Ban criticizes east Jerusalem housing plan
Published: 24.06.10, 08:15
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1. those houses were built illegaly in 1st place
Fatma   (06.24.10)
why didn't u mention that ?!?
2. Hands-off Jerusalem
Palestinian   (06.24.10)
3. Bad Investments
Resistor   (06.24.10)
I don't know who the suckers are that want to pay good shackels for zionist expansions, but these new slums will either be bombed in a war, or taken over by returning Palestinians. Leave the Palestinians alone, and build your ghettos behind the Green Line. BDS
4. Ban is wrong - move enforces international law
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (06.24.10)
25% of the illegal (and dangerous) buildings will be demolished while 75% (which should also be demolished) will be granted legal status. As this was always supposed to be 1 city - not split, and has never been an Arab capital, why are they arguing with enforcing the original city plan? Because it is Israel. In no other country in the world would the UN get involved with such a local mater.
m. brown   (06.24.10)
6. So it is OK
Lioness ,   Israel   (06.24.10)
to demolish illegal Jewish homes and not touch illegal Arab homes. Israel MUST continue to build in Israels undivided capital city FOREVER. We must pay no attention to a world that does not want us to exist. We will remain and get stronger!
7. The despicable United Nations
Jake ,   USA   (06.24.10)
Ban Ki Moon should know that according to international law, Israel has every right to annex territory conquered in a defensive war -- such as the territory referred to as "East Jerusalem" (more like East, North & South Jerusalem). Ban Ki Moon should also know that the "Green line" more accurately referred to as the 1949 Armistice line, is/was nothing more than a cease-fire line in a war that has since raged onward rendering these outdated borders completely irrelevant. Lastly, Mr. Moon should know that the only sovereign state to ever claim East Jerusalem as their own (besides Israel), was the Kingdom of Jordan. They released their claim in 1988, and today Israel is the only sovereign state with a legal claim. The Palestinians are a people without a state of their own. They deserve autonomy, or Israeli citizenship -- they have NO RIGHT to demand East Jerusalem as the capital of their autonomy.
8. If he has time for this...
Ahmed ,   Siluan   (06.24.10)
Then I guess all the talks about famine and war in Africa, genocide in Tibet, human rights (or the complete lack of) in North-Korea and Iran - are all just fiction
Jonathan ,   USA   (06.24.10)
Since when is this "against international law" UN = FAIL
10. the UN is controlled by the MUSLIMS!!!!
UN=TERRORISTS   (06.24.10)
11. #4 but doesn't enforce National Israel's law
observer   (06.24.10)
the state revision committee in 1992 asserted that the take over of Arab property in East Jerusalem by the settlers’ organizations was conducted by the use of false affidavits, misapplication of the Absentee Property Act, illegal transfer of public property to ideological bodies, and illicit transfer of tens of millions of shekels in public funds to the right-wing organizations.
12. illegal Gaza's tunnels
observer   (06.24.10)
Gaza's Municipality charges each tunnel NS 10,000/year. Failure to pay the lease fee imparts illegality over the tunnel. who will demolish those illegal tunnels?
13. contrary to 'wishes of Palestinian residents'.....
tiki ,   belgium   (06.24.10)
As long as Natanyahu keeps "backtracking all the time on every issue, the rest of the "friends of Israel" will keep PUSHING. Why? because they can, and it works
14. #1 Palestinians own thousands of homes in West Jerusalem
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.24.10)
...they were illegally taken over and their rightful owners denied return on basis of ethnicity and religion. A Palestinian friend tells me his family had plots of orange and olive groves in West Jerusalem. Another's father had a clinic. Why did you mention that? Or you think that only Jewish "rights" are valid in the holy land? Come one Fatma come clean.
15. Nour #14
Jake ,   USA   (06.24.10)
"Palestinians own thousands of homes in West Jerusalem they were illegally taken over and their rightful owners denied return on basis of ethnicity and religion." No not quite. They were taken over by Israel because they belonged to the enemy -- nothing to do with race or religion. Jews don't beg for our enemies to return Jewish properties in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen (etc.) we just ask that you respect our sovereignty & ownership of the 0.3% of the Middle East that does belong to the Jews.
