US says Gaza flotillas 'irresponsible'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.06.10, 21:39
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1. Not responsible or irresponsible
David Demchuk ,   Virginia Beach USA   (06.24.10)
There is a wide gulf in meaning between the two words used in this article: "not responsible" is used in the title and "irresponsible" is ascribed to the US statement. Which is it?
2. OMG. have they gone nuts at the State Department?
socalmaverick ,   sunny so-cal   (06.24.10)
""Mechanisms exist for the transfer of humanitarian assistance to Gaza by member states and groups that want to do so. Direct delivery by sea is neither appropriate nor responsible, and certainly not effective, under the circumstances." transfer of humanitarian assistance? apparently lots of people have lost their moral compass. no matter whom the people of Gaza are or what their faith is. they deserve to be free. supporting their siege and punishing 2million people is reprehensible and morally bankrupt policy ; let along my own country the supposed land of the free supporting such an unethical policy
3. What the flotilla organisers say and mean
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.24.10)
regarding their cancellation are 2 different things. What they really mean is that their cynical use of "humanitarian aid" to violently and inhumanely treat with Israel has been blown apart and is now seen for what it really is - an act of war against Israel. Their deviousness and deception are now exposed and they are now left holding tons of junk to auction off or send to countries that really are in need or be distributed to the poor in Iran. For sure, the Gazans don't need it just like they didn't need Turkey's "aid" and they may leave it by the border junkyard if it is sent through the established and approved channel.
4. # 2....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.24.10)
they only need to free Gilad Shalit... why don't you say a word about him? people in Gaza have enough to eat, they can go out into the sun, they can talk to each other.... Gilad is now 4 year somewhere under the earth, without sun, doctor, contact to his family or other people... think about it.... ask hamas to releas Gilad, and then talk about the rights of the Gazans...
5. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.25.10)
The problem could be the complete and total lack of moral compass with respect to the Hamas leadership. Sending suicide bombers to attack soft targets in Israel; planting IEDs; kidnapping an Israeli soldier; and 8,000 Qassam missiles fired into Israel over an eight-year period may not trouble you, but then you might not have a moral compass. Don't forget that the United States continues to impose a naval blockade and embargo over (i) Cuba, (ii) North Korea, and (iii) Myanmar. Nothing unethical about Israel's blockade and embargo of Gaza. Nothing illegal about it, either. Deal with it.
6. US not fooled.Pals+friends try to break Israel not blockade
Sam ,   Canada   (06.25.10)
The methods of the Palestinians and their friends are transparent. They seek again and again to provoke Israel into an aggressive response and then cry murder to the cameras and microphones. The US doesn't buy into this charade. It seeks an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians not a Palestinian circus aimed at the destruction of Israel.
7. #2's Lack of Morality
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (06.25.10)
SocalMaverick, true morality takes context into account. Please answer Sarah # 5. While you are at it, can you bring yourself to condemn the launching of rockets from Gaza to Israel? (This is the reason for the blockade in the first place.) Since you are calling for Israel's end to the blockade of Gaza, you have a moral obligation to address the issue of what should be done in case the lifting of this blockade results in more Hamas attacks against Israel.
8. #2 - Gazans lost their rights when they took Israelis'
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
Gazans made the choice (democratic, I might add) to launch a war on Israel, kill civilians, and collectively punish every Jew they can get near. Morally speaking, once they did that, they lost their own rights to be free. Here's a lesson for you self-righteous Leftists - no one's rights are so important that they can result in taking away the rights of another group. Unfortunately, that's the very basis for every liberal initiative to date.
9. #6 - I think the US stands alone in this
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
Europeans have lost their moral compass centuries ago, if they had any at all.
10. Wow. State Dept actually said something right? Amazing.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (06.25.10)
11. wrong
observer ,   USA   (06.25.10)
it only shows the israeli Burden on our lives here in the US . this is why the world hate us ..because we are supporting injustice and a terrorist state run by Pirates seen by the whole world on Camera Live . sorry Madam Secretary are hurting us .
12. #11
Dina   (06.25.10)
Thank God they are supporting the RIGHT side. (the side of a democratic developed nation ) Thank God they are supporting the side that is willing to protect its citizens.(unlike the Palistinians who are shooting rockets and putting their terrorism before the plight of their own people) Thank God they are supporting the side that is abiding by international laws. (unlike the terrorists who won't allow Red Cross visits ) Take away Israel and you take away civillisation and democracy in the Middle East. Take away Israel and you can bet your last dime there will be another country/nation that will be blamed for all of the worlds troubles. Take away Israel and you can bet your last dime there will be another country/nation that will be put in the centre of things just so as to take away the attention from all of the crimes that all the other nations are doing.
13. to #12 Dina: Who needs your democracy
cynic #2   (06.25.10)
pls cut the BS of democracy and civilization! This is a bl**dy occupation that has been going on for far too long and supported by by the western nations lead by the USA, the guardian of "democracy". This is more like demoncracy. Keep it for yourselves, the Middle East does not want your hollow and fake democracy or civilization.
