Turkish officers in Israel to learn how to operate drones
Itamar Eichner, Aryeh Egozi
Published: 23.06.10, 11:02
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1. Turkish officers in Israel to learn how to operate drones
gregg bowman ,   Parksville, Canada   (06.23.10)
Someone with intelligence please explain to me why Israel is training it's enemies to use it's own weapons against it in a future clash!! Forgive me if I am stupid but has everyone gone mad? warm regards...Gregg Bowman
2. thou shalt not kill!
Eddie ,   london UK   (06.23.10)
3. We must be out of our minds. I am a
Eric... ,   Israel...   (06.23.10)
Jewish guy that likes to make a buck,I also like a nice holiday.But you will never find me in Turkey,after how they cursed us burnt our flag.There PM spews out this hate and violence against Israel.After all this we do business with the Turks,we must be crazy.
4. In Lebanon we are working on the software crack for your le
Rashid Hamzatov ,   Russia   (06.23.10)
legendary drones.Soon you will see these toys landing in Hezbollah movable aerodromes .
5. Pride?
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (06.23.10)
Why do I have the impression that somebody believes we should be proud of this instead of ashamed of selling our knowledge for a few dollars? Why cannot we explain the Turks that if they want our drones they should, at least, stop insulting us? Shame on iSRAEL!
6. how long will it take these drones will be used against
david ,   tel aviv   (06.23.10)
israel ?!?
7. Drones
umut ,   turkey   (06.23.10)
Tactically the best thing to do is now to gain the Turkish public opinion. Actively support Turkish defence forces against PKK and make everyone in the world know this. The wind will change immediately.
8. to #2 drones r not combate planes :P
ghostq   (06.23.10)
they purely for surveillance, they can carry only the pilot, well that is only if he didn't drink to much Kafee that day.
9. Drones deal was signed under olmert
jason ,   haifa israel   (06.23.10)
This govt didn't approve of it but it was signed by private businesses and approved by olmert govt. There will be no more drone deals.
10. Talkbackers 1 through 5
Israeli 2   (06.23.10)
I empathize with your sentiments but this deal was done and made and sealed way before all the insults. We should have returned the remaining moneys...but....we and they have not severed all diplomatic what diplomatic excuse is left?
11. Didnt De Gaulle cancel Isral Orders after 67 War-why not IL?
Alan ,   SA   (06.23.10)
12. Turk Officers learning how to operate..
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.23.10)
drones so they can be used against us ! Thats logical !
13. Israeli drones to Turkey
JUDAH THE LION   (06.23.10)
Not very happy to send drones to Turkey,but Israel must honour their contract.No more future military contract should be accepted from Turkey,until they apologise to Israel.
14. #4 dream on, #2 you too 'Eddie' #s1,3 & 5 - all wrong!
Fred Nerks ,   Wagga   (06.23.10)
show these guys a warm welcome, make them comfortable, train them as needed. Turkey's Govt. is way temporary - will soon simply evaporate! The Turks are not your enemies. A small crowd always make a big noise to try and get above the majority. Secular Turkish society is too proud and LARGE to allow this crap to go on for too long. You'll see.....
15. sure they came without the knowledge of Erdogan:(
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.23.10)
16. 4
zionist forever   (06.23.10)
If these things ran on Windows Vista I would agree with you the codes would be cracked and they would be landing in Hizbollah aerodomes but in this case its a little more complicated and your terrorist pals don't have the facilities or knowladge to crack the codes If they are lucky they might see the missile thing fires before the thing comes and blows them apart.
17. to #14 you can countdown for the next elections
ghostq   (06.23.10)
it's fun, we do that to NOBAMA.
18. to #4 hahaha you put an effort for something that similar
ghostq   (06.23.10)
to a kite, oh goody do that maybe next you will find easier way for fliping chanelles on TV.
19. Turkey isn't enemy
Monastras ,   Istanbul   (06.23.10)
I donot think the turkish officiers will be able to learn how to operate this toys as they are thick. Turkey is too big too reluctant to be an enemy. This toys can not be operated if its fogy cloudy etc. I would buy a realy toy to play if i were turkish officiers. I can see the departure of Erdogan now? carry on killing
20. You mean Iranian officers.....
Rich in Boston ,   Boston USA   (06.23.10)
because thats just where this technology and training is going to end up. Put em on a peace flotilla and ship them all back home.
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.23.10)
22. 300 Kurdish insurgents?? THIS IS GENOCIDE!!!
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (06.23.10)
Why is'nt the world clamouring for and inquilry for genocide against erDOGan's govt.?
23. What a disgrace
AlexB ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.23.10)
You're training their army with this? You're selling them advanced weapons? It's an insult and they haven't deserved it. Give them back the money. All they do with the Israeli drones anyway is steal the technology and resell it as their own after attempted reverse engineering, and the other thing is they KILL KURDS - who is your natural ally. Don't help them kill Kurds, especially after the way their gov't behaved.
24. We're helping the Turks kill more Iraqi Kurds? I'm disgusted
Yaniv ,   Israel   (06.23.10)
25. Don't teach them!
SB   (06.23.10)
It will be used against us at some point.
26. Why help these jihadists?
Steve   (06.23.10)
27. hope you didnt tel'm
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (06.23.10)
I hope you didn’t tell them about the self detonation green button. Israel can implode these drones, if they ever use them against Israel.
28. Are we crazy ??
Yaakov ,   Paris, France   (06.23.10)
What the hell is happening, Turkey under Erdogan´s Islamists is NOT a friend anymore, they will use this technology against ourselves besides continuing on their oppression of the Kurdish people !! Does anyone really believe that this will change as long as Erdogan is in power ?
29. Send them home
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.23.10)
Turkey is now a state hostile to Israel. If one could before this in realpolitik terms make an argument for helping them against the Kurds now there is absolutely no justification for this.
30. Umut from Turkey
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.23.10)
The TSK is a modern secular institution and most trusted institution by the Turkish public. Now it is time for Turkish public to appreciate the value of the TSK and increase its support for itwhile deceasing support for the AKP which has been systematically trying to weaken the TSK. AKP has proven that they are not able to govern Turkey. All their ACILIM's failed because thay were empty. It is time to put back Turkey on its path that Ataturk prescribed.
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