Landau: Israel willing to use force to protect gas finds
Tani Goldstein
Published: 24.06.10, 17:02
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1. What is it with wannabee warrior ministers...
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (06.24.10)
Instead of looking for a diplomatic/business solution to Lebanese/Cypriot claims/interest in a nearby gas field, the immediate reaction is "this means war!". Hey, Uzi, I'm sure that the Lebanese and Cypriots have already lined up consultants who are familiar with the concept of "horizontal drilling"... it's much more economical than going to war with Israel.
2. Can Lebanon drill in their side of this deposit?
Moise   (06.24.10)
or will Israel use force once again to steal what belong to others? Good question!!! wait and see
3. You know I've looked all over the
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.24.10)
internet to try to find exactly where the boundaries of this gas field is and can find nothing online to see where it is for myself. I've read several articles here about this dispute now and you'd think that with the controversy and interest someone would post a map and do an in depth article on the claims and legal rights so the reader knows more than just the typical flurry of acrimonious accusations that typify what pass for international diplomatic relations in the Middle east.
4. 1
Zionist forever   (06.24.10)
There is nothing wrong with diplomacy and I am sure that behind closed doors the politicians and businessmen do talk but you also need to let the other guy know we are willing to defend what's ours. If Lebanon gets any ideas of trying to threaten war or terror if Israel doesn't agree to Lebanons demands then we will not say ok you win anything for a quiet life. That might be Obamas style but its not ours and we also wont just give it away if Lebanon goes to Obama and say if Israel doesnt give us at least a share of the gas then there cam be no peace. This is Israels gas and we will protect every centimeter of it.
5. Process gas at sea!
Adam ,   Cincinnati, OH   (06.24.10)
Local residents don't want a dangerous gas processing plant within a dangerous zone of their home and communities. Noble Energy has not conducted a sufficient Environmental Impact Statement under NEPA and they are proceeding illegally by misleading politicians and residents of the region. The solution is simple process gas at sea where it is already being extracted. Noble Energy should not be permitted to build and operate without safety standards and respecting local residents wishes.
6. Joe, check out Noble Energy's website for site specific maps
Adam ,   Cincinnati, OH   (06.24.10)
7. Adam - Joe - Lebanon is in the middle of the map
Anonymous ,   TX, USA   (06.24.10)
If they claim that this Gas field extends from Israel maritime territory up to Cyprus maritime territory... then pick any map and you will see that Lebanon's territorial waters are smacked right in the middle of that Field. I saw Noble Energy map, and they cropped the portions where they think Lebanese Territorial waters begins. But obviously the gas field does not stop at the border lines they are drew. As such Lebanon has all the legitimate right to his proportionate portion of that field. Lebanon's official position is that Israel can drill on their side of their border, but should not go into Lebanese territorial waters (which Lebanon suspects Israel intends to do). And Lebanon will later drill on its side of the water. But what Israeli minister is trying to convey to Lebanon here, is that Lebanon has no right to that field at all and he is trying to intimidate Lebanon out of his right by threatening to use its overwhelmingly superior military destructive power against Lebanon if Lebanon chose to pursue its rightful claims.
8. Erastus encourages Lebanon to steal what's not theirs
rnathans00 ,   Washington, USA   (06.24.10)
He writes (#1), "I'm sure that the Lebanese and Cypriots have already lined up consultants who are familiar with the concept of "horizontal drilling"." Horizontal drilling to extract resources that one is not entitled to is theft - pure and simple. Lebanon, of course, is free to extract from deposits that fall within its own exclusive economic zone. But no respectable driller will be foolish enough to conspire with Lebanon to steal Israeli gas.
9. Reserves would be jointly owned if part under Lebanon orGaza
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.24.10)
Despite Israel's vast offshore area most of their activities happens to be at both extremities of their zone. In the North we see them drilling almost on the border with Lebanon and in the South we see them drilling on the border with Gaza. If part of field under other country then field is jointly owned by both under Int. Laws. Maps will stop at Lebanon border since it would create a legal problem otherwise.
10. #7 No, this isn't about Israel "occupying Lebanese gas."
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (06.24.10)
Enough with this nonsense, please. The Lebanese government initially claimed that the Israeli gas drilling was in Lebanese territory in the first place, then started talking about how Israel *is going* to drill in Lebanese territory... not a very consistent or stable view, overall. This is further complicated by the fact that Israel and Lebanon have no naval border that both sides accept. Either way, the Lebanese are not an innocent bystander here - the first order of business was to preemptively accuse Israel of theft.
11. re 1,8: it one large gas field in 3 countries
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.25.10)
It like a lake if one side drains it dry it dry for both sides. Israel is looking at setting it northern sea border at an angle to 200n miles which would take of 30 to 40% of Lebanon's current exclusive economic zone and all the gas field east of Cyprus. Israel don't want Lebanon to have access to field for many reasons. Syria could possible do horizontal drilling since field not that far from its exclusive economic zone.
12. #2: Not every idiot deserves and answer
Vardina   (06.25.10)
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