PM: Peace activists should go to Tehran
Roni Sofer
Published: 23.06.10, 22:45
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1. Mr. Netanyahu is very concerned
Cynic #2   (06.23.10)
about women's freedom in the Islamic countries and about homosexuals (???). But he is not concerned about 1.5 million Gazans living in an open air prison and a siege imposed by his "democratic" country.
2. What's The Heavenly Reward for Female 'Martyrs?'
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, US   (06.24.10)
Arab 'journalists' are already drooling while writing down their hot fantasies over what's going to happen to the poor Arab women at the hand of the bestial Israeli soldiers. But what's the heavenly reward for female martyrs? 80 pliant chairmen Arafat? Or are they the ones who get the 80 white raisins?
3. #1 Cynic. And why not?
Topsy Turvy ,   US   (06.24.10)
After all, the 1.5 million Gazans want to obliterate Israel and they act accordingly. They are in the holding pen for their own safety too, you know. Check out the ones in Lebanon too. The Lebanese don't want them out and about, mixing with the Lebanese thoroughbreds to contaminate them. Jordan does not want them either. LOL
4. #1 Gazans made their own beds...
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.24.10)
now they have to sleep in them. Put an end to the hypocrisy, Bibi !!
5. Not average Austrians, Muslims!
Austrian   (06.24.10)
Those were muslim extremists not average Austrians, that demonstrated.
6. To #3, same reason used by Germans
Don ,   New York   (06.24.10)
Sadly you dont seem to have learnt. Germans didn't want to live with you and kicked you out, for EXACTLY the same reason that today you accuse Palestenians.
7. The two-state solution may presage for the Jewish people ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.24.10)
The two-state solution may presage for the Jewish people another Final Solution. Israeli governments have become notoriously fearful of rejecting outright the deadly trap inherent in the so called two-state solution. Their muted responses have merely encouraged world leaders to repeatedly breathe new life into the discredited plan. The searing tragedy is that the two-state solution may presage for the Jewish people another Final Solution. A substantial annual net-emigration/flight, by moderate Palestinians, attests to the Palestinians' own expectations of the proposed Palestinian state. More at :
8. Cynic @ 1, you cannot leave prison. You can leave Gaza.
leo ,   usa   (06.24.10)
I hope it helps.
9. OK So the Austrian is a
Dave ,   UK   (06.24.10)
10. 3 and 1 ABBAS does not want to end the blockade either!!!
Sderot   (06.24.10)
During Abbas meeting with Zapatero, Zapatero said he would do anything to end the blockade (the more arms that get into Gaza the better right?) Abbas answered to him: I hope you are kidding. Israel's blockade is in the best interest of "Palestinians"
11.  what the flotillas are really about
ky   (06.24.10)
we need to be clear as to what is at the heart of this issue. It is not about human rights, womens rights or gay rights . These flotillas are part of an orchestrated campaign that is attempting to delegitimise the right of self defence for Israel. It is an attempted extension of what the Nazis subjected Jews to who lived in germany during the 1930's when they delegitimised any and every right to protect themselves under German law Iran and her allies wish to render Jews back to this helpless state
12. Rogue States and their Pariah Status
Alan Smith ,   UK   (06.24.10)
I don't think I would agree with Netanyahu, as there's not much difference between Israel and Iran with regard to human rights abuse. But when it comes to contempt for International Law, then Israel is the outright winner with it's illegal occupation, settlement enterprise and clandestine development of nuclear weaponry . Netanyahu must surely be a candidate for the next Nobel peace prize!!!
13. Finally a Prime Minister who says it as it is!
Michael ,   Toronto   (06.24.10)
14. looks like PM is cornered and he is just spitting out trash
john ,   jerusalem   (06.24.10)
out of frustration.........
15. to #1 y should he palis killed his brother
ghostq   (06.24.10)
98% of them chose hamas, aka terror org that was declaired in the 90's, they r getting what they deserve, for bad choises you pay in life.
16. Netanyahu should go to Tehran already
Shlomo Kamera   (06.24.10)
And he can take those shmuks Liebermann, Barak and Alyon too! Nuts to them all !!!
17. to Don in New York (6)
tiki ,   belgium   (06.24.10)
Don in New York....the Pal's, Hamas, Hezbollah, Achmad in Iran, Syria, and all your 'protectionists' ......,.they love YOU Americans as much as the love the Israeli's. THINK before you WRITE.
18. Peace Activists should go to Turkey
Aryeh ,   Bat Ayin   (06.24.10)
to help the Kurds and Armenians. Erdogan is throwing out red herrings to cover his own crimes against humanity
19. are you serious?
nadav ,   tlv   (06.24.10)
there's "no difference between Israel and Iran" regarding human rights?! Do you have a TV and internet connection? Iran shot innocent women in the streets when they preacefully protested, and hung 2 teenage boys aged 16 for supposedly being Gay (as if that is a crime!). Israel is a FULL liberal democracy with checks and balances! Either you are an Arab in disguise or you are deliberately distorting the truth because you are an anti Semite- there is no other excuse for such gross, intellectually dishonest and disingenuous comparisons between Israel and Iran, one of the most monstrous regimes in the modern era!
20. the only shmuk is you
nadav ,   tlv israel   (06.24.10)
your parochial and dim-witted world view is what is the problem with mankind today. It if weren't for Bibi, the arabs would be be back to blowing up buses raining missiles on jewish children!,
21. human rights?
yyeliz ,   istanbul TR   (06.24.10)
is there human rights in Palestine, in Gaza?
22. that's a joke
Tom ,   Jerusalem   (06.24.10)
The PM does so to emphasize the hypocricy within all those "world fixers" that looking to fix the world on the back of the Jews. The PM is right in every word and you saying that 1.5 million Gazans live in an open prison are words of ignorance. you know why they have been living like that? because their government is at war with Israel, and is a dictatorship. plus, Israel is not the only one blocading Gaza, Egypt is also doing that, but you neglect that country out of your critisism. As I said, you spread cheap ignorance and that's not something you should be proud of.
23. # 21: yes
Tom ,   Jerusalem   (06.24.10)
And there would be much more if they have governments that take care of them instead of using them. The world should be protesting against violent Hamas and corrupt Fatah, not Israel.
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