SINGER ,   singapore   (06.24.10)
17. to #4 Eric
archie ,   usa   (06.24.10)
Eric, did you notice that this fella's eyes are getting smaller and smaller, he cant see the difference between his ass hole and hole in the ground! it's no body's business to tel Israel what to build and what not to build in their own cities; besides, there are hundreds of places on earth that needs his attention. it's either my dog knows about the geopolitic more than him,or he is a spinless,coward and sucker to the moslems at the UN; so let him take a dive,for Christ's sake!
18. to # 12
archie ,   usa   (06.24.10)
are you on drugs? just what the sh#!&%t you are saying Mr. Observer? Observer, would you observe my sincere one-finger geniune American salute?
19. Jerusalem, DC is not Ban's business as Washington, DC is not
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.24.10)
Jerusalem, David's City has been the capital city of the Jewish people for more than 3,000 years. Jerusalem is historically, ethically and legally the capital city of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel. And just as the UN would not dare attempting to dictate to the mayor of Washington, DC how to govern the city, so shouldn't Ban or anyone else tell the freely and democratically elected mayor of Jerusalem, DC how to conduct his affairs. The fact that the Jewish people is a tiny people and the state of Israel is a tiny state should not give anyone the sense that she/he can stick the nose into a purely internal business of the national home of the Jewish people, Israel, and its capital city.
20. Blah blah blah ... UN shows it's full of hot air
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.24.10)
If the UN spent 1/2 the time that it spends bashing Israel on other activities, the world would be a better place. Child slavery, famine, war in Darfur and a dozen other places where there is real suffering - none of these compare to the crisis of a Jew building a house. Amazing how the Palestinians and Muslims have turned the logic of the world upside down.
21. Ethnic Cleansing
lara ,   Australia   (06.24.10)
"the attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the deportation or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular ethnic groups." The whole state is illegal. Even in the Belfour Declaration, there is nothing about making a Jewish state.
22. Beloved Jerusalem
Abdulla   (06.24.10)
"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews."
23. ban ki mon forgets these houses r new
ghostq   (06.24.10)
built in piracy way in ilegal matter, the more worring issue is the way they were built because they didn't got gov aproval or basic standart aproval they can be death trapes to the residences inside, none supervised them, arabs can get hurt, and in case of earth quake, they ight even collapes, sound like ban ki mon wants to sigh the residences fate. no wonder in the far east so many people die from natural catastrophies.
I agree
25. Let's have war to sort this once & for all
Scott   (06.24.10)
26. UN is doing their Job....
Warren ,   Israel   (06.24.10)
....but not very well. When I see this dude get up on stage to give a sermon. I think is this what the World is, so meek and feeble. No wonder these terrorists do what they want. You can imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger got up there to say something. If these little boys with bombs dont listen, he just gives them a quick 1..2.. then everything is understood and back to business. As sad as it is we humans sometimes only learn through pain, that is how we all learnt that fires is dangerous. The UN should start choosing the correct people to Talk and think. Then maybe they can sort out the real problems, like Asia and Africa where there is 1000's of people dying each day. If the palestinian population has tripled since the establishment of Israel, things cant be that bad. With new Green Engineering you need parks in between the lines of concrete housing. It is good for the sould. We are doing everyone a favour here, and still we are wrong. If we had to let these people build however they want. I bet they will eventually complain that we are responsible for them living in such closed quarters anyway. I say be like NIKE and just do it!!
27. Silwan is in east jerusalem, which is palestinian
JayZ ,   Jerusalem   (06.24.10)
Whether built legally or illegally, its not of israel's concern. Palestinians are the one responsible and the ones to decide whether to demolish them or not. Talkbackers stop hinting that silwan is under israel's jurisdiction. It is Occupied
28. Opinion
Israeli   (06.24.10)
I believe we should be following international law and settle the status of Jerusalem. I have an issue with saying because Palestinian residents are unhappy with Jews living in their neighborhood, the UN is against it. Why can't Jews live in East Jerusalem? Why can't Palestinians live in Tel Aviv?
29. I have recently come to the conclusion
Sagi   (06.24.10)
that being born a Jew is illegal, compounding that with actually breathing as one is a criminal offence which must be tried at The Hague.
30. to #11 *~* public property belong to the state
ghostq   (06.24.10)
the houses on the east side belong to jews prior 1948, when the arabs expelled them, 3 arab families currently lives in old synagogue building, the building came out probably from jewish donations pokets.
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