14. megaphonies
GoodAmerican ,   Middleofnowhere, USA   (06.25.10)
I see the megaphonies are hard at work defending the latest war crime committed by their beloved rouge state of israel...common you all, step back and look at what's happening to other human beings as a result of the most internationally condemmed state in the world.
15. What a Joke
Ron ,   California, US   (06.25.10)
LOL, what else would you expect from the US state department?? It's occupied by Zionists so what else would those idiots say!
16. US says Gaza flotillas 'irresponsible'
Go ,   Timbuktu   (06.25.10)
Memo to the US State Department: what is irresponsible is your pathologically impotent lack of capability in defending US-flagged vessels and US citizens from hijacking and assassination of Israeli forces on the high seas! ""Mechanisms exist for the transfer of humanitarian assistance to Gaza by member states and groups that want to do so". Oh, really?!? If that statement is correct, can you please explain to me why UNICEF figures indicate that 14% of all Gazan kids suffer from malnutrition?
17. #11 - Israel didn't make you invade Iraq
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
or CIA operations to place the Shah in Iran, or the cold-war with the Soviets that made other countries the battlefield, or the oppression in Latin America to aid the banana plantation owners, or the deals with Gulf countries to get at their oil, or.... There are many reason why the world hates the US...and most of it boils down to jealousy. They hate America but run to the border the minute they get a Visa. Leftist lazy hypocrites is what they are.
18. #14 - I see the "lamo Leftists" are out defending their
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
agenda, devoid of most facts and context, boiled down to a nice set of sound-bites and chants. "war crimes" - besides the Goldstone report that suggested their *might* be war crimes with the author admitting that no legal basis (or proof) exists for his claims...and the need by Leftists and anti-Israeli groups to deligitimize Israel.... there is no proof of war crimes by Israel nor any litigation against them. Finally, keeping the war-time military blockade which was attempted to by run by "peace activists" is fully within the law. If that bothers you - I suggest you picket Obama about the blockades around Cuba, Burma, and North Korea.
19. why the blockade?
azbobMD ,   carefree, usa   (06.25.10)
Why don't Israelis and American "Doctors," get it. The reason for the rockets is, for example, Sderot. It was build on the razed Pal village from which, in 48/49 Israel cleansed its population, which mostly went to Gaza. Thus the pitiful rockets. Until Israelis revisit their history honestly and end the illegal occupation and settlements they will be at odds, and likely war, with the world.
20. Israel blockade of GAZA
Bob ,   Olive Branch, USA   (06.26.10)
Israel has been more than fare. They GAVE gaza to the palestinians. What did they get in return? Rockets fired at their civilian population. Now it seems that everyone wants to punish Israel for their generosity in supplying humanitarian aid to their enemies in gaza, and defendiing their rights as a nation to protect their people. It is not in the heart of Israel to punish these peoples, but if pushed too far they will clean the clocks of all of the islamists in this area. Go for it Israel
21. no 1
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
For argument,s sake let,s go with the US State dept. irresponsible comment as that is the strongest message yet ,agree David?
22. no 7
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
Right you are Jason as the EU says any humanitarian aid etc. coming into the Gaza must be inspected through the correct channels to prevent smuggling of arms or non humanitarian aid,so no.2 can go and jump into wherever off the Gaza coast?
23. no 10
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
Wll the State Dept. had no option Tahl as the Jewish vote is deserting the Democrats in huge droves,about time to?
24. no 11
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
The only burden the US has is propping up dysfunctional Muslim states such as Egypt,Afghanistan ,Iraq Pakistan where Muslim despots (Karzai) and dictators (Mubarak )rule the roost through massive corruption and intimidation ,you don,t like the truth ,observer ,but it,s still the truth ,salaam?
25. no 13
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
So what is it then that the Arab/Muslim part of the M.E. wants Cynic as there is only widespread corruption,poverty ,des potism and madness on a grand scale never before seen in the last millenia ?
26. no 15
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
The only joke is the non-existent Palest inian state that was mandated by the UN 62 years ago Ron ,salaam?
27. no 16
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
A simple explanation Go ,they,re being exploited as child labor by the Islamofascist Hamastan that forces them down Islamic smuggling holes where they catch respiratory diseases ,salaam?
28. no 19
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (06.27.10)
There,s no reason whatsoever for crude but deadly Islamic rockets into Sderot as those Palestinian villages you mention razed the Jewish population from their previous homes in their village long before the camel herders of Arabia arrived ,salaam?
29. support to #2
yyeliz ,   istanbul TR   (06.28.10)
I absolutely agree with you that "who cares what their belief is or who they are". they are almost 2 million people living in very bad conditions which is not humane. In addition it is not just to equalize the whole people living in Gaza and the captvie soldier. It is for sure that he has to be released but what I want to emphasize is that it is not just and humane to deem proper any kind of violence, bombs, shortage of nutrituion and medicine to almost 2 million people including babies and children, civilans in order to protest the captivity of Gilad Shalit.
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