Preparing for flotillas like on eve of war
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 23.06.10, 16:13
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JEWISHNESS ,   NYC USA   (06.23.10)
USE THE WONDERFUL new and improved MICROWAVE CROWD DISPERSER made in the USA.-THE "PAIN RAY" Here's a terrific opportunity to melt away conflict...literally and figuratively! No one dies, just a nice sunburn.
2. Fire Barak
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.23.10)
He basically works for Obama not for Israel anyway.
3. Make us proud IDF
Uri   (06.23.10)
We all behind you !!
4. Think water canons and nets
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (06.23.10)
Think water canons and nets - maybe even lifting up the boats and carrying them. Do not risk troops on these potential animals. Carry them to Ashdod were you can control the situation.
5. Gaza
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.23.10)
Back in 2007 and 2008 I called for a complete shutoff. Egypt should handle Gaza we have no responsibility for Gaza we are not occupying Gaza. Gaza is more of a threat if Fatah is in control because then they will want a land corridor. Why wait 2 years I say immediately cut off Gaza from everything from the Israeli side let them get their stuff from Egypt and the sea. What Israelis doing now is appeasement.
6.  To beat the Islamic Terrorists
John   (06.23.10)
Instead of using Israeli naval commandos to capture the boat and risk Israeli lives from posible islamic suicide bombers , Israel should parachute a few dozen PIGS from helicopters to terrorise the terrorists.We will all see how these islamic terrorists will flee in panic and may even jump ship. This will put an end to their game,and may never send another so called peace flotilla again.
7. This is becoming ridiculous.
Josh ,   NY&TLV   (06.23.10)
Israel is fighting for a survival war against ...? Against civilian ships? Even if there would be few aggressive passengers on the ship, do they really pose survival threat to Israel? If yes, then it means Israel is a joke state. Israel is putting itself in an incredibly ridiculous situation day by day. Israel is drawing and narrowing its rationality circle. It seems like a state fighting a survival war against shadows, fearing from everyone and getting more and more aggresive and expansionist each day. If it wasn't for the Holocaust issue, the whole world would be laughing at Israel. Israel should stick to 'all against us' Holocaust stories to excuse its irrational and expansionist policies, otherwise there really is no excuse for Israel's current stupidity and irrationality.
8. preparing for war
moron ,   galut   (06.23.10)
bibu's weakness invites war
9. Sorry John..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.23.10)
But your post only shows that you do not have a clue. Yes, these are civilian boats, let's assume they are. And the next ones? And the next ones? I guess you do not give a shit about Iranian port in the Mediterranean, since you are somewhere from NY. How would you like to have one in the US territorial waters? Somewhere near the Statue Of Liberty? Huh? Would you count on US stupidity and irrationality then?
10. Boats
Marilyn ,   USA   (06.23.10)
If they want to block the boats, then they should just do so using other boats. It sends a clear message and they'd eventually leave or negotiate. (If it would fire weapons or rams then the boat loses it's status). Otherwise if trying to board the boats, people are probably still going to view in the same way, almost like someone is breaking into anothers home. So I just don't see how it's going to be workable.
11. The best way to fight is by praying Tehlim
Marvin   (06.23.10)
12. #9 John of Herzliya
John Smith   (06.23.10)
Iran alredy has a port in the Mediterranean, unless Syria has moved.
13. good for Israel
yyeliz ,   istanbul TR   (06.24.10)
it is a good news that Israel tries to improve some non-violent reactions. It is like the butterfly effect. If one of the sides takes the Israel-Palestine issue on to the non-violent and diplomatic stage, it is going to create the butterfly impact besides causing the other side to use similar tools. I support Israel's search for some non-violent reactions and policies.
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