Rocket explodes in south; none injured
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 24.06.10, 20:10
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1. Its raining again!
Resistor   (06.24.10)
Where's your umbrella Israel???
2. rockets
colin   (06.24.10)
Where is the ban of United Nations who as normal like all the arab controled UN -anti Israel and anti semetic. The arabs are very fortunate to have a cowardly groveling wimp as the Israeli defence minister. Hanas has declared an open invitation for war Hamas cannot get the coward to move against them. he is pulling down his pants for the islamic president of USA who also agrees to send rockets into Israel.
3. Any reaction in Europe to the rocket and mortars fired today
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.24.10)
at the civilian population of Israel...?? Or Europe, as it has been for centuries, continues to be cynical when it comes to the very first of all human rights - the right to live and defend one's life - of the Jew in society and its national home, Israel...?? The UN has been called to discuss the lawful blockade of Gaza and the attempt by thugs to break it, a call that is intended to spew more venom at Israel. Yet, the UN has never, never met to discuss the thousands of rockets fired at kindergartens of Jewish children inside the boundaries of the sovereign state of Israel and a member state of the United Nations. Anyone cares to guess, why...??!!
4. UN, EU, Human Rights organizations, where are you?
Said ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.24.10)
5. #3 - i'll break it down for you
Casualties 2010 - Palestinian= 18. Israeli= 3 Casualties 2009 - Palestinian= 61. Israeli= 4 Casualties from 27 Dec 08- 18 Jan 09: Palestinian= 1397. Israeli= 9. Casualties Jan 2008- 26 Dec 08: Palestinian= 464. Israeli= 31 Casualties 2007- Palestinain= 396. Israeli= 13 Casualties 2006- Palestinian= 678. Israeli= 25 Casualties 2005- Palestinian= 216. Israeli= 48
6. Reoccupy Gaza ?
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.25.10)
If rocket fire from Gaza resumes, Israel will have to consider reoccupying Gaza, as that may be the only alternative to periodic wars that inevitably cause also heavy Palestinian casualties. It seems reasonable to assume that a reoccupation of Gaza would stop escalating terror from that territory. Is there an other alternative ? Consult :
7. #5 upside down and backwards
galilean mom ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
It amazes me just how upside down and backwards this logic is. How can it matter that these rockets do not hurt enough people?? Where do you live #5? Can you imagine rockets and mortars falling on your country, city...not on your home, but lets say a kilometer or two away from you in an open field? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?? If the Arabs had accepted the existence of the state of Israel, we would not be having these wars and we certainly not have this debate.
8. #7 - How would you feel?
You said: "How can it matter that these rockets do not hurt enough people?? " But why doesn't it matter that the air strikes and gun fire from Israel have killed over 3000 people in the past 5 years. You may believe that my logic is upside down or backwards, but what does that make yours? You want us to accept the existance of the state of Israel, but you never accepted the existance of the state of Palestine, you even wiped it off the map and erased its history based on a religious belief that Israel existed 3 thousand years ago. So why should we accept the existance of the very people who took away and wouldn't accept ours? We don't wan't war. But our homes keep being destroyed and our land keeps getting smaller. Should we stand back and watch as you take the rest of it?
9. Rocket explodes in south
David Banai ,   Bersheva, Israel   (06.25.10)
When are we going to read of an incoming rocket destroyed by the Iron Dome, or maybe a Phalanx?
10. #5 &8
velville ,   atlanta, ga usa   (06.25.10)
Interesting that there was no claim of a "Palestinian" state until the War in 1967 when Jordan, Egypt and Syria ceded land after their terminally stupid acts of making war. Jordan was, after all, the Arab (get it, not "Palestinian") state portion of the former Ottoman and then British Mandate lands. As to the catamites and buggerers who run Hamas (and murder their brothers and sisters and bugger their children) and throw missiles into southern Israel, they ask to join their pretend ancestors in the netherworld. Apparently you do not know of the children suffering from Post Stress Traumatic Syndrome from having missiles and mortars thrown near their homes, do you?
11. #10- so why are there Palestine coins?
why are we on Maps up until 1948? Why are the Philistines mentioned in history as occupying the southern coast of Cannan? Why are we on the maps of Canaan and you're not? We're a people dating back thousands of years in the area. Although the spelling has changed in english, it remains the same in Arabic and so does the pronounciation.
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