracy
joe   (06.21.10)
INDIVISIBLE = not capable of exact division, as one quantity by another; incommensurable.----- Piecemeal, our country is submitting ; resulting from a non existing ' backbone ' Govt. It happens on the hi-sea, where thugs dictate ; it happens in Jerusalem non-stop with haredim dictating ; it happens in the territories where outlaws decide ; it happens in our ' House of Democracy ' ,the Knesset, where our own Minister by the infamous name of Porush tells a somnolent body of Ministers where to go ; and it happens as well in within our muslim minority. The High Court ? how low is high?. By now, a famous quote that can be used by any lawbreaker in the country ie, gangsters, vehicle road/parking abuse, free for all expenditure abuse in our Govt, Now, the quote: " if the High Court thinks that it will shut us up with it's threats, it is wrong " . Thank you Minister Porush for enlightening this embattled country with your " pearls of wisdom"
2. Racisim Plain and Simple
Daniel ,   DC   (06.21.10)
It is when "those kids aren't Jewish enough" that people are truly racist. The High Court was right. Let the fathers rot in jail or allow their children to integrate. In the long run at least in jail they are clear wards of the State instead of the leeches that get paid a stipend for reading Torah.
3. To #2
DS ,   KA, ISRAEL   (06.21.10)
DC, heh? What is this your business at all? Do I interfere with what you do in DC? This is none of your business, just as it is none of the Ford Foundation's business, or Christian Aid's business, or the UN' s business.etc. etc. THOSE are the culprits in this matter, trying to inflame hatred between Jews. You won't succeed. We know who you are, we know what you are about, you have been unmasked. FOREIGN INTERLOPERS OUT OF ISRAEL!
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